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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    I subscribed to Manatraders and got back into MTGO to get more reps with the deck Grin
    I made some changes for budget reasons (No T3feri, no Prismatic Vista)

    Currently 5-3 after playing 1.5 leagues, wanted to share some of my thoughts:

    Deck below:

    First league
    [LOSS] UW Terminus Control
    [WIN] Jund Shadow
    [WIN] Budget Mono G Elves
    [LOSS] BG Elves
    [WIN] Grixis Shadow

    Have always felt we had a good Shadow matchup based on my experience in paper matches, I tend to keep sub-par 7s as I expect to be IOK/Thoughtseized turn 1; mulling makes my hands considerably worse so I tend to not unless I'm short on lands. Losing to UW in 3 felt bad as we came to a razor thin third game. Difficult to win when the board is flooded with Walkers and we do have some trouble clearing them out after they stick. Detention Sphere only provides a temporary answer as both T3feri and T5feri can bounce Detention Sphere. Thinking I might need to plug Hex Parasite back into my 75 if I continue to face UW.

    Got punished being Wrath light against Elves who had some nutty draws, but otherwise it doesn't feel overly great for us regardless since they can easily gas back up with Lead the stampede / Canopy lands.

    Second league
    -1 Crucible : I gave it a try again, just really felt bad everytime I drew it...can't afford to find a turn to drop it.
    +1 Wrath : Flex slot, could be Hex Parasite / White Cavalier in this slot
    -2 Deafening Silence : Was expecting to face Emry, not sure if it's even good against them considering they have 4 EEs
    +2 Aven Mindcensor : Vs. Amulet/Scapeshift

    Second league (ongoing)
    [WIN] Amulet
    [WIN] 4C Chord Hatebears brew - Giver of Runes/Goyf/Thalia/Qasali Pridemage/Ooze etc
    [LOSS] UW Stoneblade + Fae

    Another frustrating close loss to UW in 3 - I've normally won this on paper, not sure if it's the level of opponent I'm facing on MTGO or because I don't have Court Hussar anymore. Really missed the digging power. Seems like everytime I lose to UW is when their draws are PW heavy.

    Amulet matchup was unsurprisingly easy as I drew a number of sideboard cards to stall them as I got setup.

    +++Ranger Captain - everyone knows how I feel about this card by now, won't say more
    ++Charming Prince - great as advertised
    ++Dovin's Veto - skeptical of mainboarding it, but it's overperformed
    +Cavalier of Dawn - does some serious work against troublesome permanents
    +Aven Mindcensor - love it vs. Scapeshift/Amulet
    +Kami - MVP vs Shadow
    ?? Flickerwisp - on the fence right now on this card, I do appreciate resetting spyglass and Dsphere and the ability to block flyers
    --Wall of Omens - after the replacement of Lone Missionary, to me this is the worst card in the deck now. I've really missed the digging power of Court Hussar and intend to swap out 2 Wall of Omens for 2 Watcher for Tomorrow in my next league. Will have to add blue sources accordingly.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Welcome to the forum Paul!
    We re-use Ranger-Captain Triggers via Sun Titan/Emeria - a common play pattern vs. control is to sac Ranger-Captain on your turn to safely resolve Sun Titan, immediately bringing back Ranger-Captain. The Ranger-Captain "lock" is mainly a mid-late game play usually when you have Emeria online (or you have drawn into multiple Ranger Captains) where you sac him on your opponents upkeep which essentially shuts off all Sorcery speed non-creature spells and restricts instants to be played on upkeep/ your turn. With a Teferi online that locks your opponent playing instants on only their upkeep.

    Ranger Captain fetches up Kami/Thraben Inspector which buys time for you to get to your Sun Titan / getting Emeria online. In the late game you have a Ranger Captain lock against non creature decks, and also a Kami-lock against creature decks that attack us. Meanwhile all our creatures are basically 2 for 1s / cantrips and we drown them in card advantage. Hence I tend to chump creatures quite liberally.

