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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Hello there,
    I have been toying around Telekinetic Sliver, since I was not satisfied about how the traditional list was performing recently.
    What started as a meme deck, turned out to be superfun and effective (atleast, in the few matches I have tried).
    Enter list:

    Gameplan is simple: deploy slivers as fast as you can, slam a Telekinetic Sliver or a Quilled Sliver and control the battlefield until you can alpha strike.
    However, the deck has a lot of alternative gameplans: go all-in with Virulent Sliver, create a token army with Sliver Hive, or simply flood the battlefield with Lead The Stampede.
    Incubation // Incongruity is a card that has surprised me on how good it fits into the deck.
    Against sorcery based or creature decks, the deck goes nuts. Its weaker against instant-based control decks.
    Manabase is still a work in progress, I have to test Bonesplitter Sliver before saying is worth, and I will like to trim Screeching Sliver for mpore powerful options (i still want to slam somewhere a Necrotic Sliver or a pair of Sentinel Sliver).
    Nowadays, the deck is a lot of fun, and I think there's a lot of potential here (Telekinetic Sliver is VERY powerful).
    I would like to hear your thoughts on the list.
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  • posted a message on Azourius Titan/Emeria Control
    Quote from boktor666 »
    I'm not an expert on Saheeli Emeria, but it seems really good with the titan. I've seen it go off a few times before, played by the guy who taught me how to Emeria, but it had its flaws. Just like you said, manabase is clunky, but I think that a list would be nice in order to actually look at it really well Smile I think, from what I've seen, that you actually might lose faster to more aggressive decks, where regular Emeria has better ways to stop that (but that's my own opinion ofc, I can't say anything all that well).

    But really curious to your list. Mind sharing it with us? Smile

    Mind that this is still an early test list, but It has performed so well for me that I am not sure about what to change:

    Thinking about dropping the basic island. Normally, I use the fetchlands for blue, since I require it very early. I reserve the basic slot to fetch a mountain with Field of Ruin, in case that I have not gained access to red in the course of the game.
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  • posted a message on Azourius Titan/Emeria Control
    Quote from Fincown »
    I've never personally tried the Saheeli-Emeria version but would be interested to know as well. I like the idea of an having a secondary win condition that doesn't require the graveyard. That said, I've always steered away from it because I've imagined it being somewhat clunky, similar to the Emeria Thopter Foundry build. In your opinion, would gain more or less from going full on 4 color Sahieeli? Obviously there are deck building restrictions from both sides, as well as unique advantages and disadvantages. That said, regular 4 color Sahileei can still grind almost as hard as we can from the get go. The matches I've played have certainly been down to the wire.

    Well, I have not played with nor against 4 color Saheeli too much, so I really can't say anything besides speculation.
    After numerous matchs I have found that, as you say, Felidar is clunky. Paying 4 for a creature with bad stats and a flicker effect is not gonna break nothing, and thats why I use only 2 on main. However, I have found it very useful in some situations (paired whit a flickerwisp to blink a permantent during all the opponent's turn).

    And, well, there is Saheeli.
    This card is sort of crazy in this deck.
    Is not by its own raw power, but because how easy it creates degenerate plays in combination with other cards.
    The scry+damage ability is terrific at grinding: I have killed more than one opponent through an ensnaring bridge. The scry helps a lot in beating flood.
    The copy ability is just nuts. From an empty field, I have cast a Titan, return Saheeli, copy Titan, return something, attack with Titan copy, return another permantet...
    And note that 2 Saheelis + Titan also goes infinite.
    I think its not comparable to the Sword Thopter combo. That was, apart of graveyard dependant, not a insta-win button. Saheeli attacks in a different angle than the rest of the deck, but both cards of the combo work well separatedly (something that doesn't happen with Sword + Foundry).
    Saheeli has solved some issues I have with classic emeria: flood, stagnated battlefields, losing gas against decks with better grinding (like Tron), running out of time...
    The manabase is... clunky, but not as much I thought it would be. I run 2 Sacred Foundry, six fetchalnds and one mountain that I can search with Field of Ruin. I have cut one emeria, since I am not as dependant on it as I was.
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  • posted a message on Azourius Titan/Emeria Control
    Anyone have one or two words on the Saheeli-Felidar version?
    I have done a few matches with a 3 - 2 split, and it have impressed me by far, but probably needs more testing.
    Having an "ops, I win" button that doesn't rely on graveyard feels cool (thus, Saheeli does really crazy things when paired with Titan).
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from ekienhol »
    Starting to get ready for the RPTQ next month... I'm seeing a lot more graveyard decks around my area, thinking about hedging a bit for those strategies for the event. I'm cutting Sentinel for Striking in the main, should help with both dredge and humans. Worried about cutting too much for other matchups by making changes, Tron and Control are still out there in copious amounts, tron not so much around here...

    I think the best strategy against graveyard aggro (aka Dredge) is to fight them on the battlefield.
    I found that overfocus on graveyard hate usually tends to delay us too much for the benefits. Also, they tend to recover quickly.
    Using lords and striking to check their creatures, and Diffusion to keep our party from Conflagrate, could be of more effect, as we progress in our primary beatwdown plan.
    Combo graveyard decks (Storm and friends) are usually so bad matchups, that I dropped them almost entirely.
    Due to this reasons, I usually have no graveyard hate in side.
    So, if I were you, I will not dedicate too much side to dredge, and focus more on even matchups (BGx Midrange, control, and the rest of fair decks).
    (If in doubt, a little testing in MODO or Cockatrice will always be of help)
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    How much the single Darkheart in main helps?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Well, Assassin's Trophy is way better than abrupt decay, so a manabase adjustment to fit it into the deck could pay worth.
    I was also thinking in dropping the Mutavaults to increase swamp consistency (too many times with Sedge offline...).
    I will take a pick on it, and test Trophy a little. The card could save some poor matchups.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Congratulations, ekienhol!
    Seems that all the practice and patient work has finally flourished.
    Looking forward a full report, and maybe a bigger success in the RPTQ.
    Keep that good work, and enjoy the victory.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from Giulio »
    4 aether vial helps a lot in this deck

    Yeh, I have realized that in my vial-less testing XD
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Did you have any manabase problems? I always found myself unable to cast some of my slivers.
    I have always problems in figuring how many rainbow lands and how many swamps should I fit in.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    If my opinion is of any value for you, I usually bring out one or two mana slivers and/or Blur Slivers against control;and 1 or 2 Sedge Slivers against very fast decks or white-based control.
    I only side Vial out against Jund and Death Shadow, and Necrotic against fast, go-wide decks (like burn and affinity).
    Better luck in next tournaments. How is your sensations against dredge? I feel like is not the horrid matchup I thought it will be.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Hope you have better luck in next tournaments.
    I am curious about your sideboarding strategy. In particular, about what do you take out the deck.
    Do you take Sedge Sliver against white-based decks? (I did due to path and Wrath of God)
    Why do you take out Aether Vial and Necrotic against control?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Is Sliver hivelord still worth it? I found it hard to cast, and irrelevant in white based matchups.
    And, don't you have a lot of color troubles? I found myself putting three more rainbow lands due to good hands with wrong color
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    I have found a list that made top 8 in a scg qualifier:
    Probably I will give it a shot. I'm a little tired of the CoColess linearity.
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