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  • posted a message on Movies that You Can Watch Over and Over
    Holy Mountain
    (It’s a bit of a cheat here because it’s a TV show, movie and some books are involved too, but)
    Twin Peaks (ought to be on this list and it’s good enough for me to put it here)
    Seven Samurai
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  • posted a message on Red/Black or Mardu Vehicles
    I pulled off my first 4-0 at FNM this week with my Karn-du deck.

    Here are some brief rundowns of my match ups.

    Round one: 2-1 Vs. Mono-red

    This was a tough round (but to be fair, all of my rounds were kinda tough in some way…. I’ve gone 3-1 with less game losses a couple of times) but it could have been tougher. It was certainly a mono-red aggro deck but it was closer to challenger deck mono-red aggro than meta-list aggro. Still, while this list is far from slow it’s not mono-red aggro fast. Regardless, what I had was enough. Harvester helped me stabilize while my planeswalkers both lent a hand a good bit.

    Key play: The opponent swung in with glorybringer but I had

    Round two: 2-1 Vs. B/W

    This was against an interesting home brew deck that was pretty well piloted. I’d kinda like to look at this decklist a bit. If the player brings it again on Friday I’ll probably ask to look at it. It felt like a sort of midrange (Servo) token deck with a small handful of other useful creatures. While I haven’t seen much like it, it was a solid deck and the round boiled down to a bit of a bluff on my behalf after I picked up a land, put it down (and at around six life while he had a pretty good mass of tokens out… more than six) I rolled my eyes and declared there wasn’t much I could do. He swung in with all he had and I settled the wreckage, paving the way to a victory for me.

    Round three: 2-1 W/U Approach

    It was Approach… Piloted by a guy who knows what he’s doing with it. That said, while I don’t win every round I face it, I’ve got a pretty solid strategy for winning against approach which gives me more wins than losses against this deck and control in general that’s no secret at all … Smash down their life before they can stabilize. Obviously, it doesn’t work like that every game but this time it did.

    Round four: 2-1 Shape shifting Bant plainswalker-heavy midrange

    Game one looked almost like a kinda mirror match up. While the specifics were mostly different his plan seemed to be crewing vehicles and crashing them into me I won this round because my deck was better at doing this than theirs was. Games two and three his deck looked entirely different each time. He won game two with the help of Nissa Steward of the Elements turning lands into tree creatures while I got mostly land. Game three ended pretty dramatically. After a fairly fast start for me they put the breaks on my show, first by casting out Karn and then with the help of Gideon of the Trials… then Dovin Baan… then Teferi, Hero of Dominaria… this lock down went on for some time as they had to go so control with their sideboard that they really cut down most of his options for actually winning. We ground out several turns where his life was 11 and mine was 20 but my board was held completely in check by his and my hand slowly turned into (with no viable targets) 3 Unlicensed Disintegration. When Lyra Dawnbringer came out I was actually kinda excited to have a target for my Unlicensed Disintegration (making his life 8) but that lead to a few more turns of not much going on. He would have been able to ultimate Teferi and Dovin on his next turn but I topdecked my lone Hazoret, turned my two Unlicensed into four damage and swung in for a fatal 5.

    In closing….
    I’m pondering getting two more Concealed Courtyards and one more Hazoret, replacing two plains and the Isolated Chapel. Possibly replacing my Dragonskulls with Canyons but I’m still up in the air about that. This’ll take me down to 23 lands but it seems like my land-base would be flexible enough that it shouldn’t matter much.
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  • posted a message on Red/Black or Mardu Vehicles
    Went 3-1 at my shop for FNM. My three wins were all against guys who come out pretty consistently on top in a group that tends to be about 25-30 and my one loss (against B/W Knights ... with Lyra) went to a guy who went undefeated for the night. I got myself another Karn and my list is currently looking like:

    While I generally enjoy bringing more (personally) creative brews, it's a fun deck that doesn't have terribly much longer of a life span left. I'm working on a playset of Karns and he works pretty good in here so... Until I decide to change things up I'll most likely be bringing this to FNM for the foreseeable future.
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  • posted a message on Robo-Pals
    Working on a list for a mono-artifact deck. I'm still a little while off from getting all the pieces but I'm still not settled on the list. Here it goes....

