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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from Ashiok »
    Damping Sphere - obvious sideboard card that people already pointed out, but I'm not sure how good it is. It is basically effective against tron and storm. That's it. Is there another deck that cares about this?

    Also good vs all the eldrazi stuff running around again. It will need some testing tron and storm are already good matchups for us but it hoses both of them quite bad. I belive the second effect could also be impactfull against elves at least on the play. That deck lives of chaining a lot of creatures in the first few turns and the sphere taxes any spell. But as long as we don´t get to test its all speculation. If it only was a 2/2 bear with that effect ...

    And as others have said vs fringe strategies like amulet titan and green devotion

    Edit: also seems very strong vs ad nauseam but that deck also has no big meta share atm
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from agua_benta »

    @Bearscape yeah, I saw that list too, a few weeks ago. I just want to know everybody else's experiences with that in other matches

    I have adapted the shackels in my deck as soon as I saw thau mery present it. Have played two paper tournaments with it so far (one major one) and use it online and absolutley love it. Works especially well vs affinity ( steel overseer and forces them to sac arcbound ravager. It also performed well vs CoCo decks, Elves and ponza. Still not sure about the DS matchup and humans. If you manage to hit a turn one Noble Hierarch its great but if they get to build up their board ....

    As I see it its a low opportunity cost, spicey and helps in problematic matchups. Being able to redeploy it via flickerwhip is nice but does not come up too often.

    @bearscape I run a very similar list but cut the stony silence completley. Its just a nobo with too many cards and affinity can actually win through it with the help of ghirapur aether grid. Play 2 leonin relic warder instead and I am quite happy with them. They can also come in vs opposing stonys or off the grid enchantments. Used the third free slot for a catch all oblivion ring
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from eebaf »
    Hey guys,
    i think about playing Mono White DnT. At my LGS we were talking about Humans and DnT. Is the new 5C Human Deck just a better Version of DnT or is it still worth to play it? I hope you can help me.

    Hey 5c Humans is a different deck even if it shares some elements (vial, thalia...). DnT is definitly still worth to play it and well positioned against the current top meta (scape, tron, grixis shadow) and has stable matchups vs some other topdogs. The deck has 3 mayor weak matchups in meerfolk, elves and 5c humans. The first two go to wide to quick to effectivly level your flicker tricks and first strikers while the humans deck often has a few too big to handle creatures like @agua_benta described.

    Here is a quick pro and con list between human and DnT for you:

    5c Humans:


    • Nice tribal synergies and capable of REALLY explosive starts
    • Acess to Meddling mage
    • Basically perfect mana base thanks to ancient ziggurat and the like
    • Soft taxing and hand disruption in kitesail freebooter and thalia guardian of thraben
    • Humans is one of the (if not the) most common archetypes in magic and that means there a new humans every set witch chance for the deck to grow
    • Really expensive, last list I saw was over a thousand bucks, which is a hefty price in the currently cheeper modern era.
    • Somewhat linear game plan.
    • Not really sure about the matchups you better visit the 5c human primer for that

    Death an Taxes(mono white):

    • Makes great use of aether vial, while other decks use it for fixing(5c Humans) or fast deploying (meerfolk) DnT abuses stack interactions with instant speed flicker whisp given the deck a wide array of possiblities
    • Rewards skill and meta knowledge to a great extend (knowing the critical turns/cards of the opponents deck and delaying them)
    • Highly customisable for your current meta (acces to all the white sideboard options)
    • Relativly cheep for a modern deck
    • Unparalleled ability to interact with the opponents mana base, giving the deck a pretty unique angle of attack

    • Not really explosive compared to other decks in the format (but you still get your free wins via leonin arbiter sometimes)
    • Susceptible to board wipes
    • Meta dependend (as in you need to successfully tailor the deck to the ever shifting meta of Modern instead of being part of it)

    All being said both a great decks. If you enjoy pressuring you opponent with fast beats and warding of his main gameplan with light disruption 5c humans is the deck for you. But if you like dragging your cantripping opponent down in the mud with you and fight it out in a arena he is not comfortable in DnT is your choice. From experience I can tell you nothing is more satisfying than beating your opponent down with 2/2 and 3/3 in a format where 5/5 for one mana are a thing.

