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  • posted a message on Feather, the Redeemed - Weaponised Jankmas Incarnate
    First of all, thanks for you contribution to this board Rumpy5897, you have given me quite some inspiration since I started using mtgsalvation.

    Have you considered using Torchling in your deck?

    I understand Torchling does not synergize as well in your deck as in mine probably, but the thought of being able to use cards like Swords to Plowshares repeatedly sounds so tempting.
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  • posted a message on ETB related question
    Hey peteroupc,

    thanks for your quick response.

    It all started to make sense how you described it, but then i came across this post.

    Why does the Angel of Serenity still have it's ETB to cause a permanent exile effect, but my Angel of Sanctions doesn't? I'm quite confused, as you and those guys in the linked thread seem to contradict each other, or am I wrong?
    Wouldn't my Angel of Sanction's ETB come after its LTB, too?
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  • posted a message on ETB related question
    Hey guys it's me again,

    let's say I put down a Angel of Sanctions and target the Mimic Vat of a friend of mine. He has a 6/6 creature exiled on his Vat. If he has Gruul Ragebeast on his field the whole time, can he fight my Angel with his now summed 6/6 creature, resolving in my Angel immediately dying and his Vat therefore returning to the battlefield?

    He says he can respond to my Angel's ETB effect and play around the stack. If he would respond to the cast trigger, we agreed that all of the above could'nt happen.

    Also, what could have I have possibly done better? Seems like he was sort of protected against all kind of ETB-Exile effects then.

    Thanks in advance!
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  • posted a message on Stack related Question
    Hey guys, sorry for the late response.

    Seems like I/my playgroup must have misunderstood some mechanics, which is quite funny as I thought I got outplayed badly lol. I didn't get my bounce (targeted own creature) the way we played it.

    Thank you very much for the insightful help,

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  • posted a message on Stack related Question
    Hey guys,

    To keep it short;

    While playing a round of Commander, my friend had just cast his Commander (so it is his turn) Zacama, Primal Calamity and used his ability to destroy my Crystal Shard.
    I then used the tap effect of my Crystal Shard in reaction to them being destroyed. Then he said he reacts on my activation of the shard and pays another 3 mana to use Zacama's ability to destroy it.

    Will the stack resolve in a way that I don't get to activate the shard? Or could I have reacted to him destroying it in trying to tap it again? Felt kinda trolled.
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