    Those are my initial thoughts. I'm not settled on anything yet and I almost certainly need a bit more land to get the ball rolling. Any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Wizards! (general)

    I got the general idea for a pet deck project during pre-release weekend when I got a nice chunk of red & blue cards. I’m not really sure how it’s gonna look by the time I’m done tinkering with it but I’ve got a first draft of this thing together and I’m gonna take it to playtesting night over my buddy’s this week. At this point it might seem like there’s some odd choices and while I’ve put some thought into the card selection I fully admit that this deck isn’t a refined finished project. Since it’s not close to being a finished deck, as per my personal tradition there is no real sideboard yet, I have some real solid ideas about what it should be but since I acknowledge that the deck is in flux it’s just something I put off until it’s a bit more stable. Finally, I started this as its own thread because I wouldn’t call this a burn deck exactly, it’s certainly not mono blue and it seems like there’s a pretty wide range of wizards (my deck is Izzit at this point but who knows where it’ll end up).


    I always have a bit of a rough time putting my brews into archtype boxes and this case isn’t any different. By and large this deck is intended to play aggressively. Most of the deck will be played fast and cheap. There is a small element of control built in (with Siren Stormtamer’s ability and Wizard’s Retort) but there’s an aggressive edge to this as well (Stormtamer’s ability being attached to a flying Wizard one drop and Wizard’s Retort triggering Prowess and Adeliz). There’s a bit of burn involved in this formula and while it’s vital, it’s secondary to the Wizards themselves. I’m a little iffy on the manna base, most of the cards cast very cheap and this deck seems to get by on 21 lands but it’s also nice to be able to drop lands more consistently.

    The Wizards:



    Soul-Scar Mage: This little guy has had a lot said about him but I’ll say a little more in the context of this deck. His ability to give -1/1 damage counters is the primary reason I’ve played him in the past but while it’s not totally irrelevant in this build (wizard lightning and lightning strike can both hit a range of targets) it’ll probably factor in strongly for my sideboard. Prowess is the real motivation for him being in here (being a one drop red helps too).


    Siren Stormtamer: He’s a one drop flier Wizard and if you’re in a position to sacrifice it, this card helps limit your opponent’s options significantly. Not much more needs to be said about this card, it’s a real workhorse.



    Burning Fist Minotaur: It may seem an odd choice, there may be better two drop red wizards but I’ve got a good feeling about this guy in the context of this deck. A 2/1 for 2 isn’t amazing but (besides it being a wizard) first strike is a nice ability. The other text on the card could prove exceptionally useful but more on this later.


    Spellweaver Eternal: Once again, a 2/1 for 2 isn’t earth shaking but this card has a couple bits that are really nice in here. Afflict: 2 isn’t revolutionary but it assures you that something is gonna make it through if you swing. This card also has Prowess which is pretty useful because you’ll be casting a good number of non-creature spells.


    Gold (U/R):

    Adeliz, the Cinder-Wind: She’s the champ in this build, comes out swinging in the air and effectively gives the whole team prowess, double prowess for the Soul-Scars and Spellweavers but it doesn’t hurt buffing up your flying Stormtamers or your first strike Burning-Fists either.



    Naru Meha, Master Wizard: She’s the only three-of in the deck but only because something had to be and she costs the most. In an ideal world you’ll be casting her with (at least) 5 lands out to copy a Wizard’s Lightning but in the likely situation where (at least at first) you won’t have the luxury of 5+ lands and a spell (Wizard’s Lightning or Lightning Strike) to copy she’s still useful as a lord and as a three-of there’s a chance you’ll have a second chance to take advantage of that copy ability.

    The Spells:

    Besides being awesome in and of themselves these spells provide the bonus of bonuses to (many, potentially all of your wizards) with prowess and / or Adeliz’s ability.




    Curious Obsession: The +1/1 is fine enough but the card draw is the reason this is here along with the fact that it is a non creature spell so it will trigger prowess and Adeliz’s ability on the turn it comes out. It looks good on most of your creatures (The fliers tend to have a good chance of getting through a lot of decks, it’ll give your prowess guys +2/2 on the turn it comes out and a 3/2 first striker with the ability to bring card draw with its attacks helps offset the pain of discarding a card to activate his ability which, (if you’ve got the resources) , can kill most blockers.




