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Magic Market Index for June 8th, 2018
Ravnica: The Living Guildpact
Magic Market Index for June 1st, 2018
  • posted a message on Natasuki - Rat Shaman
    One with Nothing OP?
    In what format, in what deck, you think that's ridiculously OP? I don't any major format would be broken by this card. (Any) Standard? Killed by any one mana remocal, and it doesn't enter before turn 2 at the soonest. Modern? You theoretically could push it to T1, but it would require a lot of deckbuilding, and I think you could do worse things than this. Legacy is similar. Vintage? Well, you could as well be dead on your T1, and this effect is still very mild looking at other possibilities you have in this format.
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  • posted a message on Natasuki - Rat Shaman
    This card seems fair to me. It could be powerful in some aggresive black deck, but even at its best, when opponent discards from a full hand, opponent can leave his best card for later. I would be totally comfortable with this effect at four mana, on three it could be potentially too oppressive and swingy. Still, I think it should be a little more resilent, so it's not 3 mana One with Nothing so often. Maybe it should be 1/3?
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  • posted a message on Izzet Guild Leader and Champion
    What if the creature was dealt damage before, and you need only one damage to kill a 4/4?

    I also would like to tell that I like your Niv Mizzet. It's a nice change to see a value, not combo Niv. I'd drop your/opponent's turn clause (leaving once per turn) to make it a little stronger and lower deck consturction requirements. I feel it's underpowered now.
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  • posted a message on [Memory Architect/Tsenava, Deathless King/etc.] Custom Cards
    For BItter Bargain, downside is irrelevant in normal formats (you have multiple copies of everything) and even in commander (you have 98 other cards to choose). ALso, having this card be face down just increases length of resolving this spell (I search for a card, then search for it again because I may have missed it, I realize that it must be exiled, so I search once more for another card). I think it should exile multiple face up cards (maybe copies of the same card).
    So, looking at Swarm Mother, Glimpse is revealing cards from hand? Got it. I guess this card is probably fine, however this reveal ability may create boring and repeatable states.
    Oh... I guess Glimpse means something different, looking and Ulati. You need to decide what it is, if you want have it as an ability word. Also, Ulati is broken. It's virtually repetitive Torment (Torment of Scarabs) card (with upside!) for one mana. Even worse, it's discard on instant, so you can make sure opponent never can play anything relevant.
    Ceremoinal Visage is totally fine, probably even weak, even if it can be annoying.
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Lore - Hands Posted
    Mizzix is Legendary. You don't gain anything by playing two of them. Also, I can create creatures whenever, after you attack, after you cast Rury, EOT. Also, if you use Fury to hinder my creatures, it means less damage to my face,which means you belate your kill spell. I don;t think you have outs.
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Lore - Hands Posted
    I am only one with Solemnity? Heh. I considered other win conditions, especially Meren of Clan Nel Toth.
    I also thought about looting, especially Bazaar of Baghdad, but decided against it.
    Solemnity makes both players to be able to draw only one additional copy of each card (in normal situation). This also solves problem of the mental math, as I usually don't have to consider what to do with, say, 9 cards Grin

    1) Convoy_Avenger
    Steppe Lynx / Exploration
    0-6. You are too fast for me.

    2) Feyd_Ruin
    Lightning Bolt / Looter il-Kor
    6-0. I play one Plains and rest Mountains.
    F1: Bolt face, 20-17
    F2: Draw Bolt, Looter
    F3: Draw Looter, Attack, reset counters, play Looter, Bolt Face 20-12
    S3: Solemnity
    F4: 20-10
    S4: Wand, sac for 3/3
    F5: 20-8
    S5: Wand, sac for 3/3, attack: 17-8
    F6: 17-6
    S6: attack, sac 2 mountains, 11-6
    F7: 11-4
    S8: attack, win.
    OTP is very similar, but I start attacking earlier.

    3) ManyCookies :: Zombie Rush
    Abrupt Decay / Dark Salvation
    I think you need to continously have Solemnity destroyed, otherwise you virtually skip your turns.

    4) NTheo
    Kindle / Kindle
    6-0. 4 Kindles is not enough, and you are later extinguished by Solemnity.

