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    Quote from Karric »
    The magic fonts from here and other places usually irritate me in ways. So i made my own, using MagicFontsymbols2008.ttf as a base.

    This font includes:
    - Hybrid
    - Phybrid (phyrexian mana, not the watermark symbol, its different.)
    - Mono-Color Hybrid (2/B)
    - Regular
    - Shadows for regular and hybrid
    - numbers 0-20 for regular size. XYZ too.
    - AE character from Plantin, meant for effect text. No AE for card name. (It's \ if you have Matrix.ttf)
    - Brush, both parts. (il naturally)
    - Star used in p/t.

    I have included a .jpg that shows all the relevant symbols and their associated keys. I tried to make it intuitive. For example, the hybrids are all uppercase, named for the guilds. So R is r/b, M is g/u, L is g/b etc.

    Let me know if there's anything wrong.

    where is the link

    Here's a link to Kentu's fonts. That may help. Please don't necro 6 year old threads. Thanks - ZS
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