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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Dropping blue has made my deck far more reliable in the Blood Moon matches. I have made a few tweaks top the manabase to make this happen, Verdant Catacombs instead of Windswept Heath.

    Fetching my three basics and trying to get rid of Blood Moon as early as possible with hand disruption is the best way. If it does resolve, it's only a minor annoiance, and usually a loss of turn three for the opponent.
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    Serious question here for everybody. Do you feel that this deck is Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3? Now I know when it comes down to it, it really is semantics and (most) any solidly built deck on any given day can take down a Modern tournament. But how do you feel it ranks with the likes of Grixis Shadow, E Tron, Titanshift, and Affinity? I realize that it probably matters less now that WotC is giving less info, but it irks me a little bit for us to be listed here on MTGS as "Tier 3."

    Here's my opinion...
    I feel that it's Tier 2, but close to Tier 1. I think it's a very strong deck that is underestimated in the meta. I know. I underestimated it for the longest time until I decided to finally try it 6 months ago. I'm pretty sure many are the same way.

    I Heartfully agree! I play traditional knightfall alongside two other modern builds (Bushwhacker Zoo and my own Abzan Humans). and it's definitely the most challenging and interesting deck to play. It is capable of beating every deck I have encountered so far. Sometimes it's all about drawing your hate cards post board, but often times the non-lineair tempo/contronling nature of the deck is sufficient. Comboing off feels great though!

    Love the deck and love the variatious possible lines of play!

    My guess is most bant players opt for an eldrazi build nowadays, which it's currently not tiered higher.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Quote from SmauG »
    With the printing of Kitesail Freebooter i'll be definetly trying an Abzan(U) list. I would even go as far as dropping blue alltogether and go full disruptive.
    My current list allready has some black mainboard and a lot sideboard to the point I feel it's realy just a blue splash for Reflector Mage rather than Bant.

    I wonder, has anyone ever tried a list without the ranp and exalted triggers of Noble Hierarch?

    So yesterday, with Ixalan being legal to play I did a couple of games with the aforementioned Abzan list on the kitchen table with a friend. The results were very promising. Took on and beat UB Fearies twice and GR Tooth and Nail. 2-0, 20, 2-1 respectively.

    Some remarks.

    The manabase was extremely consistent and pretty pain free. It definitely felt better than BantB/BantR. The deck was also naturally capable to beat trough Blood Moon when fetching basics correctly.

    I play 26 creatures to make room for T1 disruption. I Used it every time I could and felt very strong. Never had problems with Collected Company, but technically we lose some value over a large sample size of games.
    Our deck is naturally weak to removal/sweepers, so the plan is to disrupt and remove any spot removal spell first, then play a Kitesail Freebooter and take another piece, a sweeper or some sideboard tech. Post board, the follow up Sin Collector is devastating.
    As a result, Champion of the Parish is a little less preferred as the one drop. Though one of the strongest line of play was: T1 Inquisition of Kozilek. T2 Champion of The Parish, Noble Hierarch. T3 Kitesail Freebooter, Thalia's Lieutenant.

    Evasion on Kitesain Freebooter is great!

    Against any counter magic, Cavern of Souls is obviously MVP, but the additional disruption in the deck let's you focus on the other troublesome spells!

    The sideboard is a rough, though pretty serious sketch, based on my own experience and local Meta.

    What do you guys think of my current take on the humans list?
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    With the printing of Kitesail Freebooter i'll be definetly trying an Abzan(U) list. I would even go as far as dropping blue alltogether and go full disruptive.
    My current list allready has some black mainboard and a lot sideboard to the point I feel it's realy just a blue splash for Reflector Mage rather than Bant.

