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Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
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  • posted a message on A Peasant's Cube (critique/suggestions needed)
    Thank you so much for the suggestions Spike Rogue! Just got all of the cards you recommended ordered as well as a proxied out kitchen finks. I just have a couple more questions...

    What black cards do you recommend to be cut for the colorless cards?

    I used to run skullclap and loxodon warhammer, but I found that whoever drafted them just one the game. I've read a lot of lists online from heavy cube-ers such as Browndog5117 that they don't like to run these two equipments due to their power. Do you still suggest running them despite their reputation?

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  • posted a message on A Peasant's Cube (critique/suggestions needed)
    Thank you so much for the suggestions! Most of them just got put into my cart for ordering... a few exceptions were reanimate, force of will, daze, and the more expensive cards due to price. I just have a couple questions...

    What do you recommend I cut the centaur glade for?

    should I run Disenchant instead of the relic warder?

    My archetypes are "loose". Do you recommend me making the archetypes more defined, or just having good cards in each color?
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  • posted a message on A Peasant's Cube (critique/suggestions needed)

    Hello there!

    I recently created a peasant cube. I was sick and tired of buying expensive commander staples all the time and I was especially tired of my modern friends baiting me into buying millions of dollars in tarmogoyfs for modern.

    So instead, due to my rebellious spirit, I decided to create a cube. I scoured the internet and searched for incredibly strong commons and uncommons and pieced together this monstrosity.

    It's not quite finished: I need your help, internet! As the title suggests, suggestions (pun intended) and critique from any of you will be greatly valued.

    Here is the list of this hideous creature:

    Once again, I greatly value any help you would like to offer.

    Update: Loxodon Warhammer and Skullclamp . I have read mostly complaints about these two cards. Should I run them despite their power?

    Also, I'm thinking of just cutting the multi-colored cards completely to focus on colorless and fixing, as well as getting each color back to 60 cards instead of 59 (shiver). Thoughts?
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