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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from agua_benta »
    I'm testing Theau MERY's monowhite list. I was devastated by GW Value and 5C Humans... Humans do not sideout thalias, which is hard to get enough tempo to pay 3WW to wrath or dusk. Crusader may take care of GW Value, but they have path to exile and the game lasts enough till they find it.
    Somethings I should say with my experience testing the deck is:
    • Endless sands is really amazing. I punished very hard an abzan/rock deck. That land won the game all by itself.
    • Gelid Shackles is really good. Worths shaving your beauty plains to play the card. Unfortunately, 5C humans is (still) stronger than our disruption
    • Gideon of the Trials I didn't like in my most problematic MU's, but the card is good enough to be played.
    • Gideon, Ally of Zendikar won most of the game for me. I changed a bit the cards in sideboard, but who doesn't plus GAoZ and blink it with Restoration Angel/Eldrazi Displacer won't know what cheating really is hehehe

    Have also been testing the deck, I really like dropping the wrath spots in the SB cause it always felt like they did not pull their weight. In the last fifty or so games I have cast settle the wreckage/dusk//dawn only 3 times and still lost two times.

    Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is a great suggestion from your side ! It has what Gideon of the Trials was always lacking and that is synergy with flicker effects. Agree with you on the sands, I also cut the revokers for selfless spirit, sided out revoker in roughly 50 to 60% auf the Matchups so far.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from Theau MERY »

    Second of all, i've keep testing since this event, and you should play 2 copies of Gideon Of the trials in the SB
    So my sideboard is the same as the list with theses changes : -1 milita's, -1 Aven SB +2 Gideons, and since Gideon is also good against burn, you might want to cut burrenton for another card. Not sure about which one, cause i really like my one off Burrenton.

    Hope this will help you guys!

    First of all thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, your performance in vegas and brian covals in the SCG invitational is what brought me to the deck and my new found love for modern.

    Definitly gonna try Gelid Shackels seems spicey. Did you also test smuggler´s copter and if, how did it work out for you? Quite a few guys here had success with the litte standart all star and cut the stony silence sb for more direct removal.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes

    Thank you for your time and expample ! Identifying the right sequencing for the given matchup feels really rewarding with the deck.

    Especially on turn 2 playing thalia or arbiter first is always a point that can lead to an easy victory or a lost game. Looking forward to your streams again.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes

    Some quick highlights:
    - Easy to cast
    - filter bad draws and loot non-relevant draws (late game vial and repeat Thalia)
    - survives wipes
    - safest turn to drop against removal heavy decks.
    - greeeat against affinity
    - great for digging for sb cards in grinch match ups.

    Those are some great points and you have convinced me to once again try out smugglers copter in the main board.

    My only fear is that copter opens up the deck against general affinity hate. Between copter, the golems vials and clues we run a lot of artifacts that fuel our deck. Obviously most deck have SB tec against artifacts and stony silence hits us really hard with copter, also
    Ancient Grudge or shattering pulse become REAL hosers.

    Also I feel sometimes copter makes for akward sequencing. For example against a spell based deck I really want thalia out on turn 2, but she taxes the copter and playing him on turn 3 attacking on 4 often feels a little bit slow. Any tips regarding those points would be really helpful.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from LekTek »
    Hey has anyone else toyed around with Solemn Recruit? I just dropped her in for a few games online and she's an absolute beater with all the revolt triggers in our deck!

    Seems like a really nice option in the crusader spot. Sadly it lacks the protection but it can get out of hand fast ...

    @ToshiUmezawa thanks for anwsering my questions and good luck ! DnT is a blast
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from ToshiUmezawa »
    After going 5-0-2 at the RPTQ yesterday I got my first Pro tour invite for Rivals of Ixalan.

    Hey man that is awsome congratulations !! Will you play DnT on the protour or do you consider switching?

    Also your list looks really interesting especially the sideboard. Cataclysmic Gearhulk? Thats spicey in what matchups did you bring him in, also how did mark of asylum work our for you? I am still not a fan of the revokers mainboard but they seem to have worked for you.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    PPTQ Report

    So today was the day, first big tournament for me with Mono White DnT. Warning wall of text ahead.

    Match 1 vs. Blue White Control 2 - 1

    Game 1: We both mulled to 5 but I had the combo of arbiter gq on the Play for a swift win. Beatdown via avenger and splicer/golems
    Game 2: He surised me with an early timely reinforcements getting him blockers and the time he needed to set up the board. I was to slow and a verdict into a sphinx revelation and geist sealed the deal
    Game 3: Again a timely reinforcements on turn 3 but this time I managed to drop an early selfless spirit and avenger via vial. He managed to remove the spirit and exile avanger leaving me with a few ground beaters. He was on 4 live and had enough blockers. On his end step I played big thalia via vial and in my turn activated shefet dunes swining for the win. He had a verdict in hand but did not account for the dunes.

    Star of the Match: The dunes and selfless spirit overperformed this match. Vs control the matches tend to go longer so the dunes become a relevant topdeck.

