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  • posted a message on [KHM] Leak. Vorinclex, Monstrous rider
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    Honestly, with Phyrexia scouting out new territories to conquer,
    I wouldn’t worry about Kaldheim—
    worry about Kaladesh OMG

    I'm 95% certain we will see a Phyrexian incursion into Kaladesh at some point. That plain would be such an irresistible prize; it's almost tailor-made for Phyrexian interests and ripe for Phyrexian conquest. We will see raiding at least.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Leak. Vorinclex, Monstrous rider
    Phyrexians are just written to be too OP. Unless I'm greatly misunderstanding them, literally all they need to do is put one drop of oil on a plane, and it will eventually turn into another Phyrexia. And their only weakness is supposed to be that they can't planeswalk, but now that's out the window too. They basically can neither be reasoned with nor destroyed.

    (Incidentally, one thing I've never been sure about...is the first syllable pronounced with a schwa, or does it rhyme with "high"?)

    Phyrexia doesn't necessarily dominate every world it infects. Mirrodin had a perfect storm of qualities that made it particularly susceptible to complete Phyrexian takeover. To start, it was an all-metal world contaminated by Karn right from its creation; the oil mixed with the metal to create the mycosynth, which affected all life on the plane, causing metal and flesh to blend in Mirrodin's organisms. After centuries, the mycosynth infection reached the plane's manacore and the Phyrexians finally burst forth to take over. Mirrodin succumbed to a cancer that was baked into its very DNA.

    Other worlds, by their very nature, are more resistant to Phyrexian corruption. They have immune systems to fight it. In fact, this was a source of frustration to Yawgmoth in the early stages of the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria, when Yavamaya and Lanowar Forests shrugged off Phyrexia's initial assaults. The world itself raised up armies, champions, and new magics to fight back, so much so that Yawgmoth became convinced that his true opponent wasn't even Urza, but the worldsoul Gaea herself.

    Phyrexia eventually regained the upper hand and nearly attained total victory, but this required both the overlay of the plane of Rath onto Dominaria, and Yawgmoth himself crossing over to annihilate the world. Until those things happened, the Phyrexian Invasion was a bloody meat-grinder that cost millions of lives on both sides, but failed to break Dominaria's defenses.
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim teaser trailer (not the offical one that’s one January 7th)
    Quote from Ritokure »
    Every set since War of the Spark has put a lot of emphasis on the villain Planeswalkers. Oko being the face of the set (as well as, y'know, Oko), Ashiok robbing Heliod of his spot as main antagonist, Lukka's... whatever the hell is canon in that garbled mess that is Ikoria's storyline... and now Nahiri and Tibalt.

    Ashiok wasn't the antagonist in Theros Beyond Death. He/she/they leaves the story at the very beginning, after inducing Elspeth with nightmares that allow her to create the Shadowspear. Ashiok then planeswalks away to see New Phyrexia, and then everything else in the story--Heliod's machinations, the war between the gods, Elspeth's escape, Klothys creating Calix--follows from that point. Ashiok's only roll in the story is kicking off the circumstances that make Elspeth's escape possible. All of the actual evil in the plot is driven by Heliod, with Calix serving as something of a secondary, if ineffectual, antagonist to Elspeth on her way out of the Underworld.

    I do understand your sentiment, though. Theros Beyond Death is the only set since Dominaria where the main villain wasn't a Planeswalker. It used to be that for the stories of each plane, the main heroes and villains were all (or mostly) from that plane, fighting over a world in which they had proper stakes. But nowadays, at least story-wise, MTG worlds are beginning to feel like the rotating backgrounds from fighting games like Mortal Combat or Street Fighter - pretty backdrops for our cast of plane-traveling characters to fight against, but of little consequence themselves.

    Kaldheim is perhaps the worst offender so far. It seems our story's primary figures will be Kaya and Tibalt, neither of whom are from Kaldheim.
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Glacian, Powerstone Engineer— @wizards_magic preview
    Glacian was latent planeswalker.

    He was greatest, most brilliant artificer of the Thran, the genius of his time.

    With Rebbec, he shut Yawgmoth and Phyrexia out of Dominaria for 9,000 years.

    His soul dwells in the Mightstone and Weakstone that became Urza's eyes.

    It's implied that Urza's Planeswalker's spark might actually be Glacian's.