    6)xStormaggedonx :: The Goblin-Wizard's Fury
    Mizzix of the Izmagnus / Aurelia's Fury
    6-0. You can't stop Solemnity forever, and also deploy timely Mizzix, so it's better for you to keep both Furys. Mizzix can't attack, or it dies to my Wand. You also need to use Furys to win, so you would have to survive to cast it for 9, then 11 with Mizzix, or 10, 10 without her. You would have to survive until T12 to do it, and I kill you T10 at the latest.
    In retrospect, I think this format could be interesting as DLR, maybe without the reset part.
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  • posted a message on Tribes of Ravnica
    As for lands: Khalni Garden with a second color would possibly be fine, but Khalni Garden that can kill the opponent by itself is probably too much, especially in common. I could imagine a manlands with one hybrid mana activation for a 1/1 instead, however it doesn't sound very common to me still.
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  • posted a message on [Memory Architect/Tsenava, Deathless King/etc.] Custom Cards
    Those are all very interesting designs, I really like them, but there are some issues:

    Memory Architect
    I don't think there was a card before ending step after it already started. I assume you mean it to work like Time Stop? This probably would need rules changes, and definitely reminder text. I agree that this card should probably be 4cc at least, to prevent fast broken interactions. It could gain some body at the same time, though. What if it was 6 mana 5/5 flying sphinx? I don't think this card needs flash at all.

    Tsenava, Deathless King
    Personally, I prefer to do one step at a time: maybe mono-B for death triggers only first? Grin Of course, that's not a problem.

    Legend of the Golden Peacock
    I don't like that this Aura does nothing to the creature it enchants. Compare Skin Invasion, they change the enchanted creature. Also, if I understand the flavor correctly, you want The Hero Returned be a better version of a creature that just died, thanks to intervention of Peacock. However, it is easily overshadowed by 4 mana creatures, and the flavor breaks. Maybe it should die, and return to battlefield with an aura transformed into something positive?

    Dragon's Hoard,Hoarding Dragon
    I think Red is a correct color for this effect, but it's too good rate. You nearly never sacrifice Dragon's Hoard, and having a possibility of saccing stolen permanents in Control Magic sounds like cheating. Control Magic is much more fun if you can answer it. I understand that there is a cost needed for it, but still.

    Dracolich // Deathless Dragon
    I like the idea, but I don't believe it's a type of card that could be printed. You can't play with it without showing your opponent card you have in your hand prematurely. Also, you still need to know which is a main face for when it is in graveyard, and it would need to be very obvious to prevent mistakes. Usually mana cost was enough, not anymore. It's prboably also not compatible with current rules. Also, how exactly flavor works here? What is a lifecycle of an undead dragon, really?
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  • posted a message on Mishra's Facility
    Another problem with this card is probably each turn you reveal exactly the same card, which is definitely not exciting. Maybe you should instead reveal the top card of library, and reward playing multiple colors?
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  • posted a message on Guess the Guild
    I think too many of those cards just read 'you win the game', especially in limited, for my liking.
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  • posted a message on Arken's Ban
    I think that the fact that you can dodge this effect by paying life makes those cards totally fair. I would change those cards to choosing only one of Creature or Planeswalker type, and not both.
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  • posted a message on Custom Set: The Underdark - Ideas
    You could also go for Ixalan tribes: 2 timee 3 colors, 2 times 2 colors.
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  • posted a message on Guildmages
    Also, your hybrids make some color pie breaks. For example, mono-W making each creature mana dork.
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  • posted a message on Browsing the Archives
    I think the effect should be restricted to one card at a time, so you don't cast your whole library from the fetch. I'm also not sure if it's mono-U effect, it seems like a tutor, so I'd be more comfortable with B in cost. As for the mana cost, it's prboably too low even after those changes. Cards like this should never be aggresively costed.
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  • posted a message on First Post! Hello All! - "Bloodstained Hurricane"
    Hello! You chose a judging and somtimes harsh place to start your journey! Wink
    While I think that for one creature that would be fine, the fact that you have to do this math for each creature would be a nightmare.
    I also don't see a mechanical reason for such complicate card. What deck would be amplified by this card? Madness? Burn? Red Aggro? Red Control? All those decks would benefit from one half of this card, but not really from the other. A sweeper doesn't also seem like a card to build around.
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