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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    I like the stories...kinda.....but its weird that it seems to be written for like 8 year olds. And the trying not to be obvious? but very obvious way of describing the things going on and the names of people and stuff seems a weird way to describe the scene. (the inner monologue of Rat)
    Also I guess that if you stay inside you dont get killed? Maybe not that many Ravnicans actually died either, just the ones stuck outside or in the way of the central area in those first hours?
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Judging by the Presales of the Uncut sheets most are asking $250. But theres only 17 up so far. When Thousands go up for sale, what will the prices be then. Good time for a random collector to purchase an Uncut Foil R/M sheet I guess

    Wow $800-$1000 for the Mythic Edition Box.......ouch
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Holy Moly...........the 7 day waiting period is up for leaving negative feedback.....and boy have they ever
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    WoTC: Heres 2 Foils of every Rare Planeswalker and 1 Foil of every Mythic Planeswalker. + Heres two foil copies of every other rare in War of the Spark and one foil copy of every other Mythic in War of the Spark.
    Me: Well that sounds......pretty AWESOME
    WoTC: Well you cant exactly use any of them because we are going to send them on a rolled up uncut sheet.
    Me: Oh.....uh.....hmm...{could you cut that sheet for me?)
    WotC: Could you go ahead and agree to cancel your orders even though you havent received any refunds yet and some arent even pending?
    eBay: oh wait heres $20

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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    I dont know what to do with this. Normally a Foil R/M Uncut would be very cool. However, I wanted to actually play with my cards, open them for draft and wizards tower, keep what I wanted and trade the rest. What am I supposed to do with a sheet. Since 20 thousand other people are getting one, it wont be exactly rare or necessarily profitable to sell. I dont have space to display it.....
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Until my refunds clear.......blah
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Quote from Bryionak »
    [quote from="tronix »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/the-rumor-mill/808829-masterpieces?comment=273"]

    In the same boat. I had two separate orders, one on my CC, one on my PayPal. Got a confirmation notice and a so sorry notice. Got a refund notification from PayPal. Charge is still on my CC. So I am hopeful still but have not gotten a shipping notification.

    This is exactly where I am.
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Im not sure what the hell is going on. The two I got no tax now appear in purchases but the two i got confirmed later with tax do not show up. I kinda hope I dont get hit for four eventually. What a mess
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Back again. Got order confirmation this time.
    Limited to 12,000 yet 36,000 are sold???????
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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Quote from Phenyx »
    Come on, how I was supposed to keep watching and refreshing the page for 30 minutes for a resale ?
    Hope I get my first canceled order now...

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  • posted a message on Masterpieces
    Yep, got the order confirmed payment processing page about 100 seconds in. Lost out. Its gone from purchases and no email.
    That sucks
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  • posted a message on Ugin and yawgmoth....
    Quote from 5colors »
    Doug on twitter (sorry don't have a link handy) said they knew this and picked anyways because;

    1) It fits Ugin

    2) After 25 years of cards and lore you start to run out of names and epithets and Yawgmoth was never called the ineffable on a card

    Well thats just Lazy. Sorry there are still thousands upon more names they could have used that wouldnt have started concern. They are trolling us Laugh
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  • posted a message on Japanese Alternate art planeswalkers
    Well thats fantastic for you!!
    In your box, shouldnt you have gotten 35 other planeswalkers with some 12-18 of them being japanese??
    Confused on why you only got 10 planeswalkers in a box?
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  • posted a message on Japanese Alternate art planeswalkers
    Quote from xaltair »
    So I opened the God box I pre ordered from my lgs for $100.

    Got the foil Japanese Liliana that's going for $2000 on ebay.
    Got 9 other planeswalkers, including 5 Japanese ones and 4 English ones.
    Got two gods and other rares.
    Box Ev is about $2000+, which is crazy for a standard set and the most expensive box I've ever opened or maybe ever open.

    Laugh Laugh
    What some fool ASKS for a card is NOT what its worth.
    Thats HILARIOUS $2000
    Try maybe 1/10 of that
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    Quote from Caranthir »
    Quote from 5colors »

    Nahiri-I also noticed Nahiri was at the war counsel when they had gathered all the walkers and guild members to figure out what to do

    Ral-I love it and idk if intentional but I like the symbolism of him not wanting to be outed as a planeswalker as well as the couple being on the DL since they are high ranking members of different guilds. Its also cute of each of them has a ribbon of the others clothing around their wrists.

    Cameo and missing walkers- we are getting web fiction from Rat POV (Love her she is now on the list of characters I wanna see on a card) so I hope at least we get to see the walkers who didn't get a lot of screen time. I do wonder why Kasmina was made if yangling was gonna be in the story. Maro mentioned they have plans for Yangling in the view of Garruk so maybe she's gonna get a storyline soon?

    Walker team up- Honesty this was one of my favorite parts of the book, seeing all the walkers fighting together and seeing their differt magics on opponents they didn't need to hold back on. Davriel was pretty badass in his fight, loved that part where he stole the elder spell out of an eternal to stop it. I also just loved the Wanderer asking Gideon to punch her. Glad to see she seem to be popular, I love to know and see more of the Wanderer.

    Dack- Yea he got a great last arc. The dramatic irony of his statements through the book got to me too. His death was also a bit of a shock, I know it was coming, but like Dack, I like how we thought it was him being saved like he had just before hand or to realize he was trapped and being harvested.

    - now that you mention it, I checked the book, and Kasmina is not mentioned once. Yeah, it seems that Yanling was replaced by her in the cards.
    - there's actually quite high number of planeswalker deaths, not just named ones...

    Jace didn’t even know the names of the fallen. Hadn’t even realized there were this many Planeswalkers to fall.
    Who was that vedalken? Who was that tall elven woman? Who was that four-armed ogre or that very short green-haired man or
    that ancient crone or that frightened teenager or…?

    a large viashino with lime-green skin materialized right in front of her, surrounded by the distinct gold aura of a Planeswalker.
    He had just enough time to hiss, “What izzzz thissss?” before a female Eternal grabbed him from behind
    - pity to see a viashino walker and not even learned his name...

    Rhonas reached out faster than Angrath’s chain, grabbing a human Planeswalker with a shaved head and metal-casting powers...

    We’ve kept the Dreadhorde at bay, but it’s a losing battle. Khazi was harvested when an Eternal punched its hand right through the wall and grabbed her by the wrist.
    ” - actually a named one, yet unknown to us.

    An unnammed vedalken walker is also seen harvested. The number of walkers arriving is said to be over two hundred...

    The cruel thing is that the walkers are super-vulnerable to the Eternals, more than mortals- a firm grip is enough...and the God-Eternals does not have the dignity to explode upon harvesting.

    - the saddest thing is that all the harvested sparks in the end dissipate after Bolas is attacked by Bontu and Oketra and the Elderspell fizzles into nothing.

    - Mazirek was Bolas's agent, busted by Vraska and killed by his fellow kraul.

    Holy Moly this just adds salt....
    After many complaints about the lack of non-human walkers, they finally mention lots of cool, interesting, totally different types of walkers, only to kill them off namelessly......ouch. Just punch us in the face already. Well we did get three new walkers to get into,....oh yeah they are just regular human types.....uh
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