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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hi everyone!

    I'm primarily a legacy player and I'm looking into buying into modern. My mainly player 12-post, infect, and Metalworker, but I guess cloudpost is banned, and from what I understand infect isn't positioned that well in modern.

    Notable modern cards I own:

    4x breeding pool
    4x all allied fetchlands (delta, foothills, etc)
    4x misty rainforest
    4x noble hierarch
    2x emrakul, the aeons torn
    4x inkmoth nexus
    3x chalice of the void
    4x primeval titan

    What decks I like? Anything with artifacts, ultra fast aggro, control, ramp, pretty much anything that makes people hate me.

    Budget is around $700

    I'm looking at either infect, affinity, tron, or lantern control. Out of these infect definitely would be the easiest for me to get, although I want to mix things up. I like affinity the most of all of these, with tron being a close second. I prefer g/x tron to eldrazi tron, but whatever is better I can do. The meta at my lgs is a little bit of everything, so I need good matchups across the board. My lgs is very competitive and I want to be as competitive as possible. If anybody has any different ideas, feel free to recommend. Thanks

    Posted in: Modern
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