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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from seeknayr »
    Splitting D-Rev and Smash to Smithereens has always been weird to me because you are already putting stomping ground into your deck. If my opp has a troublesome enchantment, I’d want to make sure I can destroy it rather than drawing a smash or only being able to board in 2 D Revs. The split seems better if the goal is to beat affinity for example.

    Splitting is nice when enchantment usage is fairly low, like it has been recently. That may change in the short term with Bogles winning GP Toronto vs a Burn deck running sideboard Leyline, but overall, the only real enchantments I’ve been seeing (online and in-person) are the occasional Runed Halos and Spreading Seas in UW Control. Artifacts are a lot more common, so having that extra point of damage in the more common matchups is nice. I’ve only played Bogles and Ad Nauseum once each online over 100 games or so. It’s nice to have some play against them, but dedicating so much of a sideboard to uncommon matchups just seems wasteful.

    I’ve been running straight RW at my local store recently, but I’m probably going to splash green again this week since we’re located near Toronto and a lot of the players went to the GP. I’m expecting some Bogles copy cats this week and more Leylines as a result. My local meta is probably going to suck for a bit; I’m even more happy that I won last week’s event now!
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I’m wondering if Shard Volley becomes a stronger pick main board now just to speed our clock up a bit more if everything else is slowing down. A two-of may make sense, possibly putting some combination of Lightning Helix and Skullcrack in the sideboard.

    EDIT: Something like Yam Wing Chun’s decklist from the Pro Tour may make sense (although I don’t like his 12:8 split on fetches:lands; I’d probably go 11:9 or even 10:9 instead). I quite like his 2:2 split for Smash to Smithereens and Destructive Revelry as well. I’m actually surprised to not see that more.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Why are they "strictly bad" for us? BBE probably won't do much of anything in Jund. The combination of the two might make a RUG midrange deck worth playing, but that's a lot of 4 drops.

    JTMS costs 4 and comes down at a time when you're close to winning. It will help them dig for answers, though. You should keep fetches up in order to shuffle out of fate seal locks. I'd almost prefer UW to be playing JTMS than be Gideon emblem tribal.

    Hm, that's true. My thought process was that improvements to midrange and control are just bad for us, but taking into account that they both slow those decks down as well probably could work in our favour.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    So am I correct that the unbanning of both Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf are just strictly bad for us? Are there any upsides to these unbannings at all for Burn?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Jon Stern’s list in general was spicy. 3 Ensnaring Bridge and 2 Leyline of Sanctity in the side almost makes it a pseudo RW prison deck instead of Burn.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I’m genuinely not sure what else you’re looking for as far as an answer goes at this point. We’ve discussed the two main strengths of it over Path to Exile and given you the two main articles that discuss its results. Using it over Path is entirely meta dependent and neither is inherently better (although I would argue Path is more flexible in a more open/unknown meta). It’s had enough positive results that it is “worthy” of being considered a useful sideboard card, but whether it is better for you personally is something you’ll need to test.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    To be fair, Mike Flores spends way too much effort on trying to give his articles an unnecessary narrative than actually explain his reasoning behind card decisions. Trying to figure out the actual reason he likes Chained to the Rocks takes way more effort from the reader than should be required. He could learn a lot about how to get to the damn point.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    The main draws it has is as a turn one removal versus a mana ramp creature or it’s ETB trigger being able to nab something like Reality Smasher. I feel like the flexibility of instant speed and resilience to land destruction makes Path still a stronger choice in most cases though.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Pyrite just seems better to me. It lets you separate the mana cost if you really want to and even if they try to blow it up after it's on the board, you can just cycle it in response.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Oh, yes, my bad. I assume it was Pyrite Spellbomb if it was anything. Not sure how that adds up to five though.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from yorugua »
    Curious to see if anyone can solve this mystery. I was playing a match on MTGO and faced goblins. Lost game 1 and boarded in Kor Firewalker who single-handedly won games 2 and 3. My opponent writes as he concedes "I have 5 ways to deal with Kor Firewalker". Any ideas of what he is talking about? The lists I have seen have really no way to do this. Thanks.

