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Magic Market Index for June 8th, 2018
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    I've been looking at buying into this deck. I normally play the Devoted Druid combo, and I still enjoy it, but I'm looking for something more challenging. I've proxied the deck and I've been enjoying it, but I'm not sure whether I should follow the standard 4c decks with counters or the new BBE versions. In a meta with Junk, Jund Hollow Vine, Slivers, Elves, Storm, Ad Nauseum, and a few control decks, which would be the better choice?
    I would also look into buying it on MTGO for extra practice, in case that might influence the deck's direction. Either way I'll be testing it on Xmage.
    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
    Posted in: Midrange
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