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  • posted a message on current state of Start city games
    you'd think they could stay on top of a fast moving singles card market if demand were so high.

    Im still thinking this is the time for them "the big whale" to make there paper magic exit if they wanted too.
    Or anyone else.

    maybe well see TCGplayer or Channelfireball or cardkingdom finally over take SCG in all of this.

    its an interesting race to watch between the 4 biggest magic selling websites/stores.

    Any idea where we can find metrics on there sales?
    I don't think any of the 4 are public with any of that kind of information are they?
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  • posted a message on 4x Omnath of the roil

    I was wondering about how his ability would work on enter the battlefield, him being a legendary creature.

    If I some how get 4 omnath, locus of the roil to enter at the same time....

    will each of the 4 triggers see 4 elementals (each elemental it counts being the 4 omnaths)?
    or would the legendary rules clean up the board and only allow the 4 triggers to see only 1 omnath on the board when the triggers resolve?
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  • posted a message on Bubble Hulk
    i don't think its bad match ups, I think it is just no one knows this exists.

    but it is nice to have the legacy combo finally karmic guide combo in modern finally
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  • posted a message on Need tutor for ozolith in green
    its expensive casting cost but try artifacts as your tutors for 6 mana such as planar bridge or planar portal
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  • posted a message on "gain..... (ability)" question (urza's saga question)
    Hi magics new card urza's saga is throwing me for a curve ball also im calling into question my understanding of the word "gains...." for other cards.

    In the case of urza's saga it says on each of the 3 stages gain a different ability but no time line of "end of turn". so for stage I does this card maintain the tap for mana ability in the first I, and keep that tap for mana ability throught out II and III? \
    or does the tap for mana fall off when you move to II?

    the way Urza's saga is using "gain....(ability)" is that implying it retains the ability for as long as the card remains on the battlefield regardless of changing turns?
    has magic made any recent changes to the word "gains" in the sense that there is no ending wording such as "...until end of turn" that usually follows cards that start an ability or change of state with "gain"
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    I ran a similar list in the past I'd use Hour of devastation in the side board because you do need to reach in order to get out from under blue white teferi or jaces in some match ups.

    with genesis wave you can also use Zealous Conscripts in the same slot to over take problem permanents on opponents side.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    might be best to just run it with fink and strangleroot for some good synergy and mana ramping. the combo can be a top of the curb finisher, if attacking doesn't win the game.

    simply ditching a geist for a hero of oxid ridge or the like is a big swing in decks running eldritch evolution
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  • posted a message on Is legacy actually dying?
    its not dead. but "as a guy who plays in tournaments "i play what is available."

    To rekindle the older formats you need wizards support. like releasing a "Legacy Horizon's" set each year. If you catch my drift. Something meant for the format specifically. Wizards hasn't been doing yearly support in any way.

    I haven't cast a force of will in 5 years.....

    Biggest hurdle is the damn virus. this hurts magic through all of the formats
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    one other side note,

    this list surfaced on tcdecks


    seems similar to yours curbros
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from CurdBros »

    I’m kinda surprised standard players haven’t noticed the interaction between Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner and Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath. I don’t know much about Standard though.

    I'll have to try it.
    i don't think its too slow for modern. Red Deck Wins is a big thing in most meta data right now. so playing Uro if your green mana splash is a good hedge for the meta.
    As long as jund doesn't get there maindeck ooze online bringing back an Uro in the yard has been tide turning for me. they disrupt so much that they fill the graveyard up with the 5 cards you need for an escape.

    thing with Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner is i've never been entirely comfortable running her. like the deck never balanced right with its untap effects and mana ramp effects with her in the 3 slot. you'd think she wouldn't be much different than overgrowth but i found the deck always running better with overgrowth than kiora in the 3cc slots for ramp. If your having good results with her, I'll need to revisit this myself.

    this brings me to another point. have you have many match ups where opponent blew there force of negation on your overgrowth or utopia sprawl.
    In last couple of events i've notice this happen a few more times to me and my opponents were right to gamble on that early move, as it tripped me up a couple of turns.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    i almost wanna try something like that with nissa, who shakes the world makes more creatures for leyline mana bonus.

    uro, titan of natures wrath great for thos match ups that will kill off the dorks. A second line of play should board be getting picked off.

    im up to 23-25 lands in my deck just because i want to cram a small portion of titan field combo into my deck.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Quote from Slox »
    I attempted a combo oriented version of Jund that relied on Arcanist+Temur+Become Immense and while it can outrace burn and is a lot of fun when it goes off, the consistency was awful.

    i noticed that combo as well. but felt it was too dependent on getting arcanist to be good.

    become immense is a good card for these sorts of decks, but without the trample its wasted. thus better off with grimaw angler for your 6 delve.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)

    more and more recently i've been trying to add search for azcanta to the list.

    in a deck even like yours for example, https://mtgdecks.net/Modern/mono-green-ramp-decklist-by-rpangriff-924222
    or tooth and nail list like this https://www.tcdecks.net/deck.php?id=32987&iddeck=290140

    Azcanta, the sunken ruin has a lot it can dig for in devotion lists.

    with uro, titan of nature's wrath now in the meta, im thinking if your adding blue mana to devotion, then azcanta has even more possibility for the desk as you want to feed uro to some extend.

    furthering my speculation on this is often theres game where we need to find our game winning planeswalker or tooth and nail or even finale of devastation, [c]primal command[/c} etc. heck with garruk wildspeaker you may end up just double search for azcanta in a turn.


    even Narset, Parter of Veils has similar values.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    side question

    posting in a single thread can be a bit of a "tunnel vision" but i noticed lot of other threads around this one and forums outside of the established are months old without activity,,,

    did something happen to mtgsalvation's user bases recently?
    Feels like activity dropped off.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    she only needs to mana double to get tooth and nail or finale of devastation to go off. marching in several 3/3s is really just alterior path to victory you use second. in the process of making devastation go off that +10/+10 to a haste vigilance land. an ETB untap all creatures would be a real good FoD fetch. pulling nissa's 3/3 lands into the wincon. dunno what creature would do an untap all though

    Super friends bothers me a bit in the meta right now as I see a lot of grixis aggro (something running death's shadow typically) or urza combinations, they seem to bring in negate type cards, thus a high chance for a countered planeswalker which can be game over in these match ups.

    Dryad definitely replaces courser of kruphix.

    I'm a big fan of questing beast really reverses the aggro race on its own with haste.
    I do like that its death touch stares down eldrazi threats that otherwise is enough pressure to beat through or force you to block with mana dorks.


    on a side note i'm really missing oko, thief of crowns cause he could level the playing field by taking out flying threats such as spirits. getting them back on the ground as 3/3s

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