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  • posted a message on Should These Be Warnings? Various Examples
    Quote from Segoth ยป
    1) Yes it's a warning for the infraction "Game Play Error - Game Rules Violation". A backup is possible, but there is a clause in the IPG that allows the judge to simply have the player state what the blocking order is at that point.

    2) No warning, no infraction. First it's possible the player had the trigger and choose to keep the card on top, but even if they missed (which they probably did) then it's up to the opponent if they want to have the trigger and if not the game continues. Do note that if you notice your opponent missing one of their triggers, you don't have to call attention to it (this only applies to triggers though, nothing else).

    3) It's a warning for the same as #1. If it just occurred the judge will most likely back it up. There may be some investigation on this one if the judge believes the player is cheating.

    4) No warning, in fact I don't think I would even call judge on this one unless the player is having an understanding issue. The fact is the player is going to get a chance to cast the spell and acting early like that is really to your advantage. If you want to act before him then just tell the player to hold on you want to take an action first, but either way they'll get a chance to cast their removal spell.

    5) This one is a tricky. It's very possible the player remembered the trigger and is drawing and then writing down the life loss and energy loss. However I would definitely call a judge in this case because it's possible the player could draw the card first to see what they would get and then decide whether they want another. Either way I think it needs to be determined what step it's in and whether the player may be cheating. If not, no infraction.

    thanks, those all pretty much aligned with what I thought. #5 is definitely very tricky and has a lot of room for cheating. Just some questions.

    - Why isn't #4 handled the same as #1, game play error?

    - What if a judge doesn't give a warning? In scenario #1 the judge didn't give a warning. He was laid back and didn't seem to like confrontation. This is my main issue with judges is they all act differently. Most don't like confrontation and eer on the side of not giving a warning. This only leads to cheaters getting away with more infractions since they never get warnings. Like I shouldn't have to ask the judge to give a warning in these scenario's.
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  • posted a message on Treasure and Affinity for Artifacts
    If I have a treasure in play, will that treasure reduce the cost of an affinity for artifacts spell and then can I use it to pay for that spell as well?
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  • posted a message on Should These Be Warnings? Various Examples
    I'm a stickler for rules at Competitive REL as I don't want cheaters to get away with anything, so I usually call a judge for mostly everything. I do this because I want players to learn how to play right, but also so they don't do it in the future or cheat anyone else. In these scenarios, was the judge ruling correct or should they get a warning?

    1. My opponent attacks, I double block, they go to cast an instant before damage. I call a judge since he didn't assign blockers and isn't allowed to cast the spell before doing so. Is this a simple rewind, or a warning. Is he trying to gain an advantage by not assigning order here first? Seems petty to call a judge, but if there is even a slight way they can gain advantage, shouldn't it be a warning?

    2. Player forgets his Search for Azcanta trigger, I call a judge since it isn't a may ability. Is this a warning or a simple put it on the stack and let me decide? Since it isn't a detrimental trigger there is no warning giving here?

    3. I have Authority of the Consuls in play, opponent plays a haste creature and doesn't tap it. I call a judge since it's both our responsibilities to have a correct game state. Is this a warning? If he does this enough, his opponent might forget and he might get an attack in. It might be 1/1000 chance, but there could still be an intent to cheat. The judge here just said to tap it and gave no warning which i think is wrong.

    4. I cast a haste creature, my opponent lets it resolve. He then tries to use a removal spell on it. I call a judge since he doesn't have priority to cast the spell there. Is this a warning? Does he have a way to cheat and gain an advantage here?

    5. Player has Glint-Sleeve Siphoner with 2 energy on his upkeep. He draws a card, then writes down the life loss and goes to draw a card, I stop him and call a judge. He never put the trigger on the stack to let me respond, for all i know that could have been his draw step and he didn't realize he missed the trigger till after he drew for turn. Shouldn't he have to announce the trigger here before drawing or he could gain an edge?
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