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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Quote from Shaggy »
    Is Theater of Horrors worth trying out? Wish you could play the instants during any turn you’ve triggered spectacle.

    I don't feel like it would be really good. It seems slow to me, and it doesn't have much sinergy with the rest of the deck (exiles the cards, it's an enchantment, and requires aggresive plays to be effective). But... maybe it's worth trying it.

    Quote from Yip »
    Spellbombs are good, but what do you all think about running ravenous trap for graveyard hate instead? Plays for free off an opposing faithless looting, and has that better "feel-good" synergy with young P.

    I have 3 copies sleeved up in my sideboard for my next FNM (very phoenix/shadow/dredgy meta) and was wondering if anyone has been disappointed with it over other gy hate strategies (leyline of the voids are too expensive for me).

    This one could be really good IMO. The bad thing is it seems only good against decks that mill themselves really hard, like Faithless Looting/Thought Scour decks. However, it'll probably be really good in these matches.

    I'll be trying some Rakdos Charms instead of the Spellbombs because being an instant feels really relevant to me (to trigger Pyros and reduce the cost of Revelers). In my meta there also are a lot of artifact decks, in which Rakdos Charm might be useful.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from fncmtg »
    I've seen some lists that don't run Vials, but they usually play Simian Spirit Guides and sometimes, Chalice of the Void (which is not a well positioned card on this meta, IMO). Maybe it could work, but you'd probably better make a bunch of changes on the list. I'd probably take out the Flickerwisps, for example, as they are not nearly as good without Vials.

    I would totally disagree with you on the chalice of the void and it's position. This card is in a great place right night, it wrecks burn, bogles, living end, jund, 8 rack and storm.

    I play the colorless eldrazi deck with serum powders and the chalice on 1 destroys decks. I have been tearing it up lately with this deck and usually when a new set comes out aggro picks back up meaning chalice is huge.

    Well... of all these decks, the only ones that actually are major players on the current meta as far as I know are Jund, Storm and Burn. But I don't agree with your statement about how good Chalice is vs Jund. It seems really bad against them to me. At it's best, you're preventing them from disrupting your hand on turn 1. Even if you do so, you're probably applying a 1 for 2 on yourself with a SSG in the process, which is good for them, anyways. Along with that, their best drops are CMC 2 and 3, and if Chalice gives a Jund player any trouble, they can just destroy it super easily with Abrupt Decay, Maelstrom Pulse, Kolaghan's Command or Assassin's Trophy.

    The only powerful deck on the current meta that I see being severely hurt by Chalice is Izzet Phoenix. They play a lot of CMC 1 cantrips, and they don't have an answer for it on the mainboard. So, it can be a blowout against them.

    It could be good vs Tron or GDS, but it still depends on a bunch of other factors. Against GDS you need to be on the play, and need to have SSG along with it, otherwise it's probably being discarded. Some versions of GDS also play Kolaghan's Command, which might answer it if needed. Against Tron it can be good too, but again, being on the play is important to try to stop the classic play of Piece + Map, into second Piece + crack Map into turn 3 Karn. If you're able to play it before they assemble Tron, than it can be good.

    So... of the decks in the current meta, Chalice seems to me:

    Izzet Phoenix - Super Good;
    GDS - Medium (Good on the play, and along with SSG, otherwise, bad);
    Burn - Super Good;
    Humans - Super Bad;
    Dredge - Super Bad;
    Tron - Medium (Good before they assemble Tron);
    Storm - Super Good;
    Azusa Titan - Medium;
    UW Control - Super Bad;
    Jund - Super Bad;
    Bant Spirits - Super Bad;
    HS Affinity - Medium (Good on the play, and along with a SSG, otherwise, bad);
    Jeskai - Good;
    Vizier Company - Bad;
    Titanshift - Super Bad;
    Lantern - Super Good;
    Mardu - Bad;
    Hollow One - Medium;

