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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters Box Pulls!
    Paid box 235 euro. Topper was excelent Cavern of Souls, but box so so.

    Only 2x mythics Lord of Extinction and Vengevine.

    Best rares: Back to Basics(foil,) Celestial Colonnade, Through the Breach, Phyrexian Tower, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Goryo's Vengeance, Maelstrom Pulse, Containment Priest, Raging Ravine, Vexing Devil, Visions of Beyond, Daybreak Coronet.

    Uncommons: Eternal Witness, Kitchen Finks, Sleight of Hand, Devoted Druid, Lava Spike, Chainer's Edict,Young Pyromancer,Circular Logic, Desperate Ritual, Conflagrat.

    Commons was very good.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Quote from mnelson325 »
    @caller_of_the_claw: Are you from Bama? O_o... Seems weird, but that looks a LOT like a meta I played in recently, but I can’t remember the date.

    I am not Grin I am from Croatia.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Another great result with same deck like last week. This time was 15 people and went 3 wins 1 loss and came fourth. Didn't won any dice roll.

    R1 - lost against some artifact creature life deck 0:2. It could been other result but it is what it is.

    R2 - 2:1 vs Burn

    R3 - 2:1 vs Soul sisters

    R4 - 2:1 vs Storm
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    This is my report from last sunday tournament. I came back to 4x Spell Pierce in main and it was good decision.

    Second place with 4:1 and 28 people tournament.

    R1 vs Mono Red agro/burn 2:0 - he's not that good player. Game 1 he's muligan to five and spreading seas close the game. Game 2 i had perfect hand and draws were too good.

    R2 vs Death and Taxes 2:1
    Game 1 - i lost but was close battle.
    Game 2 - Spreading seas, deprive and Image was mvp.
    Game 3 - He started with only one land but had great hand. When he finally put second land (black white) i used Spreading seas and that's was it.

    R3 vs Jund 2:1
    Game 1 - Tarmagoyf was such pain in the ass XD so i lost
    Game 2 - Master of waves, spreading seas, spell pierce and again deprive was so crucial.
    Game 3 - Great game with so many back and forth, but Master and Image did it.

    R4 vs U/W control 2:0
    Game 1 - played first and had good hand. I Don't know what would happen if i didn't counter miracle with Spell Pierce.
    Game 2 - he's mull to five and my deprives did the job done.

    R5 vs Mardu Pyromancer 0:2 - with this guy i had 0:3 (now is 0:4) but almost every game i must use mulligan. I can't belive that with him i have zero luck. Forget about luck with first hand but i never can't draw Echoing truth or Relic with him. So unreal because he always have inqusition, bolt, thoughtsieze etc.
    Game 1 - i mull to five but was close battle. He was on 3 life points.
    Game 2 -once again mull to six. i put 3x Relic, 2x Echoing truth, 2x Deprive but didn't draw anything. Ofc he didn't use mulligan in both games.

    This was my best result with Merfolks and i was so happy except last game. But i know that everything can't be perfect.

    I didn't know how good can be deprive, Image is a beast, Master of Waves mmmmm, Spreading seas was great like always, Lords ofc, Spell Pierce in main is also great choice for my meta and Cursecatcher.

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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Quote from Shoebaccha »
    Hey Team,
    I have a quick question about the Trickster-Goyf interaction to make sure that I understand.
    If the Goyf comes in all jacked up and Trickster taps and it down and thus weakens the Goyf, because of the "end of turn" phrase on Tricker the weakened Goyf will get its strength and toughness back next turn, yes? I just want to be sure.

    That's right...Btw yesterday was big tournament in my region, record of 28 people. Finally after 3 or 4 tournaments playing with Merfolks, the best place I've been was 7th place(with Elfs i was on third place). I went 4:1 and take second place, only lost in final against Mardu. Later or tomorrow i will write small report. It was so fun to play with fish Grin

    And Phantasmal Image, what a beast of a card. I have only two copies but man..it was so strong.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    Quote from Jason839 »
    Congrats that’s awesome. Could you share what decks you played against?


    1. round vs Pirates (RB) 2:0 - i had some removals and when i put my big Dinos it was game over. Also Steel leaf was great.

    2. vs Dimir(small creatures with flying and surveil) 2:1 - first match i lost because he had perfect hand and every draw was super. I had decent hand but draw too many lands. Second and third match was almost easy. I put more removals and that was it.

    3. vs Izzet Phoenix 2:1 - it was tough round. First match i had perfect hand. Second match was close battle but he won. Decisive match was also close but 2x Shapers' Sanctuary and 2x Root Snare were mvp.

    4. Finals vs Boros 2:0 - first match i played first and had 1x shivan fire and strike. Soon draw Fiery Cannonade and that was it. Next match he mull to five and had bad draw. We played again friendly match and i won. He can't be that fast and when Dinos come in it's game over.

    Three best cards for me this tournament were: Carnage Tyrant, Llanowar elves and Adventurous Impulse. Ofc Alpha is always great.

    Reason i play only 2x Drover of the Mighty is because he can't survive Justice Strike, Shock (when you don't have dinos)but Druid of the Cowl can.
    Reason i play with Adventurous Impulse instead Commune with dinos is because i have some other creatures. And in testing with Commune when you draw 5 cards, it can be really hard choice what to take. And you must put some great cards on bottom. With only 3 cards that problem is almost done. Because of that i play with one Evolving wilds.

