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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    Ugh, I'm a little grossed out by how much Tron we're seeing on camera today. We definitely saw more traditional interactive and fun decks yesterday.

    I'm curious to see what this top 8 will look like and see if it's the predictions GK and Sheridan made, or if we see a bunch of linear combo decks dominate the top lists.

    won't be suprised if its linear sprinkled with shadow honestly.
    Who knows maybe abzan or uwr will get lucky and dodge tron/big mana and make it to the top! how fun!
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (Rules Update 27/10/17)
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Quote from Eternalman »

    They are stifling control and hurting slow midrange. That's what they are doing wrong.

    Play 100 games vs them with a pure control deck that isn't built to beat big mana and tell me otherwise.

    Control is doing fine. Read any of the metagame analyses done since early October. Plenty of control players are seeing success.

    BGx Midrange is not doing fine, but that's not because of big mana. BGx is just worse than GDS right now so it's an inferior choice. BGx is even struggles against GDS itself because of Push. BGx definitely needs a boost but that boost isn't in banning cards that aren't the main problem. Unbans or new cards are needed there, which leads to the very reasonable suggestion of a BBE unban.

    Also, I can't emphasize this enough: Wizards called Modern healthy in October 2017. Look at that metagame picture because that's the Modern we're getting. And honestly, it has significant archetype diversity for me to agree it's healthy. It would be one thing if Wizards was painting an unhealthy Modern as healthy, but they aren't. The format looks good. Is it perfect? No. I'd love to see BGx Midrange get some love. But it's very good and you can play decks like blue-based control that were previously not playable.
    wrong! Abzan just crushed death shadow on camera as the commenters admitted its a good matchup. Which in my experience it is aswell.

    Which leaves us to why death shadow is preferred.... Better Big mana matchup what a suprise..

    Which shows that big mana is affecting deck decisions. And stifling/warping certain decks and strategies.

    Wonder what Gregory orange has to say about how tron affects our format?
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