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    posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    PokemonTrainer, your list is very similar to mine in that the only mainboard differences being -1 bird of paradise, -1 engineered explosives, +2 matter reshaper. (I also noticed you are still on the two basic forest plan). I like having access to basic island against blood moon decks because its my most valuable basic against them. The birds of paradise could be cut for sure. I run it to increase consistency of turn one mana dork. I have played the third stony silence before and really found it useful against tron specifically. However, in running 3 explosives, I tend to run into the nonbow alot more with the third stony silence in the affinity match up. As you mentioned, Engineered Explosives against affinity is often just as crippling to Affinity players. What match ups do you bring in stony silence for besides Tron varients, Affinity, and now the new KCI deck? seems like three sideboard slots for those three decks may be a bit much? (especially considering I already feel favored against affinity. ..as for KCI, i have no idea, as i haven't had to play it yet)

    Celestrial Purge seems reasonable in the meta right now. I'd be hesitant to take out my 1 mana disenchant effect to add in the two mana purge. I find Bant Eldrazi wants to be as proactive as possible and having to leave up two mana anticipating a blood moon often puts us significantly behind. although I do agree it has multiple targets in the modern meta, and its ability to destroy black creatures seems relevant. By the time I got around to replying, it seems like beast within has been the new card being tested. i'd be interested to hear how it performs.

    Cpais87, I am always appreciative to having new cards brought to my attention. I wasn't trying to say the new Amulet card you mentioned was bad. I see it's appeal against certain decks like storm where they have to pay one with each copy of grapeshot they use to target you. It resembles the grapeshot smasher interaction. They can target the smasher with it, but unless they want to discard 5 cards, they will just let Smasher stay on the battle field. i do agree with you that i'd play damping sphere before the new amulet though.
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    posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    People seem to have a tendency to gravitate towards whatever Eldrazi is most popular at a given time. When Eldrazi Tron became popular, people would make comments all the time about how I should just change to the "Good Eldrazi list" ( referring to Eldrazi Tron). And I always thought it was such sheepish thinking. It felt as if one person made the comment about E-tron being strictly better based on popularity, and then everyone else seemed to make similar comments because they had heard it somewhere. I had the pleasure of playing an extremely over confident E-Tron player, who insisted his match up was favorable against Bant Eldrazi. After several games, he found himself reconsidering his thoughts on the match up (this is when i was playing 3 stony silence and 2 blessed alliance.)

    To be honest, it's often time to my advantage to be playing such a solid deck that flies under the radar. There have been many times I watch players take out a sheet of notes for sideboard guide help, only to find they didn't prepare for facing Bant Eldrazi in the slightest. The result is they usually have to think back to over a year ago when the deck was prevalent and try and recall how to sideboard. Which often times is incorrect because they expect things like Matter Reshapers which I don't run in my list, and they don't anticipate 3 Engineered Explosives which are great in a lot of match ups.

    As far as my tron match up is concerned, trading stubborn denial for negate seems to not provide much difference. I lose the ability to force spike a Karn on turn 3 with a single blue mana,(making it possible to be proactive while still leaving up counter magic) but relinquish the requirement of having to have Ferocious. Beast within seems like a reasonable thing to consider. I have also contemplated Detention Sphere, which seems like it would fill the same purpose as beast within. Also, I agree that damping sphere is a reasonable option for me to include in my list. Tron variants and Storm would be improved, but it leaves me thinking what other match ups would i bring the card in for?

    As for Red Green Eldrazi, I'm a huge fan of thought knot, reality smasher, noble hierarch, and ancient Stirrings, I was pretty quick to try the list out. Prior to colorless being a thing and prior to Eldrazi, Red Green was my favorite color combination. I love ramping into big things and turning my team sideways. Part of me thought I was going to love Red Green Eldrazi. However, in comparison to Bant, it feels quite a bit weaker to me in the expected meta. Some of moderns most prevalent decks seem to be bad match ups, Affinity and Burn included. Also a 3/1 haste for 3 mana feels pretty bad most of the time in my experiance. It has its moments where it'll steal a Goyf or an opposing smasher or even an ulamog in tron, but so many times i cast it, i felt it was very underpowered in a modern format. It can be traded with things as weak as a memnite, as well as an elemental or spirit token.
    Even though its been more popular as of late, I think its just due to number of players playing the deck, resulting in more decklists showing up online.

    Last thing to comment on is Amulet of Safekeeping. I do not think this card will make it to my list because its not a reliant method of hexproof. the opponent can pay one, and still use there spells. also, it shuts out all the power of my 1/1 scions made from eldrazi skyspawner and drowner of hope.
    In fact, M19 is potentially really damaging to us Eldrazi players because of the printing of Infernal Reckoning. My hope is that the card will be too narrow for people to use as a reasonable sideboard card.
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    posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    The list I took to Vegas was almost identical to the list I used to top 8 SCG Regionals back in November of 2017. Only differences were a few sideboard cards.
    This was my Exact 75 I took to Vegas

    Post GP Vegas, I have decided to take out both Leyline of Sanctity and my Flash freeze, and I replaced them with an additional Rest in Peace(3 total), an additional disdainful stroke(2 total), and a 1 of Blessed Alliance. My reasoning is because I felt the Flash Freeze was fairly narrow. I like the card against Green White Value town, elves, Druid combo, Scapeshift, Burn, Ponza, and Bant Knightfall or Bant company. I originally didn't like 2 Disdainful Strokes because I felt 2 was too narrow against control often only hitting cryptic command. The meta has changed a bit since the unbannings and I think I am just now starting to partially adapt to the new meta. The third rest in peace is for the prevalence of Mardu Pyromaster, Hollow One, and now that the KCI deck won GP Vegas, I figured I'd want the extra graveyard hate. Plus Bant Eldrazi has always been weak to combo. Most combos seem to use the graveyard some way or another.