    I wonder, has anyone ever tried a list without the ranp and exalted triggers of Noble Hierarch?
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    How do you guys feel about bringing in Rest in Peace against the stronger GY based decks? Does it take away too much of the power of Knight of the Reliquary?
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    Hello everybody, quite new to the forum and have been experimenting with various COCO decks over the last month, which started as humans tribal. Is has recently developed to a knightfall deck and I am seriously considering the deck for my first FNM for its ability to be fairly adaptive. This is contrary to my other deck, Bushwhacker Zoo Aggro.

    I'd like your opinion on Voice of Resurgence, or rather the lack thereoff. This is a card I probably won't be able to add in time and the slot is currently occupied by a pair of Selfless Spirit which provide some preasure the air while provide some protection.
    The other two drops are 3 Scavenging Ooze and 2 Qasali Pridemage.

    • Would you take a fairly new Knightfall deck over a mastered Bushwhacker Zoo Aggro deck to FNM in the current meta?
    • How viable is Voice of Resurgence as a two of, and if not with Selfless Spirit, what would you replace it with?
    • I have two free sideboard slots. What would you put in and why if you don't know what to expect?
    • The Gavony Township slot is flexible as i don't have a Horizon Canopy, this can be a Sejiri Steppe. What would you pick and why?

    Thank you for your help! Smile
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Yes, that is its ETB effect, AND dies effect.
    The ceiling is when it enters the battlefield with Metallic Mimic in play, you can stack the triggers in such a way that it becomes a 5/5 trample on turn 3. It's a shame realy that Metallic Mimic doesn't work with Collected Company. It does however work with Thalia's Lieutenant when both are hit off of Collected Company
    The floor is a 3/3 trample and in between you have a "lord for one". Not excactly shabby by my book.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Quote from Shelldell »
    Welcome, SmauG.

    1. Maulfist Revolutionary isn't a bad card, it's just competing against a lot of other good cards for the 3 CMC slot. The trample is nice, though Maulfist is dependent upon having another card with a counter on it already to gain value from its ETB and on-death abilities. This is not unusual in a Humans deck, but it's not guaranteed, either. Mirran Crusader and Knight of the Reliquary can also have evasion (Crusader via protection, Knight via Kessig Wolf Run), a degree of resiliency, and the ability to punch for damage that exceeds their CMC.

    2. Both Thalias and Avacyn's Pilgrim are all loosely part of a package. The Thalias together are effective against a huge swath of the format, though they both miss against hand-spewing creature-based aggro decks like Affinity. Running the Pilgrims is important to cast Big Thalia earlier, which is strongest T2 on the play, and it also helps you ease the tension between Thalia GoT & CoCo by hitting 5 mana if necessary. Because you have more dorks you can then shave some weaker 2 CMC humans and load on a few more good 3 CMC ones. If you aren't running 3+ Pilgrims you can get away with 2-3 Thalia GoT but I wouldn't bother with Big Thalia. Running CoCo, Path, and Reflector Mage already gives you some decent game against midrange decks. Rallier's value depends upon how many 2 CMC creatures you keep. If you move to the Pilgrim + 3-drop plan you'll end up shaving some 2-drops which weakens Rallier and makes Eternal Witness more attractive. Overall I'm not pushing you to adopt this package, I just want you make sure that you understand the downstream build decisions that come from it.

    3. Mantis Rider is an excellent card, and perhaps equally important is Izzet Staticaster in the board. However, Avacyn's Pilgrim does not play well with Mantis Rider. Trading black for red and cutting Pilgrim (which admittedly is a weak card in and of itself) means cutting down 3 drops to 9-10, cutting Big Thalia / Kambal / Sin Collector, and adding more 2-drops. These 2-drops could be Meddling Mage (see Headminerve's lists), Metallic Mimic, Mayor, Baby Jace, etc.. the community hasn't really aligned on an optimal 2-drop yet. Most are usually OK, and even situationally decent, but none have been consistently incredible. I cut Mimic once I realized that it doesn't do anything off of CoCo.