    The deck is very fun and rewarding to play, there's many lines and game plans that you need to identify and execute at the proper point in game. You also have a land destruction package in recurring Field of Ruin with Sun Titan/Crucible, and the ability to loop Blast Zone with Sun Titan to blow up troublesome permanents.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Give me a shout if you're going - I can lend you some cards if you need. I'm planning to finish up foiling the deck Grin

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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Hey Marinojuk I'm going to GP Montreal this weekend and might jam some modern with Emeria before/after the main event. I will take your word on the Teferi's and replace my Court Hussars. Some questions for you:

    1. Did you miss Flickerwisp at all or did you find Charming Prince fulfilled that role ? I'm concerned about the deck's closing speed in only 50 minute rounds
    2. Did you like the main Dovin's Vetos? Feel like Ranger Captain already serves a similar purpoes
    3. Thoughts on the Crucible?

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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    I would suggest playing several Aven Mindcensors in the board if you hate Tron and Scapeshift as much as me lol
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Mortarpod used to be in the 2-drop slot Eons ago

    Some off the beaten path choices:
    Grand Abolisher
    Anafenza Kin Tree Spirit
    Knight of the White Orchid
    Meddling Mage
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Been running this to success in local FNM level tournaments, have not yet taken it to an IQ level event so take my feedback with a grain of salt.

    1. I tried putting back in Spreading Seas once and immediately regret it. It used to be good against Jund but now with Wrenn and Six printed, seas is pretty bad. I can only see it being good against a big Tron meta.

    2. Golos was medium in my utility slot, I did fetch for Emeria a couple times which felt good, but I think Cavalier of Dawn is slightly better especially with the printing of Charming Prince.

    3. I am fully on the Ranger Captain train and I think people who aren't running 3-4 are losing huge percentage points in a lot of matchups. It is very versatile and has a serviceable body. The standard target is Thraben Inspector, which is basically a 3 for 1 as you get a clue to draw another card. Please do yourself a huge favor and go buy a playset.

    Ranger-Captain can do so much its insane - I'm going to list a few which I've often encountered and led me to winning more games than I ever had before the printing:

    a. Saccing Ranger Captain on your turn enables you to safely resolve Sun Titan and immediately returning Ranger Captain. This gets around counterspells and fades instant speed removal until your opponents turn.
    b. With Emeria enabled you can bring back Ranger Cap every turn and sac it on your opponents upkeep which for creature-lite decks can be backbreaking.
    c. With two Emeria and two Ranger Cap you've locked your opponent in casting non-creature spells on each upkeep.
    d. You can prevent spells coming off suspend, Electrodominance, and pre-emptively stop a Cascade
    e. Ranger Cap has made what I thought was a bad matchup against Soulherder/Ephemerate variants actually not so bad. You can guarantee your removal resolving by saccing Ranger Cap and then playing the removal on your turn.
    f. Fetch up Kami of False hope before a lethal attack - this is huge in surviving early and then deploying a sweeper or Sun Titan the turn after to extend the game.
    g. Fringe but since I play against burn a lot, it shuts down Lava Spike and Rift Bolt as outs when they have you on lethal.

    4. I can't will myself to cut Court Hussar as I'm always happy to see the card in my hand for some reason. Also one of my favorite re-animate targets.

    5. Utility land slot - Blast Zone vs Ghost Quarter, I'm with team Blast Zone as it's so good against Shadow, Bogles and versatile against UWx/Jund too. You can re-cur it with Sun Titan in a pinch too.