    Pyrite Spellbomb or Reality Hemorrhage seem the most likely for Goblins. I guess they could side in something like Skullcrack, Everlasting Torment, Combust or Demonfire too but that seems less likely.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Follow-up to the above, I wanted to have a discussion about a line of play I took tonight to get some thoughts on it.

    Opponent (Green Tron):
    19 life
    Turn 3 tron assembled
    All mana tapped
    Wurmcoil Engine in play

    Monastery Swiftspear, Goblin Guide on board
    Rift Bolt suspended
    Mountain and Inspiring Vantage in play
    In hand: Lightning Bolt, Boros Charm, 2 Fetch lands
    In deck: 3 Path to Exile, 3 Smash to Smithereens

    What do you do?

    I decided that 6 lifegain was just going to lose me the game straight up, and my only way to win was to get rid of the Wurmcoil and draw straight gas for the rest of the game. I decided to send the Rift Bolt at the Wurmcoil Engine, drew a Smash to Smithereens off the top, Bolted it to kill it, fetched a mountain and used Smash on the lifegain token. Swinging in with the 3/4 Swiftspear and Guide took out the deathtouch token. I know I got pretty lucky with an answer off the top and was rewarded with straight gas (and my opponent flooding) to win, but I'm curious if that was the right line of play. It seemed like it was a low percentage to win in any case and I got lucky, but I don't want to be blinded by confirmation bias.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I managed to go 4-0 tonight for the first time (field of 24), so I figured I'd write a quick match report.

    After the PT results, I decided to make a bit of a meta call since I expected to see some copycat Humans and Mardu Pyromancer decks at my local store. That hunch paid off tremendously as I played each match-up once.

    I decided to just drop green completely. I've literally seen only one Leyline of Sanctity the entire time I've played there (it just so happened to be during my first match ever when I was still playing mono-red -- that was not a fun time), and no one plays any other meaningful enchantment decks like Ad Nauseum or Bogles. There's one UW Control player, but Runed Halo just doesn't seem worth keeping Destructive Revelry around (in post-match discussion, he told me he actually takes Spreading Seas out against me post-board, so I don't even really expect to see that anymore either).

    I also decided to try out a 19 land setup tonight to squeeze in that extra Searing Blood in the side board based on my expectation of the meta.

    Match 1 - UR Turns (2-1)
    Game 1 (L): This took me by surprise a bit since I had never seen it before. For those unfamiliar, the deck basically revolves around Time Warp and other similar effects. I got to see the full combo in Game 1 and had a bit of a better idea on what to expect.
    Boarding: I knew I needed to take out Searing Blaze but didn't really have a good idea what to bring in. He didn't really have many creatures (other that turning his lands into one). Since all of his removal seemed to be red-based, I decided to go all in on creatures and sided in 2 Kor Firewalker and used Skullcrack and a single Path to Exile for the last two spots.
    Game 2 (W): Firewalker ended up doing some work for me. I started with one in my opening hand and ended up dealing a good 8 damage with it by the end of the game. He got stuck on 3 lands and just couldn't get his combo to go off.
    Game 3 (W): Finally drew an Eidolon and just snowballed a win from there. He got stuck on four lands again. As per the discussion on Reddit the other day, I managed to land the Eidolon turn two by holding my land drop until second main and swinging with the Guide with only one land up to bait out the Lightning Bolt. Worked like a charm. No other responses to Eidolon made him take too much damage from cantrips and sealed the deal.

