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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Heh there everyone. I just found out about the recent unbannings. Currently in modern I’m playing G/W company. Love me some value town.

    Does anyone think my deck will suffer from these unbannings? Will g/w company be a poor choice in the possible meta to come?

    I’m pondering if I should switch up my deck now, or if G/w value town will retain the power it currently has.

    Any and all thoughts are welcome!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    I'm not too savvy with this site in terms of replying and uploading deck list or tagging other users in my post. I'm not sure how to respond to multiple people in one message, nor do I know how to properly upload a deck list with the links and all. If someone wouldn't mind explaining some of these things to me I would be immensely grateful!

    Both Brulander and Doomfall brought up the negative aspects of Lavamancer in this deck, and I believe they are both spot on. I do think its fantastic against creature decks, but it impedes our own game plan a bit too much.

    I'll be keeping Blood Moon in the main based off of what Doomfall and Brulander have said. It's power is undeniable, and my alter is so berry sexy.

    Part of me still wants to include the plains, because there have been times where I've been in top deck mode with a reveler, young pyromancer, and a blood moon on the field, and I haven't been able to cast that top deck lingering souls/lightning helix. With that said, I undertsand that having the basic plains in the deck can create hands and situations where your mana base for the majority of the cards in our deck may be thrown off.

    Is helix really our weakest card? It always seems like a great tempo swing. It can go to the dome and kill a majority of the creatures we face. Its a fantastic card against burn, which has been acknowledged as one of our tougher matchups.

    I have removed dread bore, burst lightning, and a forked bolt to include two fatal pushes and a collective brutality. Would it be better to remove the two helixes for another brutality and to return dread bore to the main? I was considering keeping the helixes and cutting one of the three Kommands for the second brutality. Does 3 Kommands ever feel clunky? The main draw to dread bore is the unconditional planeswalker kill, but are there that many scenarios where we need a one of removal spell for a permanent type that while pesky, doesn't show up in half the decks that exist in the format? Dreadbore can also kill any creature, so at it's worst it's a sorcery speed terminate, which isn't bad.

    I guess what I'm most hung up on currently with the deck are the Helixs and whether or not they should remain, and if I should cut the 3rd Kommand for the second brutality. The other option, like I said above, is to cut the two helixs to bring in the second brutality and return the dreadbore.

    I'm going to be testing at FNM tonight and the decision is tough. It doesn't help that I have a foil helix from the original Rav. Lol

    The other consideration is to cut both swift spears instead of the helixs to bring in dreadbore and another brutality.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mardu (Dega/BWR) Midrange
    Hi everyone! Long time lurker, but first time poster.

    I've been getting back into modern these past two months. Before picking up Mardu Pyromancer I was on U/W control for a bit, but I love the Mardu colors and have always thought hand disruption to be one of the most efficient ways to handle a wide variety of threats. Can't play what you don't have in your hand, well, that's true most of the time lol.

    I've made a few changes to Self's "stock" list.

    I've dropped burst lightning and a forked bolt for two fatal pushes in the main. The kicker on burst lightning I found to be too heavy, and fork bolt is great, but sometimes things need to die. Can't tell you how many times a champion of the parish with a fat ass pushed my ***** in.

    I've cut a Kommand and dreadbore for 2 collective brutality. Kommand at 3 mana feels a bit heavy at times, and more often then not it gets pitched to reveler or looting. Dreadbore is great unconditional removal against a permanent type that can be a real nuisance to handle, and so I've kept it in the side. I've found the versatility of brutality to be pretty great. Kills most dudes, great against combo decks, and the life drain/gain has been more relevant than I believed.

    The three cards I'm iffy on are the two swiftspears and one of blood moon. I've recently been thinking about trying out grim lavamancer in the place of swiftspear. What do you all think? Has anyone tested lavamancer in her place?

    In regards to blood moon, I have a sick alter, and there are times where it just wins you games that you have no right winning. Can really hose a good bit of decks that aren't ready for it game one, but lately I've been contemplating the 20th land.

    If I take moon out of the maindeck, then the terminates may become paths.

    I've also included a basic plains in the deck. I run 2 helix in the main and with the blood moon in the main I feel it's nice to be able to fetch a plains out and still cast helix through blood moon if need be. I know that souls can be flashed back, but if you don't have a way to pitch it, then it can be a dead card in hand.

    I'll post my current list later when I'm not on the *****ter at work.

    Any feedback is wanted and welcome!

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