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    posted a message on [MID] DimirUB -- Katilda, Dawnhart Headwitch
    Decent. She must be from Gavony Township
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    posted a message on [MID] MTG Twitter -- Ominous Roost
    So that's where he hangs out when he's not rapping at my chamber door!
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    posted a message on [AFR] True Polymorph— TCGPlayer preview
    Commander players will enjoy this one, but it would've sounded better had it been called... True Switcheroo
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    posted a message on [AFR] Demilich, Wizard's Spellbook, Bag of Holding downshift, and more— Weekly MTG previews
    Sure, I understand and appreciate all that as I have some formidable Modern decks built and would also play older formats if I had friends who still played them, but how can we already presume the impact of these new cards on the Modern meta which has already undergone quite a bit of change lately with the introduction of several strong cards from Modern Horizons 2, and will undoubtedly be recalibrating to determine what the strongest decks are for the next little while?

    Admittedly, I don't play MTGO or even much on Arena these days, and I'm certainly not analyzing every card or the evolution of formats from every angle the way devoted Spikes might, but I still find it strange that cards no longer have to prove themselves before commanding high prices because they're seemingly so pushed by design that even if their intended purpose or combo pieces aren't blatantly obvious, online critics will "solve" where they "belong" in a matter of days if not hours or minutes. It just ruins the whole discovery process (for me) and is disheartening to know that if I want Card X for a Standard brew or Commander deck, that I have to pay a big premium because the fans who loved it upon spoiling had to shout out "This is the best new card for Decks and/or Formats XYZ!" before it's hit shelves and anyone has even had an opportunity to crack open a single prerelease pack.

    I suppose my disappointment is with the nature of spoilers season (or more accurately, the reactionary responses to it) and how the double-edged sword of internet hype and distribution has in some ways failed casual players, appealed primarily to investors who try to corner the market on the (presumably) best cards (admittedly, I'm part of this consumer demographic on occasion budget-permitting, because "if you can't beat em, join em"), and collectively, this fomo mindset has inflated the market to new heights. It's an interesting phenomenon to say the least considering collectible cards traditionally had to age or be authentically rare to gain such a tag. Alas, players love their games, and players with money will always compete for better equipment in bidding wars.

    Honestly, at the risk of sounding too nostalgic, it's sad that many newer players have probably never even had the experience of sincerely discovering new sets card by card solely by opening packs, because even though that's technically still an option, avoiding spoiler season only puts players at a disadvantage by not getting a head start at processing the data on new game pieces and intersecting variables which can either create new archtypes or augment existing ones in various formats. Many things compound the problem, like pushed multi-format staples printed at mythic which too many people want at least one playset of all at once without enough printings to go around (or sitting in showcases at huge mark-ups). Magic shouldn't be a game of who has the deepest pockets, but even Standard has been like that for sometime because more formats created in recent years have only diluted the pool of good cards printed at rare and mythic. What's ridiculous is that oftentimes after people pay those high tags for amazing new cards (ie: Hogaak, Uro, Omnath, T3feri, etc), they get banned and consumers have basically been robbed with a bait-and-switch.

    Ragavan is cute and effective, but is a copy really worth $100?!
    What if he turns out to be "too good" and gets banned in a few months for being too dominant or popular online?
    Nowadays you can never be too sure, and some purchases are inherently risky when cards seem too good to be true.
    It's not like losing your investment on that playset of faithless looting which you can't play anymore

    I'm sorry, but there's a reasonable limit regarding cost-to-benefit analysis (especially with new cards despite how good they may appear, as many don't end up performing in practice as well as they can in theory), and that being said, I'm happy to keep playing with goblin guides, vexing devils, and grim lavamancers (and other good 1-drops) instead. Anyone who genuinely believes they "need" that new monkey to win games, remain competitive, or have fun when it didn't even exist until now is only fooling themselves with emotional insecurities. If anything, I believe that it's best to show restraint, spend that $100 on several copies of underestimated cards now, and trade into copies of Ragavan with those at a later date when he drops in price and the other cards rise up
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    posted a message on [AFR] Dancing Sword— TokyoMTG preview
    I need to equip dancing scimitar with this!
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    posted a message on Secret Lair: Dan Frazier is Back: The Allied and Enemy Signets
    I'm not into the signets at all, but I adore the art throwbacks to the moxen. I might grab a set just to put on display.

    That's Respect
    And especially when it comes to art, we have to give credit where its due
    For what it's worth, if I used Facebook, I'd probably send you a friend request
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    posted a message on Secret Lair: Stranger Things
    Sorry if I "jumped the shark", but it's honestly getting difficult to even recognize Magic cards now with all the new showcase and Secret Lair alternate art styles and borderless variants. It should be of great concern that eventually, after adding so many random characters from other universes, MTG will look like a new Capcom vs Marvel sequel, not something which is beautifully unique and continues to thrive solely because of its own well developed lore, rich themes, and strong characters. Were sales declining so much during the pandemic that they needed cross-cultural crutches to boost popularity or collectability?

    I've been happy to support many Secret Lair drops to date, sometimes ordering them in multiples, but this misguided product is a miss, and just makes me want to ask... Why not simply print 'Secret Lair: Eldrazi' instead to bring down the price of Kozilek and friends (something many of us probably want and would be happier with)?
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    posted a message on Secret Lair: Stranger Things
    At this rate, one can imagine Commander games in five years will probably sound something like this...

    Player A: "I equip my legendary Hobo with Rutger's Shotgun, and swing at your Trailer Park Boy"
    Player B: "I respond by attaching Cerebro to Spock, and activate Mind Meld targeting Hollywood Hulk Hogan equipped with Vibranium Shield to remove your hobo from combat"
    Player C: "Wait a Second!...Didn't I still have priority to Quantum Leap Mister Peanut and The Monopoly Man when you planeshifted to Trump Tower?!
    Player D: "Sorry to interrupt as well, but how many Golden Girl tokens hit the graveyard when you blocked Urkel and Rambo last turn?
    Player E: "Honestly, even if you all had The Delta Variant to target me and T-800s equipped with Lightsabers to protect you, I'm still crewing The Delorean with The Cigarette Smoking Man now to go back twenty turns and restart the game."
    <all sigh>
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    posted a message on [AFR] Cloister Gargoyle - (LEAK)
    It's obviously a black bordered enter the dungeon effect where each player starts with a copy of Grenzo, Dungeon Warden Smile
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    posted a message on [MH2] Sword of Sinew and Steel— Stephen Croke preview
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from foam_dome »
    Clearly that means you just need to draft collector boosters. Wink

    Clearly that means you have to not buy groceries that week. (Only wanted to add to the joke, not saying you said that.)

    My advice: Only buy groceries on sale, in bulk (plan/prepare for meal options in advance, maximize freezer space), compare flyers for different stores, learn to spot the "red herring" sales on lower value items (which still don't have a good healh, flavor profile, culinary adaptability, and mass to price ratio). Also, bike to save on gas and parking fees (if you can safely and confidently balance the weight on your handlebars for the ride home). That's what I do, and it works wonders. You always eat well, and feel the added satisfaction of knowing you did so at a discount (usually by at least 40%).

    You'd be surprised how much money you'd save to waste invest on Magic cards! Smile
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