    I'm kinda drinking my own kool-aid here but I'm really liking my mainboard in how effective it is in winning game 1s (besides Scapeshift). Post Eldraine I will be swapping out -3 Lone Missionary -1 Court Hussar +4 Charming Prince

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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Did some brainstorming the other day and my friend suggested to include 1 of Golos, Tireless Pilgrim to fetch up Emeria/blast zone in a pinch. Can also help ramp us to 7 plains faster from Flickering it. Think I will try it for my weekly modern this week to see how it goes.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Played a 3 rounder last night and ended up 2-1 (split last round but played for the premium promo pack)

    Match 1 [W--] vs UW Control w/ Stoneblade
    We only ended up finishing one game which seems about right from experience lol - I usually average about 1.5 games with UW so very important to win the first one, or identify when you can't win to scoop for more time to win the second one. He lands an early Jace and there was a crucial turn in which he was tapped out to block all my attackers with Snapcaster at Jace, and played Path on my Ranger Cap. I sac'd Ranger Cap in response and then proceeded to play Detention Sphere in my 2nd main phase, which was met with a Veto. We proceeded to his turn with both of us forgetting that he could not cast non-creature spells which actually made a big difference because he ended up brainstorming with JTMS for another 10+ turns. I'm not sure what the ruling would've been to backtrack, but in any case I let it go since it was regular REL and low stakes. After 15+ turns of grinding I reach a board state of 3 active Emeria but at low health. I proceed to sac Ranger Cap on his upkeep everyturn to lock him out, but ignorant that I needed to sac my second Ranger Cap on my own turn so he can't interact with Kami, cause i would've been dead from a Cryptic tap down and alpha swing. Unfortunately I did not get punished for that and had a path in hand to save my butt. I ended up grinding him out and then time was called while we were sideboarding.

    Match 2 [WW] vs 5c Whirza
    Largely uneventful as my opponent had less than spectacular draws, I brought in 11 cards to stop him at numerous angles (Stony Silence, Spyglass, Mindcensor, Veto, Cleric). I drew enough of my sideboard cards and established a clock to end the game quickly.

    Match 3 [LL] vs Jund
    I haven't played against Jund post MoHo so this was a good learning experience to see how the matchup has evolved. I was generally happy to play against Jund before but after playing against W6 I felt a bit helpless. The Spreading Seas were atrocious as I didn't really have much time to go on the land destruction plan, and regardless that would be futile anyway because of W6. Game 1 a resolved Lili + W6 grinded me out of cards and I lost to a Hexdrinker before I could turn the corner.

    Game 2 I brought in 3 Leyline, 2 Veto, 2 Spyglass to focus on the walkers. My 7 had double Missionary which I shipped because its so bad against W6. I usually try to keep as many 7s as I can against hand-disruption decks. My 6 was a 1 lander (Field of ruin) with a Leyline. I could'nt go down to 6 so reluctantly kept and played the T0 leyline hoping he has a hand full of Iok/Thoughtseize. He didn't, I missed 1 land drop and lost to an unanswered Tireless tracker which generated too much advantage.

    In conclusion, Spreading Seas was worse than I thought it would be, decks play too many basics and ways to get around land d / color denial (Astrolabe, W6) to be effective. I actually decided to pack 0 wraths yesterday and found out later that I did miss having 2 - its actually not so bad against UW now that they upped the creature count, and it can take out Hexdrinker.

    Going to give it another run today at FNM, this deck has so many lines I still have so much to learn after picking the deck up 4 years ago. Can't make the MCQ unfortunately on Saturday Frown

    3 more weeks until I can shelve Lone Missionaries...
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    I've tried 1 of big Teferi and for the most part I wasn't all that excited as he's neither recurrable by Emeria nor Sun Titan. The +1 draws a card every turn with the untap 2 only marginally relevant for Path/Field of ruin mana - we play at Sorcery speed most of the time anyway. I think I prefer Cavalier of Dawn more in that utility slot.
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Deck I'm going to run tomorrow in our weekly modern tournament - keep in mind my SB is tuned against my meta which has a lot of GDS, Burn, Scapeshift, and a Whirza, hence going all the way up to 3 Aven Mindcensor & 3 Leylines - ridiculous I know lol. Normally I'd pack an extra wrath, a flexible catch-all card/secondary finisher (Cavalier, Gideon, Dragonlord Ojutai), and adjust graveyard/artifact/pithing needle/counterspell effects based on the meta.

