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  • posted a message on [AFR] True Polymorph— TCGPlayer preview
    Commander players will enjoy this one, but it would've sounded better had it been called... True Switcheroo
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Good Morning Magic 07/02— Fighter Class
    Strong but fair. One or both of the level up costs could have even been reduced by 1 and it still wouldn't be broken
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Demilich, Wizard's Spellbook, Bag of Holding downshift, and more— Weekly MTG previews
    Sure, I understand and appreciate all that as I have some formidable Modern decks built and would also play older formats if I had friends who still played them, but how can we already presume the impact of these new cards on the Modern meta which has already undergone quite a bit of change lately with the introduction of several strong cards from Modern Horizons 2, and will undoubtedly be recalibrating to determine what the strongest decks are for the next little while?

    Admittedly, I don't play MTGO or even much on Arena these days, and I'm certainly not analyzing every card or the evolution of formats from every angle the way devoted Spikes might, but I still find it strange that cards no longer have to prove themselves before commanding high prices because they're seemingly so pushed by design that even if their intended purpose or combo pieces aren't blatantly obvious, online critics will "solve" where they "belong" in a matter of days if not hours or minutes. It just ruins the whole discovery process (for me) and is disheartening to know that if I want Card X for a Standard brew or Commander deck, that I have to pay a big premium because the fans who loved it upon spoiling had to shout out "This is the best new card for Decks and/or Formats XYZ!" before it's hit shelves and anyone has even had an opportunity to crack open a single prerelease pack.

    I suppose my disappointment is with the nature of spoilers season (or more accurately, the reactionary responses to it) and how the double-edged sword of internet hype and distribution has in some ways failed casual players, appealed primarily to investors who try to corner the market on the (presumably) best cards (admittedly, I'm part of this consumer demographic on occasion budget-permitting, because "if you can't beat em, join em"), and collectively, this fomo mindset has inflated the market to new heights. It's an interesting phenomenon to say the least considering collectible cards traditionally had to age or be authentically rare to gain such a tag. Alas, players love their games, and players with money will always compete for better equipment in bidding wars.

    Honestly, at the risk of sounding too nostalgic, it's sad that many newer players have probably never even had the experience of sincerely discovering new sets card by card solely by opening packs, because even though that's technically still an option, avoiding spoiler season only puts players at a disadvantage by not getting a head start at processing the data on new game pieces and intersecting variables which can either create new archtypes or augment existing ones in various formats. Many things compound the problem, like pushed multi-format staples printed at mythic which too many people want at least one playset of all at once without enough printings to go around (or sitting in showcases at huge mark-ups). Magic shouldn't be a game of who has the deepest pockets, but even Standard has been like that for sometime because more formats created in recent years have only diluted the pool of good cards printed at rare and mythic. What's ridiculous is that oftentimes after people pay those high tags for amazing new cards (ie: Hogaak, Uro, Omnath, T3feri, etc), they get banned and consumers have basically been robbed with a bait-and-switch.

    Ragavan is cute and effective, but is a copy really worth $100?!
    What if he turns out to be "too good" and gets banned in a few months for being too dominant or popular online?
    Nowadays you can never be too sure, and some purchases are inherently risky when cards seem too good to be true.
    It's not like losing your investment on that playset of faithless looting which you can't play anymore

    I'm sorry, but there's a reasonable limit regarding cost-to-benefit analysis (especially with new cards despite how good they may appear, as many don't end up performing in practice as well as they can in theory), and that being said, I'm happy to keep playing with goblin guides, vexing devils, and grim lavamancers (and other good 1-drops) instead. Anyone who genuinely believes they "need" that new monkey to win games, remain competitive, or have fun when it didn't even exist until now is only fooling themselves with emotional insecurities. If anything, I believe that it's best to show restraint, spend that $100 on several copies of underestimated cards now, and trade into copies of Ragavan with those at a later date when he drops in price and the other cards rise up
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Dancing Sword— TokyoMTG preview
    I need to equip dancing scimitar with this!
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Demilich, Wizard's Spellbook, Bag of Holding downshift, and more— Weekly MTG previews
    Why do you people hype this card so much prematurely?
    Do you want it selling at $50 right out the gate?
    Does blue devotion even care about this?
    This is a bulk mythic which should sell at $4-6 until it proves itself to be useful or effective, let alone consistent