    Lightning Strike: Three damage to creature or player for 2 manna isn’t bad. Soul-Scar’s ability can make this meaningful against creatures with toughness higher than 3 and as a non-creature spell triggers 12 cards in the deck and can be copied by 3.


    Both Three-drop spell slots are a bit deceptive as they are functionally R or UU to cast.


    Wizard’s Lightning:Just like Lightning Strike but better because there are 23 Wizards in this deck that turn this card into a one-drop Lightning Bolt and as everyone knows Lightning Bolt > Lightning Strike.


    Wizard’s Retort: Once again 23 wizards pays off, turning this three-drop into an effective two-drop Cancel which is a swell way to frustrate your opponent and throw off their combat math a good bit with your prowess wizards and Adeliz’s ability.
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  • posted a message on Fraying Sanity post Rivals

    Tinkered with this a bit more, play-tested it out last night. It seems to work better. I managed to beat a couple top-notch decks against a good player with it but still wound up at maybe 50% wins for it. It's really inconsistent but works way better than my first iteration. Any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on As a standard player or new set booster buyer, would you play Brawl?
    I made a brawl deck. Wasn't crazy about the format. It just seems too gimmicky to me. If other people dig it, that's all right by me. I might make another Brawl deck in the future but I'd probably play my constructed Unstable deck more.
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  • posted a message on Starting a highschool playgroup
    Thank you for all the suggestions but the Wizards club support thing is out of my reach since I don't live in USA or Canada. School hasn't started yet but I'm already looking for ideas so in case there are Magic players at the school, I can already share the plan and hopefully succeed.

    Well, if all else fails just find some other people and play. I'm not sure where you're from but it's been a consistent thing that at most schools there's some kinda group of kids that're into this sort of thing. The nature of it changes (some groups are into mini stuff more (like Warhammer), while other groups are more into table top rpgs) with time and location, chances are you'll find some kids into the same sorts of stuff. They might not look like you expect them to (heck, when I was fifteen I had a two foot mohawk and spent my weekends at punk houses and squats) but chances are there are a couple people in your new school who would at least be interested if they don't already play. Good luck.

    Quote from Impulse411 »
    Just wanted to say, thanks for the info! I've been running a school group for a few years...never knew about this program through WotC! Just sent an e-mail in. Much appreciated!

    Sweet, thanks. Good luck with the program. I just got a box of stuff for my students yesterday. It's a pretty solid kit and they were really quick with everything.
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  • posted a message on Starting a highschool playgroup
    I'm an educator, Wizards has been awesome in bringing magic to my students.There are a few ways to approach this but you're probably best off starting (as others have said) by finding some other players in your new school (it wouldn't be unheard of that your school already has a MTG / Gaming club in place). It never hurts to keep two decks around to help show someone else how to play but yeah, most LCS's should have some welcome decks. If you can (and it's really hard to say what your chances are) try to find a staff member who plays, has played, is familiar with the game, if there isn't already a student group dedicated to this sort of thing find out the procedures to start one (chances are your group will need a staff "sponsor"), just bring it up to them (mentioning the following webpage isn't a bad idea). If you have a hard time doing this (honestly, I imagine it could be kinda harder than it seems at first [I'm the only staff member at my school who plays magic]) don't be discouraged. If there's one thing I could tell highschool me about navigating through school that I never thought of if that you really don't know your teachers. This sounds more menacing than it is. I don't think there's a subject or type of teacher you need to keep an eye out for. There's a lot of math involved, so obviously math teachers might be a good hook (if you go there work up the math angle) but at the same time English and History (/ any "soft" science teachers) in my experience seem to be from the "nice guy athlete grown up" to the most far-out / nerdy people you can imagine, one group of teachers that you may not deal with (and your school may not have many / any) are special education folks and if you have a hard time they might be your last best shot. Special education is a pretty broad term and their specialization could be in a number of things which share a ton of elements from behavior specialists to communications, learning theory... all kindsa stuff. Before that, find at least two or three other students who would be interested.
    Wizards has a program in place to help support magic clubs and you can possibly find some level of support there too (This is a link to said Wizards program).

