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  • posted a message on Eternity Vessel + Alhammarret's Archive [SOLVED]
    So you're saying I would go to 60 life? I read the rule sections you referred to but just want to be clear.
    Posted in: Magic Rulings
  • posted a message on Eternity Vessel + Alhammarret's Archive [SOLVED]
    So the official ruling for Eternity Vessel is that when I have my life total "become" the number of charge counters on it, this is considered a life gain/loss event. When Alhammarret's Archive is also under my control, is the life gained from this event doubled? Say I have 40 counters on the Vessel and my life is at 20 when I play a land. I'm thinking one of two things could happen:

    • Life is gained to 40 and then doubled so I reach 60.
    • Life is gained and doubled to 60 but then becomes the number of counters back to 40.
    If it's the second one, would this still count as a life gain of 40 (for something like Sanguine Bond) with a simultaneous life loss of 20? Or just a life gain of 20?
    Posted in: Magic Rulings
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