    Match 2 - Green Tron (2-0)
    Game 1 (W): I started with a creature heavy hand and managed to just draw straight gas five turns in a row to beat his turn three Karn. The salt was real after that game.
    Boarding: Out 4 Searing Blaze, 2 Grim Lavamancer, 1 Eidolon; In 1 Skullcrack, 3 Path to Exile, 3 Smash to Smithereens
    Game 2 (W): I beat turn three Tron again. This time, he landed a Wurmcoil Engine. He was sitting at 19 life and I had no immediate answer to it (Path or Smash) in hand, a Swiftspear and Guide on board, a suspended Rift Bolt, and a Lightning Bolt in hand. During my upkeep, I decided that with him at 19 life, my only possible line to winning was to draw into a way to remove his lifegain because even a single swing/block from the token would put him back to 22. So I sent the Rift Bolt at the Wurm, drew into a Smash, finished the Wurmcoil off with Bolt and used Smash on the lifegain token. Swung in with the 3/4 Monastery and Guide to take out the deathtouch token. I'm actually really curious about my play here, so I'm going to post it in a follow-up post to get some specific thoughts on it. I then drew straight gas again and won, so I was definitely rewarded for the play, but I'm not sure that makes it the most correct one. I'll take luck when I can get it though. On to match 3!

    Match 3 - Mardu Pyromancer (2-1)
    Game 1 (L): I had to mulligan down to four (4 land, 4 land, no land :frown:) and he had a turn one Thoughtseize. I actually managed to still get him down to 5 despite all that; my deck was basically giving me answers all night.
    Boarding: Out 2 Eidolon, 4 Lava Spike; In 3 Searing Blood, 2 Path to Exile, 1 Rest in Peace
    Game 2 (W): Started off with a two-lander and two Searing effects in hand, plus some creatures; definite keep. Collective Brutality could only hit one searing effect and having the other in my hand stopped a lot of his ability to get on the board. By the time Bedlam Reveler came online, I was too far ahead and won off some top deck gas.
    Boarding: Out 2 Eidolon; In 1 Skullcrack, 1 Path to Exile (on the draw, I wanted to have a few more answers to Brutality and Bedlam Reveler).
    Game 3 (W): Started with almost the identical hand from Game 2 with two searing effects and some creatures. This game ended up a bit closer since he managed to stick a Blood Moon which locked me out of the Boros Charm I drew on my second last turn. We were both down to 2 and I drew a Searing Blaze off the top while still holding onto the fetch land I had been saving for just such an occasion. GG.

    Match 4 - Humans (2-0)
    Game 1 (W): Got in with some early creature damage and won despite him landing a Meddling Mage and three Phantasmal Image copying it (naming Searing Blaze, Lightning Bolt, and Boros Charm). I managed to get a Grim Lavamancer on board with him at 5 life. On his next turn, I blew up the Mage on Bolt, cast one at him on end step and re-used the trigger on him on my turn.
    Boarding: Out 4 Lava Spike, 2 Eidolon; In 3 Searing Blood, 3 Path to Exile
    Game 2 (W): Double searing effects in my opening hand and some early creatures. Got out to another fast start and just sort of ran over him (at the end of the game I had three creatures on board and he had none). This ended up being a way easier matchup than I'm used to against Humans. He got a bit unlucky since I didn't see a single Thalia or Aether Vial hit the board in either game.

    2 Grim Lavamancer in the main and going down to 19 lands for the extra Searing Blood was 100% the right call. Having two searing effects in my opening hands post-board against Pyromancer and Humans was incredible and won me all three games. I think I'm going to keep running this deck for a bit and see if the meta at our store shifts a bit. I'm definitely expecting a bit more Burn hate after winning this week since the salt was definitely real (even from spectators in the last couple games, haha).
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Couple of interesting meta calls in the Burn decks that went 6-4 or better at the PT this weekend.

    1. Running 3x Lightning Helix in the main board in favour of 1x Shard Volley (some lists even ran 2x)
    2. 2x Ensnaring Bridge in the sideboard. This seems like pretty good tech if humans is going to start becoming a real thing (it was the most represented deck at the PT). Seems like it could help improve the ETron matchup as well.

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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from Max WB »

    Why use Path to Exile against storm? I saw this in the sideboard guide for the forum, but it doesn't seem like a good thing to do. You're giving your opponent a land in exchange for their mana reducer. It just seems counterintuitive.

    Against Storm, a mana reducer is worth a lot more than just a single mana once they start going off. It's still a net gain to get it off the board as soon as possible.
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