    Remember, your greatest tool will be inclusiveness. This can possibly be your biggest challenge depending on who you find to play with (if they've got problematic tendencies) but it could also be no problem at all. It's important when forming a group that everyone feels welcome regardless of who they are (provided they show that same level of respect towards others).

    If this fails, your best best is just to find local shops that run FNM. This will find you magic players to play with but in my (limited) experience most of these players won't be your age (The shops I've been to most of the guys have been in their 20's-40's but with a handful of younger players) but tend to be supportive of younger players.

    Good luck
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  • posted a message on Looking for creative game suggestions
    Do you have any other friends who also might play these games? The company has been out of business for a while but if you can get your hands on an old World of Darkness (Vampire, Wraith, Mage, Werewolf, etc) LARP rule book it sounds like that might be up your alley.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos Aggro Pirates
    As mentioned I'm taking my deck into my play test night with a little Grixis experimentation. In doing this I realize that it opens up a load of great options and there's a temptation to try to cram them in but my goal isn't to radically transform the deck, rather to add some pieces which I think can add (in many, if not most match ups) solutions to possibly very likely problems. These cards are, Siren Stormtamer and Warkite Marauder. Also, if the slightly more grixis build works well it could allow me a lot more sideboard options. I'm interested in seeing the results.

    Before getting all hopeful, I'll start with my concerns... On the negative side I see this making the deck a little slower in two ways. Firstly, the land base is kinda funky. Uncharted Territories are a bit of a boon and a bane, it's great because my deck is mostly creatures and as such functions as a three color land which comes out untapped but they don't help too much with spells or Siren Stormtamer's ability, they also don't help with my checklands. Secondly, while they rarely come out, my Immortal Sun / Vanquisher's Banner both add a bit of card advantage and umph, this is also true about Sword Point Diplomacy. Besides those points, the Stormtamer & Marauder are in a lot of ways less aggro-efficient than many other options. Finally, and this is a bit of a shaky point but Stormtamer's ability is only as useful as my ability to keep a blue source untapped and philosophically, in theory I don't tend to have a lot of lands hanging around untapped by the end of my turn (but to be fair, if I can keep something around for a Push I could probably do so for a Stormtamer even with fewer blue sources).

    That said, there are a few reasons why it may work well too, in no particular order here's how I can see these changes being advantageous. The two blue cards both have flying which can be very useful, in this current build I've got 9 flyers and 3 menace-y guys who make more menace-y guys. That's a good bit of evasion which can help a great deal especially if they're backed by a lord. As I've said before, most of the time Neckbreaker is your best option for a lord if you're tutoring one up but sometimes Brass will do you much better and more pirates that'll get through will help you steal things (while a lot has been said about her limitations, her ability is nothing to sneeze at). Essentially my criteria for choosing lords is as such, if the Neckbreaker will let your guys swing for lethal (which will likely be most times but with enough exceptions to justify Brass main board) you should probably choose the Neckbreaker; if not, you should probably choose Brass.

    As for the cards themselves... Stormtamer (besides being a flyer) can protect you and your creatures from a lot of nasty effects for the cost of a blue manna while Warkite Marauder's can at the very least neutralize a blocker but is a very good excuse to sideboard in Magma Spray against decks with really nasty creatures as a swing with a Marauder followed by a Spray will exile anything without hexproof no matter how vicious it would otherwise be.

    Anyhow, I'll see how it goes tonight and post more sometime soon. Here's what my maindeck is looking like right now, my sideboard is a bit up in the air as this build is pretty experimental.

