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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition
    WoTC is doing it again. How many are purchasing it this time? It seems that the Planeswalkers are less valuable than the previous set. Will it have a high resale value or not? What do you think it will be? Link below for information on the set.
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  • posted a message on How much is my collection actually worth?
    The general rule for bulk commons and uncommons is that you'll get about 10% of their actual value if you sell it to a store since no one needs them. You might get more if you sell it on Craigslist as a whole. If you sell individually you can get more, but it will take forever to get rid of the whole thing.
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  • posted a message on Adding card to Modern
    It would be great if we could get Baleful Strix in Modern, it wouldn't break the format in any way and would be a great addition for certain decks. Thoughts?

    It seems like a good card for Standard as well, but I don't play Standard so I'm not sure about this. Also, is there a way to introduce a card into Modern and not have it in Standard? I'm not aware of a way they can get a card into Modern and not add it to a new set in Standard. I don't recall WoTC doing this previously.
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  • posted a message on Overcosted CMC?
    Quote from Teia Rabishu »
    Merfolk is fine in Legacy. It's a bit niche but it can run decks right over with raw tempo if necessary. And of course some decks just have no outs to a resolved True-Name Nemesis. It's not a high-tier deck but it does well enough in the hands of dedicated players.

    Merfolk always could shine in a metagame that is full of "islands".

    The moment your entire team becomes unblockable with a Lord of Atlantis is when merfolk is the king of tribal decks, backed up by free counterspells its a tribe that delivers enough "broken" mechanics all in one.

    The moment your format lacks islands, they are just a fringe deck to play, especially if you have to use random crap cards just to turn lands into islands.
    The raw power of each merfolk is just not good enough at this point.

    But if at all, merfolk does something that blue normally does not get, which are reasonable costed beatdown creatures with among the best lords any color gets (compare the lords to what other tribes get, they are just way better, more aggressively costed and deliver at least the same ratio than the other lords, and they are BLUE creatures).

    All that is good about merfolk is the quality of the lords, a prime example of "aggressively good" blue creatures that it normally does not get.

    This. Basically if islands are heavy in the format, using cards to change lands into islands makes this deck a fringe deck and not even remotely close to the most successful and highly used ones in the meta for Modern (or Legacy)
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  • posted a message on Censorship in the art?
    Quote from idSurge »
    There are probably less than 10 MTG Artists that still do great work, and yes its mostly Promo/Masters set type art.

    What artists are those in your opinion? I'm asking because I would like to Google them and see their artwork both in and outside of MtG
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  • posted a message on Censorship in the art?
    Quote from Laughing Loa »
    They don't do a Yugioh where printing a card in another language results in the card having a reduced bust size, changing clothing lengths, etc. Laughing

    FALSE. The art for some cards in the Chinese market with skeletons. BTW, Google is your friend. Use it so you don't fail next time.

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  • posted a message on Unban any cards?
    So now Modern has changed bit perhaps it's time to unban some cards? What cards do you think can be unbanned now that would change, but not break the format?

    It seems Preordain and Stoneforge Mystic are reasonable and safe to unban now. Do you guys agree or disagree? Why?
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  • posted a message on Pithing Needle VS Meddling Mage and Reflector Mage
    Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it!
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  • posted a message on Pithing Needle VS Meddling Mage and Reflector Mage
    Will Pithing Needle stop Meddling Mage and Reflector Mage? I believe the answer is no, but I wanted to make sure.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters
    Well that was an interesting announcement. That MSRP though, wow. Who is planning to buy a box? What are your thoughts on the set?
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  • posted a message on If we were to shoehorn planeswalkers into Ravnican guilds... TAKE 2
    No placement of the main, single color Planeswalkers? Jace, Gideon, Liliana, and Chandra?
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  • posted a message on Vivien Reid story, "Unbowed"
    Found myself really liking this one even though the vocabulary was very flashy and unnecessary it seemed (Perhaps this was intentional due to the similar contents of the story itself?). Then again I love animals so I probably got some inner satisfaction from the excrutiating pain, fear and death that was wrought on those who tortured the animals, even if they were fictional.

    Anyone else like this story? What did you like or dislike about it? More importantly, it seems that Vivien has a tie to Nicol Bolas (who destroyed her plane of Skalla), how do you think she will fit into future stories? Will she become part of the main story arc and help the Planeswalkers? I hope so. We'll find out soon enough.
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  • posted a message on Holy ****, this game sucks as a "new" player
    Quote from Lakanna »
    It's great if you want to pay cash. If you want to be F2P, then there's a LOT of variance, and if you're unlucky, you're going to be miserable. New sets every 3 months means that even as F2P, unless you're amazingly good, you're gong to fall behind and always be playing sub-par lists against the people who spent the money and have the wildcards and collections to build any deck day 1.
    Working exactly like all the Beta players told them it would work: great for people who spend money, hostile to F2P players. Who would have guessed that?

    Thank you Captain Obvious
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  • posted a message on Censorship in the art?
    Quote from Laughing Loa »
    Yet if people wanted fanservice on their cards in MTG, there is this handy thing called alters which allow for much creativity and fanservice is one of those areas

    Handy huh? Not as handy given the possibility that you can’t use these alters in sanctioned/competitive event since the judges can ultimately decide whether you can use them or not at their discretion with no justification needed. Nice try though.
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  • posted a message on Overcosted CMC?
    Quote from Laughing Loa »
    The deal with creatures is that the context is so important...

    To make a reasonable mono colored deck work against a broad field of decks, it has to do something especially broken to compete with multicolored cards on a powerlevel alone.
    I agree with this as well, perhaps blue is simply meant to be a support color for card draw unless you build around them - like Snapcaster, etc.
    Is given a counter point showing an aggressive tribal merfolk deck, doesn't acknowledge it since it doesn't fit narrative of "blue is supportive color".


    Oh, Merfolk is competitive in Legacy and Modern? Wow! Let me see take a look at the metagame for each of those formats...

    Modern -

    Legacy -

    Nope, no merfolk there. Now I'm going to act like you and Laughing at you for providing a tribal merfolk deck that isn't putting up any significant results competitively. YOU FAIL.

    You get an "A" for effort though. Good job. Smile
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