    Be objective and stop thinking of Magical Christmas Land.
    When's the last time any 4cmc card which cost 4 mana of one color had a big impact on Standard? Phyrexian obliterator?
    This card is nowhere near as good
    I rest my case
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Good Morning Magic 6/28— The Faces and Hints of the Forgotten Realms Commander Precons
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    Shhhhhhh...they said phasing. Dance Love


    It can phase out your creatures, but it's not guaranteed or the hint would simply say "a card which phases out your creatures"
    Perhaps it can phase out other permanents as well?
    For all we know it's the long awaited colorshifted variant of Teferi's realm which can't be reprinted as is
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  • posted a message on Where to find D&D Forgotten realm previews
    So I was just reading a random clickbait article for parents who are concerned about their teens getting into tarot cards and witchcraft (not sure why since I don't even have kids), but then I clicked a link in said article about D&D and found this unusual (albeit somewhat tragic) video from 1985 entitled "Is Dungeons & Dragons dangerous?"

    Absolutely ridiculous so I had to share!
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Mother's Day 2021— Four Mother of Runes
    At least the Heliod glitch was corrected with a $20 discounted code and extra goblin tokens

    I finally received my copies the other day which came in small cardboard envelopes with a heart-shaped Secret Lair logo
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Ellywick Tumblestrum
    I need to know more about this friendly fellow!

    That frog definitely looks high on something more than music!
    Maybe he gets a DMT rush every time he licks himself?
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  • posted a message on The nerfed cards on Mirror Mirror on arena
    I honestly can't see these functional errata being applied to physical cards or other formats
    Agent of Treachery and Uro definitely need to remain as is for Commander (or any singleton format)
    Does anybody even play Historic on paper?

    Who wants their all-star cards (for other formats) weakened to the point of non-viability after having invested in their inflated market value costs based on the way they were printed to be played as is? It's like a bait and switch. Why should we accept being sold cards under false pretenses when Wizards can simply correct the issues incrementally be releasing answers in the form of better removal, countermagic, or "hate bears"?

    Quite frankly, what they did to correct companions was a disaster.
    If anything, the mana cost should have been increased by 1, not 2.

    Anyone who bought those singles from LGSs so they could play with said cards as is should've been offered a full refund as soon as the cards were subsequently weakened/ Why should you or I not be able to play with our cards as printed because some players complained or didn't know how to sideboard against them, or build counter-meta decks to handle those popular archtypes more easily? How is that fair to the innocent loyal consumer?

    Even orcish oriflamme should never have been reprinted with an increased CMC way back in the day.
    Was it even "broken" at 1R? What creatures were people attacking with which were so devastating that it needed change?
    Ever since it was increased by 2 mana it hasn't even been playable, forget about being even remotely competitive, especially now that they reverted back to the original cost with Goblin Oriflamme which essentially is an admission of their mistake applying an errata which was obviously never needed
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  • posted a message on When's the next Silver-Bordered set?
    Love them or hate them, they're cards printed for fun.

    I don't usually buy them, but some cards I love, especially for cube (ie: ashnod's coupon)

    However, admittedly, I might be more inclined to buy more from next un-set if it has the right name and themes.

    My suggestion would be for WoTC to name the set: Unmasked

    As vaccines roll out, the world slowly resumes to normalcy, and restrictions are gradually eased, wouldn't we all just love to play Magic and return to living our daily lives...Unmasked?!

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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Dan Frazier is Back: The Allied and Enemy Signets
    The art is nice, but I was hoping for mana confluence instead
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  • posted a message on Oracle update and Rules changes most particularly The Phyrexian errata wave
    Wait a minute...
    Are non-creature cards not getting this errata as well?

    Arguably, Phyrexian arena should also definitely/inherently have the subtype Phyrexian now!
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Dan Frazier is Back: The Allied and Enemy Signets
    Quote from Dontrike »
    These look fantastic. I won't buy them based on price alone, but more art like that in Magic is never a bad thing.

    Price is irrelevant and very reasonable.
    Every commander player will want these foils which will only rise in market value year after year

    A purchase delayed is an investment denied
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Mother's Day 2021— Four Mother of Runes
    Pretty sure Grandmother Sengir is on the Reserved List...

    What I meant was that I'd really like to see her in another form, similar to how we recently saw Baron Sengir revived as Sengir, the Dark Baron

    Quote from Flamebuster »
    Awesome. Now how about a Father's Day Secret Lair?

    What would they give us?...a Maro playset with borderless alternate art?
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