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  • posted a message on Living End
    Without having tried your list, I immediately think that claim is better in the purphorous deck since you now win on the spot. I can see an argument for bloodghast, but carrion feeder does a lot in terms of the plan a of the deck. It is a low drop creature for vengevine and a zombie for gravecrawler. It can also put your whole board into the grave right before you living end again, that is pretty sweet. The only place memnite is better looks to be on turn 2, if you turn 1 stitchers supplier a vengevine in the grave, and you cast 1 of your 2 2cmc creatures on turn 2.

    Either way, it looks sweet. Keep us posted with how the games play out.

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  • posted a message on Living End
    You might have more success looking for the as foretold living end thread, since that is a play style that already foregoes the cascade mechanic. Of the options, it is usually still cyclers, or ditching cards to kiki-resto/exarch in a single turn.

    Dreadhorde is for sure, but a 2 mana creature that needs to attack to generate any value in modern is a tall order. It dies to all of the main removal spells, and as a 1/3 does not attack effectively. Attacking isn't too much of an issue because in your list arcanist only casts LE from a practical point, which isn't the worst, but doesn't really play well with the rest of your game plan. If you have a stocked graveyard, and just a LE off of arcanist, you wipe the board, put back a bunch of creatures and pass the turn since you've already declared attackers. This just opens you to board wipes, in an awkward way. The primary gameplan of vengevine might be ok, but it is a bit worse.

    If you want to build the deck up, my suggestions are to try:
    Play unearth over claim//fame
    Carrion Feeder and bloodghast are still probably better than memnite, pit keeper, and tyrant.
    Get minimal interaction like thoughtseize, maybe?

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  • posted a message on Living End
    TL;DR Yes-ish

    All those things are good for us, but the problem is that some of our worst match ups also just got better. Tron flavors, humans, "Rock" decks are all decks that just got better from the announcement, and are all decks we can stumble against. Decks like UWx Control, burn, storm have recently gotten new toys and are also difficult match ups.

    The core of a LE deck is pretty solid, but I think it may take a little time/luck to figure out the flex spots. Faerie Macabre main? How many shriekmaw? Once we can answer these questions I feel like LE has a place and opportunity to prize effectively, but it may take a little bit to figure out exactly what that looks like.
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  • posted a message on RGx Titanshift
    Quote from DarkBlack666 »
    I saw some list with Field of the dead, when do they actually use it?

    Field of the dead could be an option if you assume that the opponent has alpine moon, ghost quarter/field of ruin and surgical extraction, leyline of sanctity, fulminator mage, or a handful of other cards.

    That being said, in most of the harder match ups these are not the cards to be worried about. That is to say a handful of 2/2 zombies isn't going to help either. It also makes anger of the god's marginally worse, but that is more of a tolerable downside if the plan b is strong enough.

    I bet the list you came across was someone trying to do something new, to see if there is a clean secondary option to the normal valakut game plan but it seems like the mana gets worse and may just get in the way of a T4/T5 combo.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    @k0no As far as the flex spots go- obligatory comment on whatever meta you're in. Kruphix is sometimes just needed to stay alive in a fair-er meta. Trinket mage helps with the sideboard plan more so that just being amulet 5/6. And of course the ranger really does maximize T1 plays. All that being said, I think the best thing to test is.............. the London mulligan.

    This deck, needs the early consistency most, which is somewhat provided by the new mulligan, and in each of their own ways was previously provided by the flex creatures. Instead of seeing what flex spot is best for the new meta, I've been trying to see what is most effective in the new system.

    Preliminary thoughts, imo, Trinket Mage has been the most useful as it has a much higher impact in the post board games and is either an amulet or can be shipped away in the opening hand when it is clunky. However, my meta is over saturated with humans/spirits/elves, resulting in me always wanting 2 EE activations per game.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    Quote from thesedaiv »
    Would Frost Titan be choice to run in UG in this? I do love Frost Titan and I love ramp decks.

    First and foremost, this is a game, so if playing Frost Titan is the best avenue for you to have fun, have at it. That being said, to piggy back off of @FoodChainGoblins, Frost titan doesn't add a lot to the deck in that it doesn't help with the consistency of the deck, nor does it shore up some bad match ups for the deck. It will neither win the game on the spot, nor can it really claw back from behind. In terms of making the build as streamlined as possible, it doesn't look like frost titan is the extra bomb we want. All of the cards so far being semi-tutorable off of ancient stirrings/tolaria west is low key incredible and cannot be overlooked to giving this deck any competitiveness. If you want a fun UU card to oops I win with, then Hive Mind is a blast. And if you just want to jam bigger beaters, then breach is where you probably want to be.

    Quote from Deruvid »
    Hello folks. I'm coming over from the Green Devotion thread, looking for a more competitive deck (but still ramp strategy), since Devotion has not been panning out for me. How is Amulet positioned these days? Is it worth picking up Amulet Titan in the current meta? I run into all kinds of decks at my shop so its hard to guess what's gonna be good on any given week. Primeval Titan is one of my favorite cards in Modern and this seems like a deck to maximize Titan's capabilities. I understand it is hard to learn, but I'm not opposed to practicing the different lines of play if it's going to reward me in the long run.

    It's a fun deck for sure, and has some pretty solid games to win as well as can win from some positions almost out of nowhere. That being said, it is not the most consistent in terms of speed and you can get run over, as well as the games where you don't draw amulet feel incredibly different. Also, with tron and storm always being around, we will fold to some of their hate as well, which usually just means that people have good sideboards against us even if we're not on their mind. But if you can get through the fact that it will be hard, you end up with a ton of games where you get to make meaningful decisions and linear people as well as make a lot of linear decisions and midrange people. I'm biased but would def. recommend.
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  • posted a message on [DECK] Cephalid Breakfast
    I've been messing around with this deck for a little bit. I know people like the "oops.." win-con in azami/lab-man with a plan b in stone forge.

    I have been messing around with Karmic guide into kiki- jiki into pestermite. It wins just the same with the option of playing splinter twin main to dodge grave hate.

    However, I do agree 4 vials is probably correct and I personally have a transformative board into jeskai stoneblade.

    Good luck.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Zoo [Video Primer]
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm trying to move into Big Zoo and I have a question (it may have been discussed previously but I can't find it). Why doesn't CoCo lists play some number of matter reshapers? With a Knight package of ghost quarter/wolfrun/township/canopy there are colorless sources available to hard cast, plus almost all of the cards being permanents cmc 3 or less seems like pure value town.

    So is there something that I am missing, or is it just a case of "it doesn't help any troubled match ups".
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