    Match 2 vs Jeskai control 2 - 1

    First game I managed to bring him down to 5 live but never was able to close the game. I made a huge mistake not tec edging his 4th Land, he wiped the board and won via geist beats. In the second game I dopped a turn 1 burrenton forge tender into turn 2 thalia and tender eating the bolt for her. Turn 3 Selfless spirit provided the (unnessesary) wipe protection, he never saw a 4th land and I won the game. Game 3 early forge tender again protected me and little into big thalia proved a big problem for him. My opponent misplayed on a cutial block, flashin in snapcaster and forgetting about thalia heretic cathars ability.

    Star of the Match: Forge tender by far. Not needing to worry about a untimley bold, helix or anger of the gods he let me commit to the board and close out the games.

    Match 3 vs Uw Geist 2 -0

    First Game was fast and dirty he never saw his 3 land trough a turn 2 arbiter on the play. Second game was really close with both of us beating in the air. He used spell queller to take a resto, I lucky top decked the path waited and pathed the queller in his turn. Resto targeted an on board flickerwhisp flickerwhisp tageted resto. In his end step the resto came back and flicker removed the secons spellqueller and I close out the game with a shefet dunes activation in my turn.

    Match 4 vs E Tron 2 - 1

    Game one was misarable with a mulligan down to 5 on the play into tron on turn 3 TKS , all is dust into smasher. Second game the reverse him never finding tron, flicker and resto closing the game. In the last game I kept a questionable mull to 6 and was punished. While I had land and removal I did not draw any early pressure. I managed to ceep his mana low for 4 or 5 turns by ghost quatering all his temples but he managed the natural 5-6 mana and locked me with a ballista and basilisk collar.

    At this point I was 3 - 1 overall and one more win would secure me my spot into the top 8.

    Match 5 vs Vizer/Druid Combo 2 - 0

    First game arbiter and Thalia slowed him down enough for mirrian crusader to get in the beats. Game ended when I responded to his Collected Companyin my attack step by vialing in big thalia, leading to his blockers entering tapped, losing him the game. Second match I had the early grafdigger's cage shutting down CoCo and Cord. Game was long and drawn out I managed to disrupt his combo 2 times via path to exile he kept using eternal witness on a path in his graveyard removing my threads. But without any real threads on his side of the table I chipped him down in the air ending the game in one big swing, again with a dunes activation and flickering a blocker.

    Match 6 Intentional Draw 0
    On this point I was really exhausted and being second place in standings agreed to a draw to make it save into the top 8 and giving me some time to eat and grab fresh air.

    TOP 8

    My first big tournament and my first big top 8 I was a little nervous. Many of the other guys seemed seasond experienced players, and I was really tired and exhausted. I never thought playing magic coud be exhausting :D. I played a little too fast, maybe due to being nervous, resulting in a warning because I forgot the shefet dunes liveloss. Anyway the matches:

    quarter final vs Affinity 2 - 0

    Game One we both mulled to 6 I was on the play. He had a not really explosive start and I was able to deploy a Blade Splicer flickering him 2 times and closing out the game through two etched champion.
    Second game started with me mulling to 5 ... but I had Stony silence 3 lands and a selfless spirit. I scryed a sunlance leaving it on top. He had a decent turn one playing 5 cards plus an steel overseer that I was able to remove with the lance dropping stony silence on my turn 2. From there on I had the most insane top decking of THREE blade splicer in succession winning the game.

    Star of the match: Blade splicer doing what he does best generating overwhelming board advantage and blocking champions

    Semi Final vs Affinity 0 - 2
    Affinity again, the other decks were the e tron player I lost to in round 4 and a storm player, both matchups I would have prefered. The first match was short and brutal I had no removal, he had the nuts killing me on turn 4 ... second game I sided in the 3 stony and 2 sunlances and hoped for the best. Yeahhh turn one hand dump with double mox into master of etherium ended the game quick, I chumped the master for a few turns but never found the path to remove him and losing the game.

    Overall 5 - 2 - 1

    Thoughts on the day: Mono white did DnT was again a blast to play and I had a lot of fun. The consistency of the deck made for a pleasant experience through the long day. I did not won the PTQ invite, but played the best I could, learning a lot and lost to some really strong hands in the end. The deck felt well positioned into the meta and even some of the decks worse MU with jeskai and uw control worked out. The changes to the deck in the last week overperformed with both thalia heretic cathar and selfless spirit. Both cards felt great in their respective slots. shefet dunes won me two games and I guess I will go with a 2/2 split after acquiring the canopys.

    Ps: Sorry for the grammatical and spelling errors, I will look over the post tomorrow, I just wanted to write everything down while it still was fresh.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes

    I'm playing in the german rptq so my meta might differ a bit, but scg regionals are a good indication anyway since people here also get their inspiration from those lists. The grafdigger's cages are interesting and certainly flexible enough, how did you split it with rest in peace in your sideboard?

    What a coincidence I also play in germany maybe we will run into each other, but first I need to win the PPTQ on saturday.