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  • posted a message on Rakdos Aggro Pirates
    Wound up missing FNM this week again due to a broken gas line at home. Got some Drowned Catacombs and I'm tinkering with a slightly more grixis look, I'll post an updated list after playtesting this week. I think it could work but it's a fine line to walk. Blue brings a lot of options but I don't want to radically transform the nature of the deck. That said, I'm tinkering with Siren Stormtamer and Warkite Marauder (and 1 Brass in there) (have playsets of both, right now I've got in 4 & 3 respectively but I'm not sure how it'll turn out). While there are a lot of great blue pirates I'm sticking with these two because they seem to fit in well with the theme of the deck and help deal with problems that I didn't have too much of a solution for( Siren Stormtamer helping out with a bit of spell protection and Warkite helping naturalize big nasty blockers (Hazoret, Rekindling Phoenix, etc...) they also help make Brass's ability more triggerable and as fliers can sometimes go in for hits when otherwise you couldn't. Goldfishing has given me slightly worse results in a vacuum but I'm not sure it'll translate the same way during a game given the nature of what the cards do. Anyway, I'll be sure to have more soon.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos Aggro Pirates
    FNM didn’t go too well this week @ 1-3. While I’m not upset over this (the way I see it is I’ve got a sweet job and an awesome girlfriend, doing bad at a game isn’t sad) in any kinda emotional way, but

    Going into this week I was feeling fairly confident; I wasn’t expecting a 4-0 but 3-1 seemed likely and 2-2 seemed like the worst case scenario going in. The Pirates performed pretty well for me so far and I felt like this build had kinda stripped away all the goofy stuff for a more balls-to-the-wall aggressive approach. The funny thing here is, at the start I would say things like “no, it’s totally not an aggro deck” because guys like Kitesail Freebooter, Direfleet Daredevil just didn’t feel very aggro too me. Still, I’m hard pressed to say what it was if it wasn’t aggro so I kinda gave in a bit and opted in cards that were more aggressive than what I had been doing, messed with things a bit to give me a more aggro curve. In a world of goldfish, things were looking a great deal more efficient for me to take my opponent from 20 to 0 quicker, in theory. That’s not how it played out. Once more my losses were close, but still not in my favor. While changes I had made over the past several weeks had given the deck a “better” (but is it better if it doesn’t win as much?) curve which I hit more consistently and could theoretically do more damage quicker it had sacrificed a level of responsiveness that set it apart in order to get there.

    Due to circumstances entirely unconnected to MTG I’ll be missing FNM for the next week, possibly two… and this week I may or may not have a playtest night either. I’ll be conducting a massive overhaul on these buccaneers. More to come...

    As for if this should be a specifically Rakdos or general Pirates thread, it doesn’t matter to me too much (I sometimes splash in Brass so I guess I’m kinda Grixis sometimes…) I mostly stick to Rakdos because while there are good blue / blue-combo pirates , the R & B ones seem the most to the point to me and it’s more efficient not to get too fancy with color stuff… But I totally am willing if something pops out.
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  • posted a message on Fraying Sanity post Rivals
    (Yeah, I totally just copied / pasted this but at least I added card links and I just typed it up...)A pile o' jank I'm working on for fun. After building this I goldfished it a few times and realized it probably wasn't going to work the way I hoped it would but during my playtest night it was still in sleeves so I gave it a spin. It didn't do amazing but it didn't do as bad as I thought it would either so I'm putting it up to play with a bit.

    The general idea is to mill your opponent with Fraying Sanity + Minister of Inquiries , Fleet Sallower, Ipnu Rivulet, Compelling Argument (+Flood of Recollection). With a bit of graveyard hate built into the Scavenger Grounds.

    This can take a while, so it's helpful to have a small handful of chump blockers (burnt out ministers & Legion Conquistador), some life gaining ability (Sanguine Sacrament & Azor, the Lawbringer ) and a little bit of disruption ( Spires of Orazca, Settle the Wreckage) to help you stay in the game.

    Sanguine Sacrament is bonus because it keeps returning to your library. Evolving Wilds, Legion Conquistador & Thaumatic Compass, all offer opportunities to search your library for specific cards (mostly land) you will need, thinning out your deck and to shuffle those Sanguine Sacraments (and any Opt-ed over scrys) back into the mix (from the bottom of your library). This'll all make opt a little better too as you're pulling out cards (for the most part, lands) that you need to do stuff and leaving in your library more stuff to do, opt things things out with your scry if you don't like it then draw. If and when you get Azor out, you've likely sifted through your deck a bit and have at least 6 lands on board, an attack with him and the cost paid you get to draw more cards to do stuff and get some life.

    Anyhow, it's a work in progress. Let's see how it goes...
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