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  • posted a message on Commander legends Leak...the Precon decks and the 3 new cards and 2 reprints in each
    I know that the old way of delivering EDH decks is dead once we had the tribal cycle which destroyed the idea of completing cycles of color combinations, but it sucks to see 2 dual color decks when we're still waiting on certain color pairings to even get an EDH deck. (Thinking mostly of Blue/White and Red/Green).

    That and these themes have been reiterated on again and again. They could have at least been uninspiring in another color pairing.

    Also, this kills any potential for more 4 color generals for the year since they said they weren't doing 4 colors in Legends (though I guess if this is meant to be starter product it would be strange for them to have gone 4 colors with it anyways).
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  • posted a message on Twelve commander legends hints from gavin
    Quote from Leopluradon_ »
    Quote from Ritokure »
    Clue #3 seems interesting. What kind of drawback could balance a Worst Fears for all opponents and in a permanent's Continuous effect? My first thought would be something like Underworld Breach, aka. a permanent with a spell-like effect that sacs itself after a while, but maybe it's something super narrow, like "You control your opponents while X is being targeted by a spell" or something.

    “You control opponents while they have no cards in hand”?
    “You control opponents while you have exactly 1 life.”?
    “You control opponents while there are no cards in your library”?

    there are certain effects I can imagine:

    You control opponents while they are on extra turns?

    That idea would be so cool and it would be strong enough to even build decks around
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    HEY Staff of Domination reprint! Huzzah!
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement October 12th
    This might be one of the fastest bans I've ever seen
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Full set reveal
    To be honest, this is about what I expected a return to zendikar to be like, since we're back to villain of the week mode -- if the eldrazi were back, I'm sure something more would be explored here.

    At least they're trying something new with the DFC modals. There's probably a sleeper or two among them.

    But as is, I'm here for 3 of this set's mythics, some of these ten cent uncommons and fifty cent rares, and I'll be happy to save the money for Commander Legends.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Wayward Guide-Beast— Weibo preview
    Great for small mana bases // landfall trigger heavy decks.

    Or G/R decks that run Azusa with landfall triggers.

    Man, Azusa is gonna skyrocket after this set comes out.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Nahiri's Lithoforming Vorthoscast
    Scapeshift in red this is not, as scapeshift is efficiently costed for competitive play.

    Very high cost to dig into your deck -- definitely feels more like for EDH decks than anything, or maybe some sort of late game option as playing it in the first four turns is not good for tempo. It's a bummer the lands reenter in tapped since the spell is so expensive to do anything.

    Not bad for EDH tho.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Scourge of the Skyclaves— Kenji Egashira preview
    In the right suicide black (or red?) build, this guy is a winner!

    However, for those saying it's this sets' Goyf, not sure if that's a good comparison -- Goyf is far more reliable and requires a lot less work to at least make it properly curve by turn 2 (and is always, at the very least, a 0/1).

    But I can see people running it as a 1 or 2 of outside of suicide decks as a game finisher.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Turntimber Symbiosis//Turntimber, Serpentine Wood— DeejayKnight preview
    This might be the best one out of all of them

    I can see people running one of these in constructed decks -- that's what a lot of these Modal DFCs feel like.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] "Skyclave Cleric" // Skyclave Colonnade — VGTime preview
    Is there like... A flavor reason to these?

    Like story wise are creatures turning into lands? Or lands into specific creatures?

    Or were they just like "let's just do this weird thing!"

    Don't get me wrong, from a playing standpoint these could be interesting (maybe?), but it just feels like every other DFC has a flavor reason for existing and these are just kind of... There...

    (But maybe I'll shut my mouth up if it is in the story)
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  • posted a message on The sets of 2021
    I wonder if both Innistrads will be released at the same time? Or are there 2 Q4 blocks with different release dates?

    Interesting choice of blocks. Love the DND and Kaldheim. I am really hoping they find a way to actually have a story in the lore again that creates an archnemisis -- so hopefully we'll find an antagonist in Kaldheim. I'm not a fan of Harry Potter nor Innistrad in general, but since Innistrad was always a "when" as to when we get back there, I hope Strixhaven is more interesting than like a... Theme park drop by, as far as magic lore is concerned (like Ikoria was).
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  • posted a message on Next Year set's to be revealed on Tuesday
    Hopefully there's a Return to New Phyrexia soon. The MTG universe needs to find a new mega antagonist and I feel like that's the best spot for one to be uncovered // the biggest threat out there right now (other than maybe Emrakul coming back).
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Commander Legends Previews from CommandFest 2
    Surprised they didn’t include some sort of strong commander that would really hype the set—- but excited to see partner back as a mechanic (even if only in monocolor).

    Glad they’re finishing the edh dual land cycle.

    I haven’t bought a box in a long time so I hope there’s enough cool stuff in this set to go for it so my friends can draft
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest and Skirsdag High Priest— Raphael Levy previews
    This whole set feels like the Artifact Masters mushed together with a form of Commander Masters and then tournament format staples wherever they had room left...
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  • posted a message on [2XM] Desmyeolada - Ion Storm and Shamanic Revelation
    Grammy gives 12 year old Billy $20 for his birthday. Billy has seen the hype for Double Masters and has dreams of opening Jace, Moxen and other powerful Mythics in a pack. Billy rides his bike down to the local LGS, masks up and goes in. There they are, 2XM at $16 a pack. Takes out his 20, pays $17.60 (due to 10% tax) that $3.40 change isn't enough for a pack of M21 but hey he can get some candy and soda with it. He is too excited to wait to get home and open. Rips it open and pulls these 2 turds spoiled above and 2 foil jank commons. Finds out he can get a dollar store credit for ALL 4 cards TOGETHER. Quits MTG that day, never buys/plays/collects again.

    So I say again $^@#$ you WotC/Hasbro.

    This is flat out GAMBLING. Masters Packs (any pack over $4) should have an 18+ sell to, on the pack. ID to buy them.

    This would definitely be a terrible set for a casual buyer to go into.

    Yeah I'm also on the singles train now. There's too much jank here for $16 -- but I do look forward to picking up some of these, er... Commander Masters cards on the cheap?
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