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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Saturday Morning D&D and Special Guests: Jen Bartel and Fiona Staples

    As someone who proudly owns a foil Bloomtender and remembers what happened with the reprint of Devoted Druid, I'm not not looking forward to the impact this will likely cause.

    Thanks for responding.
    That's actually reassuring and somewhat good news to anticipate for me since I traded my only copy once the price rose too high to ignore when I honestly felt the card didn't (and still doesn't) justify its tag whatsoever according to my own internal instinctive barometer. It's one of those cards which got printed during my hiatus and I never locked in a playset because I honestly never felt it was necessary for my builds upon returning a few years after. Even though I appreciate its ramp potential, it's still a vulnerable 1/1 2-drop, and there's a part of me which would still prefer paradise druid who protects herself and is much more likely to survive a turn after entering. Also, now that Jund has a hierarch of its own, we'll probably see fewer and fewer 2drop ramp creatures in general. Devoted druid got way too high for what was originally a common (the only reason being because that set had a low print run) and was reasonably expected to crash upon being eventually reprinted (at any rarity below rare), so the result was unsurprising. However, when it comes to cards which were originally rare (or mythic) and get reprinted in box sets as opposed to packs, it's more difficult for me to evaluate the likely degree of impact on current market prices.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Dan Frazier is Back: The Allied and Enemy Signets
    I'm not into the signets at all, but I adore the art throwbacks to the moxen. I might grab a set just to put on display.

    That's Respect
    And especially when it comes to art, we have to give credit where its due
    For what it's worth, if I used Facebook, I'd probably send you a friend request
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Artist Series: Mark Poole
    The largest format in Magic is called Kitchen Table, you know...

    What's this fixation on specific tournament formats and their ban lists?

    But anyhoo, NOBODY commenting on how Wasteland depicts a destroyed Library of Alexandria??? (I first thought City of Brass but then I read the flavor text.)

    Yes, I understand most games are played at home where "anything goes" or could go depending on what the players agree to.

    However, despite that, I still feel an unusual ethical obligation to keep decks "in check", which is to say built within the framework and community consensus of what different formats allow, because we have to trust that those who make the ban decisions with regards to which cards are "overpowered" (to compete against the remainder of those in those formats' metas) is accurate and justified at the time the decision was made (something which can always be reviewed and reversed at a later date as we've seen happen).

    I suppose it's as simple as this...I like to and believe in "playing by the rules" (no matter what game I play), and if I'm playing Magic with a deck which I know to be misrepresentative because it's basically standard/modern/pioneer/ or commander legal for except for one or two banned cards, any win will be unsatisfying and will likely result in the feeling that I had cheated (or believed I had to cheat) by using unsanctioned game pieces in order to achieve the victory.

    It's not a "fixation" per se, more of an acknowledgement that those who decide "card x" it too powerful for "format y" knows what they're talking about much better than most or us, or at least my less experienced perception of what makes a particular card "fair and balanced" (which ironically doesn't include balance, which is considered by most players to be unbalanced in terms of fairness due to its low CMC mana value and the strength of its potential resulting effect).

    Personally, it annoys me that DTS got banned in legacy, but if I include it in a deck which keeps winning at the kitchen table consistently (or all the time), then all that does is validate the fact that perhaps it's slightly too good to be fair in that format. I also wouldn't want to inadvertently take a deck with me to an event one day without forgetting to remove that one card which is banned in whatever format the deck was initially build for (but then augmented with banned cards to accommodate the kitchen table setting where my playgroup may agree upon allowing certain arguably "broken" and degenerate cards), and then get disqualified or accused of intentionally trying to cheat with an illegal deck list.

    What confuses me it this... Due to the fact that balance is banned across the board (for sanctioned play except Vintage and some kitchen tables), there's already sufficient supply available, and that keeps the price low for kitchen table players who want it. It was printed in FTV, and more recently in Eternal Masters, so what makes it difficult for those kitchen table players who want it to buy an existing copy from one of those printings? I like the new art, but did it really need another printing and new art? What irks me is there are countless other old cards which have NEVER been reprinted since their original printing (perhaps because they're obscure or tied to a specific plane or faction), and are virtually impossible to find at LGSs for many casual players who want them. Shouldn't some of those cards which have never been reprinted once take priority/seniority over ones which have been reprinted multiple times and can only be played in unsanctioned games? That's all I was really questioning.