    I absolutely cannot wait to replace the Missionaries with Charming Prince!

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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    I agree that if you've already exhausted of 1 drops, you're probably at the point where you can recur them with Sun Titan / Emeria. In my local meta I've been doing quite well against the UWx matchup - and we have a lot of players that are on it so I'm quite familiar with it. I don't think Mistveil is necessary - I've been comfortable with 3 Ranger Cap + 5/6 1-drops (4 Thraben, 1 Kami, 1 Hex Parasite). I'm looking to test Giant Killer in the Hex Parasite slot which was there to answer the early Planeswalkers.

    I personally find that I have a positive matchup against it with the UW variant - Dsphere to answer the walkers...JTMS + counterspell back up I believe should be their main strategy to win. Narset is annoying, but you can pop clues on their turn to get around it. I cut the 2 Teferi's and went back to 2 Court Hussar and find that I just churn through my deck way faster. I really don't care too much if they counter my stuff cause I'll end up getting it back anyway. Their Path's actually help ramp me faster to Emeria. The other sub game we need to be aware of is the Field of Ruin / Emeria to make sure we don't get hit. We have 4 Field of Ruins ourselves so try to hit their Field of ruin if the opportunity presents itself. If my Sun Titan resolves usually the first thing I look to get back is Emeria. We most definitely out grind them late game with a variety of ways to win

    I'm going to be dropping my 3 Lone Missionary + 1 Phantasmal Image and bringing in the full 4 Charming Prince once ELD is out

    The other thing I've been doing is dropping the number of Wraths I play - I don't think theres many matchups in the meta right now that warrant 3.5 Wraths (2 Verdict, 1 ***, 0.5 from Winds of Abandon). Humans/Eldrazi Tron are the matchups I most want it in; I did like it vs. Jund before but now that they've moved to more W6s and cutting Dark Confidant, I've been boarding them out. Other decks that are t1 now include Burn, Whirza, Scapeshift, Death Shadow variants, UWx control, so wrath's aren't where I want to be right now.

    My hypothesis is that the meta could now be slow enough that Spreading Seas is back to being effective...will be testing it out this week.

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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    This will most likely replace Lone Missionary altogether as its other abilities makes it much more useful against non aggro/burn matchups.

    I'm also looking at Giant Killer being a 1 of as it is tutorable from Ranger Cap. Very excited at these new cards!
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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Welcome to the sub DethZarr! Appreciate your love for the deck, always nice to see new blood picking it up

    At first glance on your list I am seeing many common themes with the now more popular Bant Soulherder deck that put up a very good showing at GP Birmingham last week. Decklist for reference: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/modern-bant-soulherder#paper

    Both your list and the popularized Bant Soulherder deck leverage repeatable flicker effects through Ephemerate and Flickerwisp to generate value and card advantage. However, I feel the Bant Soulherder list has a better suite of creatures to blink with Ice Fang Coatl, Coiling Oracle, Wall of Blossoms and Eternal Witness. Though it doesn't have Emeria, it has inevitability with the Ewit, Ephemerate with Timewalk / force negation loop/lock. I guess the question you need to ask yourself is - what does your deck do better than the Bant Soulherder deck? The obvious is that we have Emeria, but is your deck truly leveraging Emeria's power or are your Ephemerates / other flicker effects already doing the same thing?

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  • posted a message on Azorius Titan/Emeria Control
    Here's what I'd bring to the MCQ if I were to play this weekend:

    Based on the success of Hogaak/Eldrazi Tron and fast creature decks in general, I've adjusted the deck to be less soft against creatures so added in an extra Winds of Abandon as a 5th path, and the Kami of False Hope for a lock in the long game. Added an extra Condemn in the board for good measure. Phantasmal image can be useful in copying fatties on the opposing side of the board or get additional value copying our 3 drop creatures / Sun Titan.
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