    I don´t run rest in peace at all instead I play a 3 / 2 Split of Relic of progenitus and Cage. Cage comes in vs Living end, dredge, CoCo and sometimes vs uw control but I am not sure about this one. Relic when I need to ceep the gy count low or for grindy matchups so GDS, Jund, Delve threads... I like relic more than RiP because of the relevant redraw in the matches that go longer + one mana less can be a huge deal

    If you go down the heavy removal road you can drop the stony silence to free up space, I still like stony because it is such a brutal hoser vs affinity and lantern control, but you are right more removal could provide an edge vs humans...
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes

    also people (me included) have tested d&t without arbiters in the past and it works in the right meta. for pretty much any card in our deck there is a meta where its better to replace it. the question is just if it will be the right meta this weekend.

    Interesting point there, for me arbiter was always perceived as the backbone of the deck maybe I need to reevaluate.

    Regarding the meta at the SCG regionals the most represented decks in the top 8 were: Jeskai control, affinity, counters/bant company, GDS, storm, E tron and humans.

    Other choices i'm debating are:
    • the mindcensors, they are quite bad overall but the best card vs titanshift and amulet titan
    • stony silence, my results vs affinity are solid especially with the green microsplash, i could put more spot removal in these slots to help with humans
    • ghostly prison in sideboard, just for humans basically so very very narrow
    • swap burrentons for selfless spirit, its worth it if nobody plays burn or titanshift
    • field of ruin vs mutavault, the vault somtimes helps to deal the last few points of damage or as a surprise first strike blocker
    • something vs storm in sideboard, like i have rest in peace and ee, but maybe more targeted hate, like canonist or eidolon
    • i pretty much have no focused plan vs eldrazi tron and need some help there
    • abzan company can be tough too but we dont really have a lot of options for hate there, have we?

    im thankful for any thoughts to any of my points Smile

    I like burrenton forge tender in the Jeskai matchup blanking an Anger of the Gods or a crucial bolt can win a game, with the upside of being a turn one play, leaving the turn 2 spot that selfless spirit would take for thalia. Also skimping on burn hate always is risky there were four burn decks in the top 8 of the scg regionals. Regarding the additional storm hate, I decided to play two grafdigger's cage in the SB this weekend. While rule of law type effects are certainly better, cage has the upside of hosing collected company a card that is strongly represented in the current meta.

    The most problematic matchups for me seem humans and Jeskai Control. I still have not found any good cards vs humans. As you already pointed out options like ghostly prison and the like are simply to narrow as answers, especially in such a wide meta where every sideboard slot counts. I really hope to doge the matchup this weekend...

    Anyway good luck to you in the RPTQ! Would be nice if you could post a tournament report of some sort Smile
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes

    And i'm also not satisfied with the Leonin Arbiters, thinking about just cutting them and playing Phyrexian Revokers instead.

    Seems like a terrible terrible idea. The deck is basically constructed around leonin arbiter and most of our "free" wins come from a tourn 2 arbiter play. The combination of GQ and the path upside are already huge and his ability to hinder fetches makes him truly shine.

    BUT I do not have much/any experience with the green splash so obviouly you could try. With RPTQ this sunday I would not make changes to the core of the deck and rather test in the time afterwards. I also worry because of the human matchup on sunday but honestly there ist not much we can do. Many decks have one or two very bad matchups we can hope for dodging the MU. Also it is not completley onesided they are still 5c an early attack on their mana base can get us there.

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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Any thoughts on Ethersworn Canonist vs Eidolon of Rhetoric? Working on sideboard for the deck and am figuring out what to put in.

    Between those two I would also take the Eidolon for the reasons stated by xotug.

    But in general I don´t like Eidolon or Canonist in the SB, the reason being they only truly shine vs. Storm. With the very diverse meta right now every SB spot counts and you need cards to pull double or triple duty. grafdigger's cage and Relic of Progenitus both slow down storm considerably, while also being very good in a lot of other matchups. If Storm continues to rise to power I would consider playing one of them in but not right now.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes

    One final question to all of you: Why shefet dunes? I really don't see the upside to give my dudes +1/+1 with sorcery speed. Am I just a noob?^^

    Honestly it is just a budget option. I wait for the reprint of horizon canopys and will cut them afterwards. But I already have 11 Plains and blood moon is not huge in my local meta. Dunes are good in some very fringe cases, but they can win you games you had no buisness winning. If you activate them turn 5 and have 4 creatures out it can gain you that last one or two points of dmg you need to close out the game. If they were only instant speed ...

    Today I have further tested a little bit against 5c humans, but it feels like a very bad matchup. I hope humans don´t get to much popularity but I can abolutly see them becoming a new meta deck. I would love to hear about experiences in the matchup especially from the very experienced guys.
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