    The wasteland art is indeed a nice homage to the library.
    Mine is in rough shape, but at least it wasn't destroyed.

    I only wish these new arts included his trademark autograph in the corner which seems to have been mysteriously omitted.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Mother's Day 2021— Four Mother of Runes
    I sincerely hope the bonus card will be a full alt-art Mother of Goons.

    But if you must, I'll take a Giver of Runes as well.

    It'll probably be mother bear or Sakiko, mother of summer

    Personally, I'd be happiest to see Grandmother Sengir!
    (she's a planeswalker, y'know)
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  • posted a message on all 5 Phyrexian praetor in phyrexian language secret lair price
    So I guess this will rather tank the prices of the Praetors?

    Vorinclex and Elesh Norn will always climb back up. They're essentially auto-includes for any commander deck which can support them.
    The others are obviously good too for different reasons, but aren't high priorities in all commander decks representing their colors and are easier to omit.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Saturday Morning D&D and Special Guests: Jen Bartel and Fiona Staples
    Archaeomancer and the Enchantress are great.
    The dryad too, but I can do without it since I already have several foils.
    Very curious to see how much bloom tender and primal vigor drop as a result of these prints
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Mother's Day 2021— Four Mother of Runes
    Holy Mother of...!

    I want them all!...in quadruplicate!
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  • posted a message on all 5 Phyrexian praetor in phyrexian language secret lair price
    Everyone who knows what's good for them should buy at least two of these without hesitation; one to open, one to keep sealed

    Similarly, if you want playsets and have the money, you should take that order, and double it!
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Artist Series: Mark Poole
    Wasteland alone makes this a decent value, everything else is gravy.

    Agreed. This is the best drop to add extra copies of if you're already ordering either the foil or mega bundle (followed by the Phyrexian praetors in my opinion), but they're all tempting for different reasons.

    If anyone knows the answer, I'm curious... What's the point of reprinting cards like balance (or channel which was also printed recently) when they're not playable anywhere but Vintage. Is there some plan in the foreseeable future being foreshadowed to at least unban such cards in Commander, or perhaps Legacy? Are they hinting that Balance may be added to Historic soon? Why print any cards nobody really needs since they're not even legal to play outside Vintage which nobody really plays on paper anymore (especially when so many other cards have never even been reprinted once, aren't on the RL, and are legal in other formats)?
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Dan Frazier is Back: The Allied and Enemy Signets
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    even if this one is only foil thats pretty dang tempting since it feels like ye oldie art of the signets

    they feel like art is in the line of

    I believe these are the arts you were attempting to link to...

    Long Live Dan Frazier!
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  • posted a message on UB cards from secret lairs will be reprinted in MTG form in “The list” and maybe even certain sets in magic
    Without intentionally creating artificial scarcity through limited printing and distribution in packs, cards from "The List" (or the reserved list) wouldn't feel nearly as special as they do now to all us of, especially those among us who already have and cherish such treasures.

    Cards like these, Masterpieces, and Expeditions are supposed to feel like unexpected hidden gems you find while rummaging through a coal mine, not a regular happenstance or anticipated occurrence. Wizards does guaranteed box-toppers for some sets, but guaranteed pack-toppers like you ask for would be shall we say over the top. Just be thankful we can now buy packs which guarantee foils in every pack, which wasn't a thing until recently (except for those weird all-foil Alara packs which came out during my hiatus). Were those technically the first "Collector packs"?
    Players can also get many foil or full-art lands at once more easily in bundles which used to take much more time to accumulate.
    Perhaps most importantly, new players have many options, and are no longer being baited with purchasing starter packs which had few, often bad rares with no synergy whatsoever to start building with. What I would have given for intro decks back when I started during Revised and was completely at a loss with what to build after opening my first starter and a few boosters (beyond the fact that I was probably building Naya due to my initial mana base).

    Consider this... Gold has many uses, but would diamonds (or lion's eye diamonds) have any special meaning or a high value if they were found in abundance all over the place? How many practical purposes (or deck archtypes) do they truly usefully serve?
    Would that rare fruit you can't always enjoy off season taste as exotic and enjoyable as it does when you get to finally eat it after waiting in anticipation? Take fiddleheads for example. They're only available in May, high in demand, low in supply, priced up as a result, and then they're gone in the blink of an eye until next year. If they were around all year and cheaper, I might be happier at first, but then the novelty would wear off, I wouldn't look forward to them knowing I could get them anytime, and they wouldn't be as satisfying each time I did.