    Along with that, I think it's really important to mention the build concessions you do to play Chalice. You're probably not playing optimal 1 drops, for example. I did play Sun and Moon for a while last year, and a lot of times I felt bad about having an Abrade, Blessed Alliance or Lightning Helix instead of a Bolt or Path, for example. So considering Chalice forces you to play worse cards, and is still not good against a lot of the current meta, I stick with my opinion: Chalice is not well positioned.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    I've seen some lists that don't run Vials, but they usually play Simian Spirit Guides and sometimes, Chalice of the Void (which is not a well positioned card on this meta, IMO). Maybe it could work, but you'd probably better make a bunch of changes on the list. I'd probably take out the Flickerwisps, for example, as they are not nearly as good without Vials.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    For sure Bedlam Reveler is much better than Rix Maadi Reveler. But how about use Rix Maadi Reveler as the 5th and/or 6th Bedlam Reveler for the deck? Surely would help with the gas (which is not really a big problem for the deck though). I don't really think that he's good enough, but I think that if we would try him, he would probably fit the role of being the 5th or 6th Reveler.

    Light up the Stage could be a good draw spell IMO. It costs less than Night's Whisper (which only a few lists play) and doesn't do any damage for us. The problem is the Spectacle clause. In it's hard cast, Light up the Stage is a bad card. In Spectacle mode, it's really good. Maybe one or two copys? If it gets clunky, we might just discard them for Looting or Brutality.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Nice tip! Probabaly replacing the Brutality. Not sure about what else though... maybe one Molten Rain or the Hazoret?
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    I think Nullhide Ferox could be a good finisher for GW Taxes. It's really big, hard to remove, easy to Vial in and doesn't disrupt your game plan at all. The worse it could do is make you pay extra 2 to Path something, but you probably wouldn't be too afraid of any creature if you had a Ferox on the battlefield, in the first place.

    Besides it's a huge guy, that your opponent won't be able to remove in most cases, considering they'll probably need to pay 2 to fetch, pay extra 1 to cast non-creatures, and extra 2 to get rid of Ferox's Hexproof. Not to mention you're probably Strip Mining them at some point. Then, they time walk themselves to try to remove it, and you blink it with a Flickerwisp, Resto or Displacer. That would be a huge Tempo Swing. Could be good IMO.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Have anyone here tried Chandra, Torch of Defiance?

    I have been thinking about playing Mardu on my local store, but there are a lot of UWs there. So I think I could use a mainboard threat that doesn't die to Terminus. Any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    I would never play Tocatli Honor Guard on this deck. It destroys half of your plays. Flickerwisp, Blade Splicer, TKS, Tidehollow Sculler and Strangler become all crap. You also lose a lot of use for your Displacer. For what match-up were you thinking about to make room for it? Valakut? Humans? There must be better options in either case, that don't stop your own deck from working as well.

    I usually feel like I have a positive match-up vs Burn, so I see little use to double Firewalkers on the sideboard. I think it is important to have something against them, but I'd rather go for something less focused and more versatile. So... I support your idea of taking out one Firewalker and adding one Alliance. In addition to that, I'd probably consider taking out the other Firewalker for a Burrenton Forge-Tender. Firewalker is better against Burn, but that's pretty much the only match-up in which he's actually good. BFT on the other hand, is good vs any deck that uses Burns as control tools, such as Valakut, Jeskai, U Moon, and even Jund, while still being pretty good vs Burn.

    I like Relic-Warder in a heavy artifact field. Otherwise, I'd rather have something more versatile, like Anguished Unmaking.

    I agree with you to the statement that this deck is soft on removal. So I also play a Fatal Push on the sideboard, an Anguished Unmaking, and sometimes a Fiend Hunter. Maybe you should consider using some of those. I also have been thinking about trying a Chupacabra. Haven't tried it yet because I feel like it's probably too slow.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from yriel »
    @The Jeskai Way : hello i am actually a jund player but my pet deck was hatebears since i play modern Smile !
    So i can give you some tips :
    generalities (not always true but often it is)
    -play thalia first if your opponent pass the turn with one mana up
    -play arbiter if he is tap out
    -not ghost quarter too much times even with arbter and if you need this GQ to cast a good spell next turn or same turn, you are lucky if your opponent have no other land in hand but jund run 24 or 25 lands, obviously if you don't have good creatures slow down BBE is good but keep GQ for manlands in late game is very nice. Don't forgot jund plays only 1 mountain and if he doesn't he will have 2 forest.
    -with strangler, always play it when you can kill something, don't wait and don't play it before.
    -play flickerwisp as soon as possible to do something (value on a guy or just remove a blocker to deal some damage)
    -bob is your worst enemy if you don't have a very agressive start.
    -play displacer early only if you don't have other guy to play.