    The overall choice of red vs black is largely a meta call IMO. I personally think black usually does a bit better against control and unfair decks while red does better against affinity / infect and a few other small aggro decks, but you can build both lists to try to minimize their respective weaknesses. For instance, I'm running 2x Ceremonious Rejection to try to shore up WGUB's matchup against Affinity (and help with E-Tron). Conversely you can build WGUR lists with more Mana leaks in the side to help against unfair matchups. Finally, you have some lists that try to stick as closely to WG(u) as possible (see EpicEmpiricism's list above) -- this gives you the most consistent and painless experience, which can be just as valuable as either Red or Black.

    4. Don't worry about Solemnity for now. In terms of enchantments be prepared with a plan against Blood Moon. I prefer Reclamation Sage or Qasali Pridemage to War Priest as the ability to hit artifacts and do double duty against Affinity etc is more important than being a human.

    Thank you so much for this detailed reply and warm welcome.
    I have a lot of eldrazi builds in my local group and izzet staticaster is a card which I would prefer to orzhov pontiff vs. Drowner of hope control shananigans, while it comveniently takes care of elves ands spirit tokens.

    Quote from NeoSin »

    I've been experimenting with this list ever since Shadows spoiled TL, but I never made an account until recently. As of recent, with the advent of GY strategies taking over the format, I've been running MB Anafenza, the Foremost. She can easily single handily win you the game against Dredge, and really pulls you ahead in the race against Death's Shadow or any sort of value Delirium strategy. She also has some neat little tricks with Mana dorks and dodges pain in the butts such as Anger of the Gods and Sweltering Suns.

    A card I've run in the past is Grand Abolisher. What are thoughts and opinions on that in the metagame as it stands?

    Looks alot like what i had in mind for an Anafenza, the foremost Build. I have been goldfishing with a similar list and looks like it does stop/slow down most of the graveyard based decks on turn two. possibly with the backup from the board in the form of rest in peace

    I doubt because Anafenza, the foremost and mantis rider on their own don't stop nor trade with the big guys of the format. i.e. Reality Smasher or one of the big delvers. I admid, with Maulfist revolutionary it's situational, but it has a pretty high ceiling at 3cmc and has won me the late game more often then not. Too bad it needs metallic mimic to be REALY good.

    Edit: I guess they all need help from other cards to withstand the big guys.

    I have access to the cards to switch between red and black splash and will definatly try both!
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Hello Everyone, New to the forum and have registered to participate in this topic for the most part. I have recently started playing a Bant Humans deck in modern with a Black splash for some great sideboard cards. The deck is derived from a deck I played a standard tournament with. It has proven to be quite good in the modern midrange matchups. It does lack in the faster aggro/combo matches though. while sideboard options are fine, it's not quite enough to rely on alone. which is why i'm starting with some main deck finetuning.

    I have a few questions after reading this topic:
    1. Why isn't Maulfist Revolutionary being mentioned in this topic?
    2. I play this as a three of, curving nicely from a T2 Metallic Mimic for a massive house on turn 3. With Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant in the deck it's almost never a dead card. Mana costs can be a little awkward at times without Cavern of Souls in a >3 colour list.
    3. Since i'm already splashing black, I have the option to Maindeck Anafenza, the foremost which could take the place of said Maulfist Revolutionary.
    4. Dropping the semi lord Metallic Mimic and Renegade Rallier for some main deck hate Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Thalia, Heretic Cathar. I have a feeling this will improve on early disruption of fast creature/spell/combo/GY decks, but taking away some of the midrange prowess I need vs. big eldrazi decks. Add a pair of Avacyn's Pilgrim to gain back some ramp. What do you think?
    5. From your experience, does the red splash for Mantis Rider bring more in terms of other deck options over the black splash for Anafenza, the foremost?
    6. Will Solemnity be a thing in modern? If so, what decks would run them and would you pack a good amount of Enchantment Hate in the board? Like Golgari Charm and War Priest of Thune. They do take important slots, but i have a feeling the card will mess with our gameplan pretty badly.

    Looking forward to your reactions! Smile
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