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  • posted a message on Villainious Wealth
    Can I cast the cards exiled by villainious wealth if their colors doesn't match the ones of my commander who is Muldrotha (black/blue/green)?

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  • posted a message on Question about Stromkirk Occultist´s ability
    Hi there.

    I got 2 questions:

    First one,if I got 2 Stromkirk Occultist that does damage a player(same or 2 different one), do I exile the top 2 cards or just one?

    Second one,it is devil advocate question.

    If I exiled a card from my library that have madness, can I cast it for his madness cost?
    I read the mechanics about madness, it said if you discard a madness card from your hand it goes to exile spot and then you cast it for its madness' cost.
    But since Stromkirk Occultist allows you to cast card with alternative cost sush as emerge and escalade, does madness triggers in that case?

    Ex: I got Stromkirk Occultist damaging a player and exiled Bloodmad Vampire who has a normal cost 3(2/R) and a madness cost of 2 (1/R).
    Can cast Bloodmad Vampire for his madness cost since it was not discarded but exiled from my library?
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