    Also, I wanted the cards to play a similar role to the cards I was removing. Leyline of Sanctity was to give me some cards to bring in against Scapeshift, Jund, Mardu Pyromaster, Storm and Burn, as i felt at a time they were all bad match ups at a time. However, after playing in GP Vegas, I think I struggled most with Mardu Pyromaster, Hollow one, Eldrazi Tron (Even though i won the match) and my Green tron match up felt awful. The 2nd disdainful stroke will help against Green Tron and Eldrazi tron (provided they don't have a cavern of souls. Which was also a reason i didn't like 2 Strokes in the board for a long time) The blessed alliance is to put back a card in my sideboard to mostly target burn. In taking out my Leyline of Sanctity, and my Flashfreeze, I lost 3 sideboard cards for burn, and I wanted to put something back in that slot. I used to run one main board Blessed Alliance and loved the card, but my list was very tight and I felt I didn't have room for it at some point in time. Plus blessed alliance is great against control. It Feels great to have a single card against control that can stop a colonnade, or cryptic. (make them sacrifice colonnade, and with cryptic, let them tap your team, then untap the two best creatures on your board with blessed alliance.)

    My list going forward is as follows

    The only thing I have been on the fence about has been my Natural States. Unsure if they should be Natures Claims to target exactly Hollow One and Krark-Clan Ironworks. My dilemma is that I don't want to change to Natures Claim and slightly improve those match ups, and in every other match up, i give my opponent a free 4 life when i otherwise don't need to with natural state. I am also very hesitant to play a 2 Mana enchantment removal card.
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    posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Took my beloved Bant Eldrazi to the GP Vegas and ended with a record of 10-4-1. Took 143rd place out of 2,779 players. Even though Bant Eldrazi hasn't been very popular, I still feel its a fine choice in the current meta. In case anybody is still reading this forum, I'll list what my match ups were at the GP.

    Match 1: Bye (Enough Planeswalker points to qualify for 1 bye)

    Match 2: Affinity (2-0) WIN ..... had Displacer Drowner lock both games

    Match 3: Jeskai Control (2-1) WIN

    Match 4: Jund (2-1) WIN

    Match 5: Eldrazi Tron (2-1) WIN ...Very grindy games. Certain points of the game felt unwinnable. Back to back Drowner's got me there though. I was scared about getting a game loss in this round, as I got my decklist checked, and they didn't have a decklist on file for me. It was the first time I had ever registered my list online. Turns out I had submitted my decklist to the GP phoenix from a few months ago. Because i was able to show them a deck registration number that was emailed to me, it didn't result in a game loss.

    Match 6: Ponza (2-1) WIN ...game one kept an opening hand with Noble Hierarch and Talisman of Progress. He ran a no bolt list so my noble lasted the whole game. talisman gave me colorless and blood moon was laughably bad in game one. game 3 he kept a turn 3 blood moon on the draw, which was just way to slow against bant eldrazi. I had multiple skyspawners out and pecked him to death.

    Match 7: Hollow One (0-2) LOSE .....Kept an opening hand with 1 land (green mana,) 2 noble hierarchs, an ancient stirrings, eldrazi displacer, and some other things. He goes turn one Burning Inquiry. I draw three cards. Among them is an Eldrazi Temple. My hand now has 10 cards in it, and two lands. we discard the cards, and i look in horror as i see both my lands in the graveyard. I draw a card, and have to move to discard. I drew a land on my second turn, but damage was already done and i lost game one. I dont recall game 2 too well, but it was a swift loss.

    Match 8: Blue Moon (1-1-1) DRAW ..... game two was really long. I could of conceded for time sake, but I had outs to his Platinum Emperion in 2 remaining path to exiles in my deck.

    Match 9: Ponza (2-1) WIN.......My opponent was late to the first round in day 2 and recieved a game one game loss. he beat me game 2, and i got him game 3 resulting in a match win

    Match 10: Jeskai Control (2-1) WIN.....Game three he took a mulligan to 5 and i took a mulligan to six, kept a hand of 2 Eldrazi temple, 2 stubborn denial, Misty Rainforest and Brushland. painfully scryed a cavern of souls to the bottom. I drew into eldrazi displacer and smasher. and my 2 stubborn denials hit a path targeting my reality smasher, which was a blow out, as he got two for one'd on a mulligan to 5. then i untapped and he cyrptic commanded into my other stubborn denial, and i swong for lethal.

    Match 11: MonoGreen Tron (0-2) LOSE.... the game felt unwinnable. I had birds of paradise, displacer and cast a thought knot, revealing a hand of Oblivion stone, ugin, fog, fog. He had tron online and I had to choose Ugin, or he gets an opportunity to ultimate Ugin with the two fogs in hand. He wraths my board with oblivion stone, and I can never catch up. Game two he assembled tron turn 3 and his draws were just more powerful than mine.

    Match 12:Blue White Ctrl (1-2) LOSE

    Match 13: Mardu Pyromaster (1-2) LOSE

    Match 14: Blue White Ctrl (2-0) WIN

    Match 15: Jund (2-0) WIN
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