    And this is his card?
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Esior, Hullbreacher, and Mana Drain reprint— Hareruyamtg previews
    The art for Hullbreacher is really intense and dramatic; I love it. Feels like a still from a movie. I can almost feel the motion of the ship rocking and hear the sound of the thundering waves and the storm. I feel like I'm literally there. It's unexpectedly one of my favorite illustrations of the year.
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith and Wheel of Misfortune— Lotus Game Bar previews
    Toggo? From Onslaught Block? Now there's an old character I never would have imagined getting a card for. He had some classic flavor quotes, though.
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  • posted a message on More leaks commander legends scroll racl reprint
    "It is time. I have waited an eternity for you, Rebbec. You closed me out of Dominaria ninety centuries ago. As I grew to become a god in Phyrexia, you grew to become a goddess in Dominaria. Don't think I don't recognize you, Gaea. Don't think I don't smell your scent and know who you once were and who you once opposed.

    I held you to my heart, Rebbec, thinking you loved me, but you made hate seem like love. It was a trick you'd learned from me. Now I reciprocate."

    - Yawgmoth, Apocalypse


    I've been waiting for Rebbec a long time, too! Laughing Thanks, Creative Team!
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  • posted a message on Yargle Secret Lair on 9/3
    Yargle memes were funny.

    The Suits cashing in on fan-made memes is not particularly funny.

    Memes are cool. But the Suits are uncool by definition. This is Corporate saying "Hey guys, GET IT? We're hip, too! Look, Yargle memes! Funny, right? Just $30!"

    I can browse better Yargle memes on Reddit for free. /shrug
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Commander Legends Previews from CommandFest 2
    Quote from beren camlost »
    Hal and Alena finally getting cards is absolutely a good call.

    I admire that they have individual cards, but also partner. I'd love to see this for Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis.

    Partner being in the set seems to imply we may get reprints of the C16 legends? That would be amazing. May not get them all, though. But Partner appearing in a draftable Commander set definitely makes sense. Allows for diverse, flexible play.

    I hope see Pavios and Thanasis in the future.

    I'd be feeling the lands if they weren't Kylem themed. Meh.

    Without fail, when I'm looking at new spoilers, I'll scroll down through the comments and usually by the end of the first page find one reply that irks me, usually because it's complaining in some petty way about the reveal.

    Then usually the second part of that reply, there will be a comment about how the post wishes this new card/product had been connected to Theros somehow. Without fail, it will be this account.

    It's fine to put your perpetually negative two cents in, and I guess it's fine to constantly lobby for more Theros, but do you really need to reply to this post 7 different times? At what point does a community member get flagged as a spammer? Really asking.

    I'm actually with Tiro here. Vorthoses (Vorthi?) tend to get caught up on weird things like art, and I really don't like Kylem either. Had these illustrations featured Dominaria, Lorwyn, Kamigawa, Shandalar, Eldraine, Theros, Tarkir, New Phyrexia, or Innistrad, I'd be properly hyped, but as it is, I'm not all that interested.

    I realize how ridiculous that sounds, and you're welcome to think it's stupid, since it's just not the way most Magic players tend to think. The notion that cool lands like these could be printed and that the art, of all things (which has nothing to do with gameplay anyway), should turn off certain players sounds, perhaps, laughably absurd. I'm not even going to try defending it as rational - it can't be defended with logic. But as someone who would probably never put Kylem-themed art in one of my decks, I get it. It's purely an emotional response, and Kylem itself is off-putting to me.

    More cards for you, I guess. Smile

    (Edit: My purpose here isn't to complain about the lands. I'm just saying that as a Vorthos, Tiro's objection makes a certain emotional sense of the kind that many Vorthoses like myself can relate to, even if it's not logical sense. Art and flavor are not "petty" concerns - to some people they can be everything.)
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  • posted a message on Kamigawa Fat Pack Booklet Scans
    These are great lore bits -- Kamigawa is truly one of Magic's most developed, lore-rich worlds, and the player's guides add so much to what can be known about the plane. I really appreciate the background for Azusa, Godo, Oyobi, Maga, and Urami here; all characters who went otherwise unseen in the novels or online vignettes. Kamigawa is just too rich in legends to have a story for every single one, but that only adds to the richness of the plane.

    I see just a couple interesting conflicts here with other canonical sources, however:

    1.) The player's guides give Mochi (the Kami of the Crescent Moon) too much responsibility for the Kami War, even going so far as to suggest he'd influenced Konda. This directly contradicts the novels, where Konda alone is the mastermind behind the War, and Mochi merely tagged along. We even get a scene from Mochi's POV in the Saviors novel, where Mochi reflects on Konda starting the War, as well as his own motivations:

    His (Mochi's) agents in Eiganjo had told him of Konda's plan to raid the spirit world as soon as the daimyo consulted them about it. Instead of seeing this as an outrageous blasphemy like any decent kami, Mochi saw only opportunity.... Konda was intending to disrupt the natural order of things, the balance between the physical and spiritual. Such an act would have dangerous, unpredictable repercussions, and so Mochi decided that he would not only allow it, but facilitate it.