    I want to feel the gravity of every rarer-than-mythic rare that I open in a pack (not that I open many packs since I always opt buy singles instead, unless I'm drafting or doing a sealed deck at prerelease, which effectively makes seeing any such rewards that much rarer for me). I want a Kozilek right now which is on "The List", but do I honestly want to know that I could potentially open one in every pack? No, because that may only encourage me to gamble more on pack opening, which isn't my style, nor do I want it to be. All opening packs with certain expectations does is disappoint and offer diminishing returns. Therefore, I'll either wait to find someone to trade with, or get one from a store the next time he drops. I'm patient, and have plenty of strong placeholders for the deck I want him in.

    Never feel "cheated" by the card you wanted and hoped for but didn't open.
    Instead, don't delude yourself with such idealisms or wishful thinking fantasies.
    Know and accept in advance (reluctantly if you must) that every booster pack you open is virtually a guaranteed loss which will almost certainly yield diminishing returns.
    Expecting to break even or turn a profit on any pack you open is frankly naive and unrealistic. If that's an issue, only buy the singles you want and remove the gambling element completely. Trying to hedge your bets on boxes or cases instead of individual packs may create the illusion of a law of averages, but you will still lose purchasing at retail prices. Know this to be true.
    Then, and only then, will you be pleasantly surprised when you open a pack and randomly see something free and extra which is rare in the true sense of the word (since you won't find one such card in every pack), and/or of secondary market value which you didn't suspect or take for granted was always inside waiting for you for find.

    Also remember...At the end of the day, nobody has to buy the Magic cash cows and whoever want to can get their milk from a Cockatrice for free
    It just won't look or taste as good.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Stranger Things
    Sorry if I "jumped the shark", but it's honestly getting difficult to even recognize Magic cards now with all the new showcase and Secret Lair alternate art styles and borderless variants. It should be of great concern that eventually, after adding so many random characters from other universes, MTG will look like a new Capcom vs Marvel sequel, not something which is beautifully unique and continues to thrive solely because of its own well developed lore, rich themes, and strong characters. Were sales declining so much during the pandemic that they needed cross-cultural crutches to boost popularity or collectability?

    I've been happy to support many Secret Lair drops to date, sometimes ordering them in multiples, but this misguided product is a miss, and just makes me want to ask... Why not simply print 'Secret Lair: Eldrazi' instead to bring down the price of Kozilek and friends (something many of us probably want and would be happier with)?
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Stranger Things
    At this rate, one can imagine Commander games in five years will probably sound something like this...

    Player A: "I equip my legendary Hobo with Rutger's Shotgun, and swing at your Trailer Park Boy"
    Player B: "I respond by attaching Cerebro to Spock, and activate Mind Meld targeting Hollywood Hulk Hogan equipped with Vibranium Shield to remove your hobo from combat"
    Player C: "Wait a Second!...Didn't I still have priority to Quantum Leap Mister Peanut and The Monopoly Man when you planeshifted to Trump Tower?!
    Player D: "Sorry to interrupt as well, but how many Golden Girl tokens hit the graveyard when you blocked Urkel and Rambo last turn?
    Player E: "Honestly, even if you all had The Delta Variant to target me and T-800s equipped with Lightsabers to protect you, I'm still crewing The Delorean with The Cigarette Smoking Man now to go back twenty turns and restart the game."
    <all sigh>
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Cloister Gargoyle - (LEAK)
    It's obviously a black bordered enter the dungeon effect where each player starts with a copy of Grenzo, Dungeon Warden Smile
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Sword of Sinew and Steel— Stephen Croke preview
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from foam_dome »
    Clearly that means you just need to draft collector boosters. Wink

    Clearly that means you have to not buy groceries that week. (Only wanted to add to the joke, not saying you said that.)

    My advice: Only buy groceries on sale, in bulk (plan/prepare for meal options in advance, maximize freezer space), compare flyers for different stores, learn to spot the "red herring" sales on lower value items (which still don't have a good healh, flavor profile, culinary adaptability, and mass to price ratio). Also, bike to save on gas and parking fees (if you can safely and confidently balance the weight on your handlebars for the ride home). That's what I do, and it works wonders. You always eat well, and feel the added satisfaction of knowing you did so at a discount (usually by at least 40%).

    You'd be surprised how much money you'd save to waste invest on Magic cards! Smile
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