    Side board :
    -4 vial, -4 arbiter, -2 sculler (not sure)
    +2 Rest in Peace (not sure)
    +1 Anguished Unmaking
    +1 Fatal Push,+1 Fiend Hunter (not sure),+1 Burrenton Forge-Tender(not sure),+1 Mirran Crusader
    +1 Reality Smasher,+1 Liliana, the Last Hope,+1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

    My sb against your deck :
    +2 anger +1 liliana, the last hope, +1 EE
    -2 inquisition (on the play), -3 liliana of the veil (i don't take the risk to play it against any wall of omen, thraben inspector, blade splicer or thalia), -2 tarmo (on the draw)

    To have play the match-up in both side, Jund is slightly favorable but skill and nice side board plan just make the difference.

    Nice! Thanks man! Very nice tips!

    My sideboard plan is usually close to your recomendations. I always bring Rest in Peaces, because they nullify their Goyfs, and weaken their Scoozes and Kommands. I bring in both walkers from my sideboard, Reality Smasher, Mirran Crusader and a bunch of removal (usually Fatal Push and Anguished Unmaking). Somethings, I bring in sometimes, and sometimes I don't, like BFT and Blessed Alliance.

    I always side out my Vials, and because of that, I usually sideout 1 or 2 Flickerwisps also, since they're not that great without the Vial Shenaningans.

    I'm also not really sure about what is the best stance for me on this match-up. Should I try to outgrind them, or just beat them as fast as possible?
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hi guys!

    I have been playing BW Taxes for about 3 months now, and have been able to accomplish 3-1 scores at almost all of the FNM I have been playing.

    And I did beat a large number of opponents. Burn, Zoo, Storm, Azusa Titan, Blue Moon, UW Control, Vizier Company, UB Faeries...

    However, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to beat Jund. I would like to know if anyone here has some tips.

    My list is this one:

    I added Smasher and Crusader to the sideboard to help me in this match-up, but still pretty tough. Suggestions?
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from yodude4 »
    Hey all,

    I've been playing BW Eldrazi and Taxes at the FNM level for a while now, and I noticed that Bridgevine is the hot new thing after the pro tour. RIP seems to be way too slow to really hate out the deck, and I am way too poor to afford a set of Leyline of the Void after the spike. My question is, would cards like Relic of Progenitus and Ravenous trap be effective (if not as powerful) substitutes for Leyline until it gets reprinted or goes down?

    If RiP is not fast enough, Relic won't do the trick. Ravenous Trap or Faerie Macabre could be better, I think? Problem with those is they just stop the problem once, but they're probably dredging more on the following turns, and your hate is gone.
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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    Actually, Blood Moon is good vs Tron. Problem is it just slows them down, but it doesn't stop them. They'll eventually get rid of it, or just ignore it and hard cast their unbeatable threats anyways. So, just playing Blood Moon isn't enough. You need to beat them as fast as possible after deploying the Moon. It does buy you a reasonable time, however.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] R/W Prisons ("Sun and Moon" etc.)
    I didn't play the deck that much yet, but on my short experience, I felt like the deck performs decently against most U-Control decks in Modern, because most of them play around 6~9 counterspells only, they are oftenly forced to counter my lock pieces, and they usually have a ton of dead cards against me (so do I, but at least I'm not unfavoured for this reason). For that reason I can very oftenly resolve a powerful walker, and anyone of them usually wins the game. Also, if I manage to play a Blood Moon or a Chalice of the Void under their counterspells, I might be able to just lock them enough to win.

    However, if I can't force a lock piece under their conterspells, or just play more threats than they're able to counter, I'm probably losing because I just can't force much end of turn action to force counterspells, and then try to resolve something relevant. Almost everything in my deck is Sorcery Speed.

    For that reason I added a Boil to the sideboard, and I have been thinking of adding a second one. I played against a U Tron recently and it felt really hard for me, because they usually play more counterspells than most Controls in Modern, and they can just play bigger than I do. But when I played Jeskai and UW I felt it was pretty even match. Might be wrong though. I didn't play the deck that much yet.
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