    Also can't wait for next set, then we can play with stomping ground. If we get new Domri Rade for 3 or 4 mana, it would be marvelous (ofc if card is good).
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Really hate Magic cards are that expensive because i like play modern, standard, commander, brawl + love arts of cards so rare bulks is also my thing. So without money you can only play proxys. I know people who only play modern or standard or commander. But what about us who like to play almost everything?

    A year ago I started playing magic again. In that time i spent something like 2500$ (i am from europa-from small contry where salary is very low) and that's a lot of money. Have three strong modern decks Elves, Merfolks and Grixis Death's Shadow. Two for casual Zombies and some Blink deck. One standard and brawl and four commander decks. Let say that i spent only 1000$ for all that. It would still be a lot considering it's piece of cardboard but much more reasonable. But i love Magic so..

    And if cards are cheaper, more people would play MTG.
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  • posted a message on Another Ixalan set
    I really liked Ixalan but not so much Rivals. This set was reason why i came back from hiatus. Didn't play magic in five years. Then my friend told me about new set and that will be Dinosaurs, Pirates and Merfolks. I was super hyped because i love dinosaurs so much, and this was first appearance for Dinos.
    Now is one year that i play magic really often.

    It's true that set was only tribe focus. But we have some really good cards. We already got two cool dinos (dominaria nad c19). So i hope that they will support dinos and pirates in the future.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Pretty stock list is yours, it's pure gas with a bit of interaction due to Merfolk Trickster and Harbinger of the tides. How is your sideboard? I think in this metagame we're almost never the beatdown deck, so maybe you can find a room for spell pierce or peek which are both great. mistcaller or cursecatcher is a meta call, if you know which decks are at your LGS.

    I played with 4x Spell Pierce in main and in some matches was very good. But in late game was really bad draw, and it's also not very nice when you have on board caverns and mutavaults.

    My usually cards for sideboard is something like that: 1x Kira, 1x Kopala, 2x Tidebinder Mage, 3x Relics, 2x Echoing Truth, 1x Tectonic Edge, 4x Deprive, 2x Dismember, 2x Ceremonious Rejection, 2x Sea's claim.

    Against which decks we are removing Aether Vial(Mardu, GDS is 100% correct choice?)? And why don't we play 4x serum visions, is peek really better?
    Think that i will buy 2x Phantasmal Image for now.

    Btw modern classic Dallas tournament, some guy with Merfolks came in top 10. He also played with 4x Peek in main.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    After some tests i decided to come back with tradional Merfolk main board. So nobody play Cursecatcher anymore or? What do you think about this set list? I tried also with 4x Sea's claim, with 4x Spell Pierce and some other varations..How that now everyone play with playset of Phantasmal Image and not before? To me this card was always great but i don't have them.

    4x Cursecatcher
    4x Merfolk Trickster
    4x Harbinger of the Tides
    4x Lord of Atlantis
    4x Master of the Pearl Trident
    4x Silvergill Adept
    4x Merrow Reejerey
    4x Master of Waves

    4x Aether Vial
    4x Spreading Seas

    13x Islands
    2x Cavern of Souls
    1x Oboro
    4x Mutavault
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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies

    I think you have too many lords. I think that lord of the Accursed and lord of the Undead are too slow. 4x Death Baron is enough.

    This iy my current mono black deck list.

    21 lands
    19x swamps 2x nyx

    4x cryptbreaker
    4x dread wanderer
    4x gravecrawler
    4x Relentless Dead
    2x Graveyard Marshal
    4x Death Baron
    3x Diregraf Colossus
    3x Geralf's Messenger

    4x Aether Vial
    1x Thoughtseize
    2x inqusition of kozliek
    4x fatal push

    Should i play with 20 lands and without Nyx? Nyx is really great when it's your third or fourth land, otherwise is bad hah. And what do you think about Sign in blood?
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    Two weeks ago went 2 wins 2 draws and 1 loss (23 people tournament). Last round played against Living end (first time) and lost 0:2. End up in 11 place, but if i won i would be in third or fourth place. Was so sad because it turned out that I played for nothing (first 10 people got boosters).

    Played with two UW decks with red splash because bolts, helixs. And went 1:1 with both rounds. Terminus with miracle is such pain in the ass.
    Won 2:0 against agro Zoo and Death and Taxes and only lost against Living end.

    For the next tournaments i will play only 2x Ezuri in main. He only won one round and he's immediately target. Thinking two put in sideboard 2x Steel Leaf Champion because he can survive helix, bolt and a lot of creatures can't block him. Do you have some experience with Steel Leaf?

    Playing with 3x Stampede in main and it's great. Horizon Canopy is also great card but unfortunately have only one. 2x Cavern of Souls is also very nice against control decks, but after first match they put Field of Ruin ofc.
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  • posted a message on What hurts the format more? Fast Mana vs. Tutors
    I think fast mana. My play group, we don't play Sol Rings, Mana Crypts, Mana Vaults. We play EDH kitchen table and is super fun. Btw we have espensive cards but not this tutors for 1 mana.
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  • posted a message on Collected Company Elves
    VIPowL congrats and glad too see Elves on top Smile

    Think i must return to my Elves. Played with Merfolks since april but last friday went only 2:3, but with Elves i think it would be much better.
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