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  • posted a message on 4 Card Blind - Modern
    I didn't receive any entries from here, so I'll just be posting on Reddit going forward. If you'd like to participate, check the three card blind subreddit.
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  • posted a message on 4 Card Blind - Modern
    Cool, I think there's room for both the metagaming formats, where we can see strategies evolve and try to outwit the metagame, and the more novel formats, where we're largely starting from scratch. If you share a link, I'll come check it out.
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  • posted a message on 4 Card Blind - Modern
    I thought given the quarantine situation, people might be up for some blind Magic. My intention is to run a few rounds of this format so we can metagame a bit, then maybe try another sometime after. I'm running this on reddit's /r/threecardblind and in MTGSalvation's Forum Magic section. If you know of any other locations with players, please do point them here.

    Full rules follow, largely stolen from MTGSalvation's Perfect Hand Magic League due to the comprehensiveness of that ruleset. The format we're playing is 4 Card Blind from the Modern cardset. There shouldn't be anything too surprising for experienced players, but note the deck construction rules, particularly 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

    I welcome any commentary on the rules or banlist, and may make an emergency ban if someone points out I've missed something ridiculous. Otherwise, entries are due by 23:59 UTC on Wednesday 1st April. Entries by PM to me on MTGS or Reddit please.

    My hashed entry: 746e65761485aa6e49e2707c315eb1e8

    **1. Tournament Rules**

    1.1. Each submitted hand will play one match of two games with each other hand, with each player being the starting player for one game.

    1.2. Scoring is as follows:
    1.2a. 6 Points for winning both games.
    1.2b. 4 Points for winning one and drawing one game.
    1.2c. 2 Points for winning one and losing one game or for drawing both games.
    1.2d. 1 Point for drawing one game and losing one game.
    1.2e. 0 Points for losing both games.

    1.3. Each player's score is the summation of their points. Players are asked to calculate their own scores and check against their opponents. The moderator and other players may assist.

    1.4. Where cross-round scoring is required, the score taken from each round will be the average points taken from the matches, rounded to two decimal places.

    1.5. The moderator will make best effort to inform entrants if their entry is not legal.

    1.5a. For reasons of neutrality, the moderator will not inform entrants of apparent errors in their entries if the resulting entry is legal.

    1.6. The moderator may participate, but will post a salted hash of their entry before accepting decks.

    **2. Game Rules** (Thanks to MTGSalvation's Perfect Hand Magic League)

    2.1. Except for the changes described in these rules, games follow the rules for a normal game of Magic.

    2.1a. Changes to the Comprehensive Rules or the Oracle text of a card take effect at the following times:

    i. Changes that would take effect during the prerelease for a set take effect during the first round for which cards from that set may be submitted instead.

    ii. Changes that would take effect at any other time take effect during the first round for which those rules have been in effect since the start of the round instead.

    2.1b. Ignore any part of an instruction that isn't covered by these rules or by the rules of Magic.

    2.2. A player's opening hand contains that player's chosen cards.

    2.3. Players' libraries begin the game empty.

    2.3a. A player doesn't lose the game as a result of being unable to draw a card.

    2.4. An effect that would produce a random result produces the result that least benefits the owner of the source of that effect instead.

    2.5. Each player is the starting player for one game in each match.

    2.6. Players know the identities of all face-down cards and all cards in hidden zones, and players know which decisions have been made by other players.

    2.7. If a game would continue indefinitely, then the game is a draw.

    2.8. If a loop containing at least one optional action would be repeated indefinitely during a turn, then any player may propose a number of times for that loop to repeat instead. If a player does, then each other player may propose a different number and the loop is repeated for the greatest number of times proposed instead. No player is required to make a choice that would end a loop that crosses multiple turns.

    2.9. Cards can't be brought into the game from outside the game.

    **3. Deck Construction Rules**

    3.1. A player's hand must be capable of winning the game against at least one other deck.

    3.2. A player's deck may not be capable of winning the game before the opponent has taken at least two turns.

    3.3. A player's deck may not be capable of causing more total cards to have left an opponent's hand than the number of complete turns that player has taken.

    3.4. Rules 3.2 and 3.3 may be ignored in the following cases:
    3.4a. The deck would be legal if the opponent's cards had no rules text.
    3.4b. The deck would be legal if the opponent had no maximum hand size.
    3.4c. The illegal action can only be achieved if the game was restarted. Instead count the total number of completed turns across all games.
    3.4d. Any card that would be put onto the battlefield or back into the opponent's hand may be discounted from the count of removed cards.

    3.5. A player's deck may consist of any cards from Modern legal sets, if they are not on the ban list for the round.
    3.5a. Note that the Modern ban list does not apply.
    3.5b. Modifications to the ban list are at moderator discretion, but discussion is welcome.

    **Ban List**

    Abrupt Decay
    Assassin's Trophy
    Beast Within
    Blazing Shoal
    Chancellor of the Annex
    Dark Depths
    Generous Gift
    Ghost Quarter
    Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
    Laboratory Maniac
    Mayor of Avabruck
    Restore Balance
    Shelldock Isle
    Thassa's Oracle
    The Rack
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