    In the twenty years of strife since Konda made his raid, Mochi had time to reflect on the wisdom of his actions and their true motivations. His introspection revealed three important things: One, he did not know what to expect as a result of Konda's crime, but he was sure he could capitalize on it for his own benefit; two, if Konda succeeded it meant the oldest and most sacred laws could be broken by someone with enough will and power, which he could capitalize on for his own benefit in the long-term; and three, it was a waste of time second-guessing his own genius because he made good decisions even when he didn't have all the facts.

    When the kami attacks started, Mochi knew that Konda's reign would not survive. The daimyo had done a remarkable job uniting the different people's behind him, but once he was gone they would undoubtedly fall back into petty skirmishing and tribal warfare. Mochi knew the soratami would be largely unaffected, safe in their cloud cities, but he also thought the soratami destiny was to be more than elite survivors. They were exalted beings who worshipped him, after all. If anyone was fit to rule Kamigawa, it was the moonfolk.

    If he had conceived of the plan on his own beforehand, Mochi might have tried to bring Konda down or perhaps even challenge him on the field of battle... Once Konda had decided his course, however, it became unnecessary to take action in order to topple him--he had doomed himself by his rash act. It might take decades, even centuries, but eventually the spirit world would come to claim what the Daimyo had stolen. When it did, Mochi intended for the soratami to rise in Konda's place as the dominant culture in Kamigawa.

    (Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa, pp. 156-8)

    Of course, when Mochi's forces actually meet Konda's army a few chapters later, Konda realized the attempt at betrayal and utterly annihilates them. Mochi was always a smarmy little d***** who talked a bigger game than he could really deliver. The player's guide gives him too much credit.

    (A side note: The soratami were still amazing bastards though. Tamiyo presents a kinder, more peaceful face of the moonfolk for newer generations of Magic players, but originally in the Kamigawa block they were an elitist, power-hungry, genocidal culture through and through. The above passage took place while Mochi watched the moonfolk razing Jukai Forest and exterminating the orochi snake-folk. That's the soratami I remember).

    2.)The other clear discrepancy is the design and location of Shinka. The books describe Shinka not as a keep high in the mountains, but as an ogre hut in the lower slopes of the mountains - a relatively humble lodge that covers a larger, subterranean lair. Though the novels are typically considered the primary canon, in this case, however, I feel we can give preference to the player's guide version, since that interpretation comes not only from the player's guide, but from the cards as well--card art, card names, and card flavor texts. If we want to reconcile both versions, we can perhaps assume that the original Shinka Keep in the mountains was destroyed/dismantled and restructured/relocated by the time the novels occur, since the books cover only the 20th and final year of the Kami War.
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  • posted a message on The command zone preview - Nyxbloom Ancient (the final mythic rare)
    That's Xenagos's old throne in the background.
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  • posted a message on Mist-Syndicate Ninja
    I personally can't stand these new ninja. It's just grating.

    Ninja were a super cool thing that Kamigawa had exclusively going for it, mechanically and flavor-wise. Yuriko was awesome, Sakashima's student was like seeing an old friend. They fit with the Japanese theme and Kamigawa's unique planar identity.

    But now, naga ninja? Vedalken ninja? I'm not saying it CAN'T happen. Planeswalkers could have spread knowledge of the ninja arts among the planes. But flavorfully,this is taking one of the big things that made Kamigawa unique and diluting it among foreign planes and creature types

    For fans of Kamigawa, who will likely never see a return to one of our favorite planes (even after second visits to Zendikar and Innistrad and three to Ravnica), the most we can look forward to are whatever crumbs they toss us to expand the world. Crumbs like O-Kagachi, Yuriko, and Silent-Blade Oni. And I get it - Kamigawa has its loyal cult following, but it wasn't successful enough of a block to justify a return. It's just the way things are, so crumbs are fine.

    So when I heared that we were getting new ninja, I was super psyched for more Kamigawa. Turns out I'm Charlie Brown, and WotC is Lucy with the football.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 5-27 Yawgmoth
    Beautiful. The circle is now compleat.

    This is my favorite kind of mythic card - the kind you need to be smart about, the kind that makes you plan instead of just slamming it down on the table and bulldozing everyone.

    But the power is real, and so is the fun.

    "Your life was meaningless. But your death will glorify Yawgmoth."
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoiler 5/24 - Fallen Shinobi
    Do ninja exist on multiple planes? Looking at the background, the cobblestone and what little I can see of the architecture, this definitely isn't Kamigawa.
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  • posted a message on Signature Spell Book Gideon
    Depending on how well this sells, Wizards might end up killing off characters more often. Wink
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