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  • posted a message on MTGO Help
    If your interested, I have a bunch of cards I could pass onto you. I joined up a month ago and just want to play casual draft/sealed, no interest in standard.
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  • posted a message on Frustrated MTGO Noob
    Some interesting points to consider. I figured flying and hex could win you the game, but I take your point. Queens commish, I liked lifelink and attacking with them would force my opponent to do something about it, otherwise I get lives back. I thought it would tie into my whole aggro style plan.

    Great advice so far which I appreciate. I'm starting to enjoy the game more and I'm managing to get some wins. I appreciate everything so far Smile
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  • posted a message on Frustrated MTGO Noob
    Ok, so I've been spending a few days trying to learn the above, reading and watching. I entered the rivals friendly draft league. I devised a plan going into it. As each match was a single game, I wanted to be aggressive as well as take out their good cards. Here is my draft:

    How would you rate this draft?

    I actually ended up going 3-4, which I am super pleased about. I made a couple of mistakes, I didn't mulligan when I had 1 land and another when I had 5 lands. I lost both those games. The last game I lost we were both down to 4 life each. I had 4 lands out and could not get another land drawn at all. This restricted me a bit and I felt I could of won that one. But I chalk that up to luck and not disheartened.

    A very positive step forward, anyone have any pointers going forward?

    Thanks Smile

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  • posted a message on Frustrated MTGO Noob
    Also, where would you value cards that give creature temp boost (e.g: +2/+2 for that turn only) in relation to your above example?
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  • posted a message on Frustrated MTGO Noob
    Quote from draftguy2 »
    SO luck is an element of draft. In draft you need to follow a slightly different stratagy then constructed. "Break" It's an acronom for the order of stuff you should draft typicly to come ahead. You will also need to do some reserch in to a set. How many lands are you playing in your 40 card draft deck? It sounds like you may have a poor mix (I try to aim for 16-17 mana sources)

    B= Bombs, These are the busted broken cars in a draft, Most (but not all) are rare/mythics and always have massive board impact on the game when played,These are the most luck swingy cards.
    R= Removal, You need removal/combat tricks, creature kill, burn, tap down, passify, fight its in most colors some form of removal and you need it, Good removal is scarce so when you see it GRAB it.
    E= Evasion, Flying, trample, Fear, If its hard to block its worth having. better to have a 2 or 3 power evasion creature then 3 or 4 power one without.
    A= Attack, when in doupt and their is no evasion, bombs or removal to be had get the body with the highest attack stat.
    K= crap the duds anything that does not fit in the rest.

    Sealed is even more luck based then draft and a bad pool can hurt you. Hope this helps alitte

    Thankyou for the time to write the reply. It certainly does help. In all the games I've played so far I've stuck to 17 lands, 15 creatures and 8 other cards (combination of removal, advantage, auras etc, though I've tried to make sure I have at least 4 removal cards of some kind) and made sure it had a good mana curve (2/3 mana costs with the most cards). Would you do anything different here?

    I take your point on researching the sets. I've been watching videos and have found draftsim, which seems to be really good for learning to draft. I thought a creature with 3/5 and no other abilities was good. Maybe I have a lot to learn!
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  • posted a message on Frustrated MTGO Noob
    Hey there,

    I'm looking for some help and guidance. I recently found MTG and signed up online as I'm into gaming but looking for something a bit different. I'm not really interested in collecting and playing standard. But what has interested me is the sealed and draft games. I played some games to get the feel for it and i really enjoy the gameplay, deckbuilding, not sure at the moment.

    I joined the sealed league and read a bit about deckbuilding, mana curve, before i started playing. So i built my deck and felt good about what i created. I had half my creatures flying and some good removal. But when i played, just got slaughtered all the time. My opponents were either bringing out bombs (planeswalker or enchantment), which i could do nothing about or every turn, they were just bringing out creatures and just overpowering me. I cannot find in my pool any bombs that could change the game like that. I had a good mix of 2/3/4 mana creatures, but they would either not show up in my hand early on or the mana would not show up at all.

    I've played in the sealed league twice now, but each game is the same, either no mana shows up, or i have the creatures and they play one card which wipes me out or no creatures show up i can play early so i get overpowered. I'm feeling so frustrated. Is it me, typical noob? Is it MTGO? I don't get the powerful cards the other players do?

    I enjoy the gameplay, but i think deckbuilding is defeating me or the MTGO engine itself.

    Any help/guidance would be appreciated. What can i do? Shall i move on?
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