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  • posted a message on Weekly MTG first look at Kaldheim landscape
    This is supposed to be kaldheim? Some of them, one or both sides, I had to take a double take as they look right at home with Zendikar's aesthetics. Specifically Branch/Boulder, Grim, and Pillar.
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  • posted a message on Two Phasing questions
    Could have just read the effect of Oubliette's reminder text which includes a shorthand version 702.25g and h in its reminder text for the indirect effect your looking for.

    Phased out permanents will always phase in, doesn't matter how it got there in the first place, unless the untap step is skipped such as by the effects of cards like Sands of Time. As the phasing mechanic is all about ebb and flow, while exiling a permanent is more about placing a permanent in a 'stagnant water' unless through the usage of cards like otherworldly journey or cloudshift which mimic the ebb and flow.

    Essentially at the start of the untap step the, if phasing is a factored, the game makes two checks in a flow chart manner:
    Is there a permanent with phasing that is treated as though it exists?
    A)If yes, phase that permanent out and treat it as though it doesn't exist.
    B)If no, do nothing.
    Is there a permanent that is currently phased out and treated as though it doesn't exist?
    A) If yes, phase it in.
    B) If no, do nothing.

    And these two checks happen simultaneously.

    Oubliette is a direct manner of 'damming up' the permanent to prevent it from phasing back in. Effects like Sands of Time are instead indirect ways to dam it up.
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim packaging
    Quote from Simto »
    Who cares about the lore anyway. It reads as terrible fan fiction. A couple of lore hints in the flavour text can be cool and add a certain sense of mystery, but the way the story is drive now is terrible. No bother.

    Still, as a Dane, I'm hype for a Viking themed set. Hope it doesn't suck.
    Your not wrong and it doesn't help the planes in the longterm. After all part of wanting to visit certain planes was the lore. If the lore is trash then the desire to see certain planes or characters has less interest behind it.
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim packaging
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    God I'm sick of Kaya. For one, she is probably going to ruin the story again by killing another character. For two, she killed the obzedat! I'll never forgive her. I was very excited to get a new card for them, and it got pushed out by a subpar Kaya card. And now she is here to ruin something else...

    The thing about this complaint is that it doesn't really seem relevant here.

    Yes, Kaya killed established characters in her only appearances so far.
    Yes, a "spirit killer" is probably going to kill spirits again this time around.

    The thing about that, though, is that this is an entirely new plane for us.

    There aren't going to be people who were hoping to see more cards of "Kromaun of the Hallowed Halls" or whatever because any creature she kills this time around will be entirely new and will have no pre-established fans. If anything, putting Kaya in brand new planes is the safest way to use her as it means that we don't have to worry about her bumping off an established character that people already like.
    However this puts the cart in front of the horse. If its to be expected that the new spirit to be assassinated has low importance and is just there to be killed, then Kaya's own story lacks any weight except when it creates internal conflict and havoc. And they already played the same card twice with her in that the death results in any political and economical upheaval due to their absence. Yet unless Wizards has learned from their mistake of actually staying on a plane instead so the players can see how such a world would follow up after such a important event, they are just going to leave the plane as harmed as it was by Kaya's own actions which makes her an antagonistic force on a multiverse scale. Then they will say, when we return, that everything was fixed offscreen.

    TL;DR: Why should we bother caring about Kaya killing some spirit if its on a new plane. And by extension why should we care about Kaya as a character?
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Belbe, Corrupted Overseer and Court of Ambition— Nopi previews
    Seems really easy to just plop down a Ward of Bones with this.
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Jeweled Lotus
    I mean its also a permanent and its also an artifact, and there is plenty of ways to either tutor for that or just recur that from the graveyard. Which means its hands down better than most rituals which are not artifacts.

    There is also the factor of it just costing 0, so it means your other mana is potentially freed up and it takes less cards to pull off a big explosive play which also is a factor towards card advantage.

    Essentially what the purpose of a Jeweled Lotus serves is as a turbo-yet-narrow version of Lotus Petal but only for casting your commander. For example you can always go... Turn 1: Mountain, Jeweled Lotus, Purphoros, God of the Forge. Subsequent turns can be used to play other cards to crank up the pace of the game.

    As any two-color, mono-color, or colorless commander that is 4 cmc or less now be played turn 1. And a lower CMC than 4 really only benefits 3 but also applies to 2 and 1 as you don't have to factor a land into the equation unless they are two-color. While for cards that cost 5 CMC or higher means they more or less have 1 or more turns being required to play it.

    The common, tired, and intellectually dishonest argument to throw at this card is: "What if you draw it at the wrong time?". The reason its common is it parroted all the time as a way to try and show how a card is less likely to see use in a conversation around it. But the reason such an argumentative point is intellectually dishonest is that same argument can apply to many instances when the top card of your deck or your opening hand is not ideal in your current situation. After all how many times has the phrase "I was only [x] turns away from drawing [card]" when somebody loses? The retort one might try to bring up is that isn't the same, as certain cards always have value, but what if a boardsweeper is a dead draw because the current state of the game isn't really worth it and you would much rather have something else? And that is the thing that always gets missed about these situations is there is a lot of moving parts if your gonna say "what if you draw it at the wrong?" As the implication is there is an existing state that could be analyzed, but since there isn't this is like the equivalent of a Schrodinger's Magical Christmas Land in which it has technically everything but also nothing for you and your opponents exists, but since nobody has a concrete state of the game with actual information, it will always result in a pointless rabbit hole of argumenatation and wasted time. A sol ring in one scenario could be a dead draw, in another it can be the vital card needed to get a big play off the ground.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement October 12th
    RRR Embercleave: Oops I win again. Fancy that. RRR
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Zendikar is a D&D-inspired plane as it utilized traps, allies, and quests. Then later utilizing classes and parties as a focus.
    Ravnica is a D&D-inspired plane from the concept of Sigil while having Slavic roots.
    Forgotten Realms is just a D&D plane.

    As for the matter of unique IPs on cards, gee you mean like these attached images of alters? Technically an alter is more of a rare and personalized thing than a secret lair. While Wizards is shotgunning for anything you could wnat, you could just pay an alter artist to make you one. And in doing so you are supporting the community.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    They're not going to errata anything. The triangle simply denotes that in gatherer, there might be another card that's the same, so you can only play one in commander or 4 in normal magic

    Has a system used for this exact purpose.
    Needlessly creates a new system to do the same thing anyway.

    You gotta admit this is horrid decision making. At least if the Godzilla cards had this triangle stamp, that would mean there is still a precedent, but there isn't, as they have an oval stamp and use a bigname-smallname system. It only creates needless confusion because as to paraphrase Mark Rosewater 'muh aesthetics'.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from Blogatog, snippet edition »
    The Walking Dead cards are sold by themselves. (1)
    That meant we wanted them to maximize their appeal as a box set. (2)
    Putting extra names on them was aesthetically unattractive. (3)
    That said, we did build in a way to do backwards version of the Godzilla skins. (4)
    If needed, we can print a Magic IP version of these cards with a Magic name and creative concept/art. (5)
    We wanted to make sure that these cards were reprintable if needed. (6)
    statement 3 contradicts statements 4, 5, and 6.

    If the goal is to be reprintable if needed with the Magic IP with a Magic name and art, and the technology with the Godzilla cards exists, citing that they are "unaesthetically attractive" as why they don't use the technology, that means: They created more work for themselves in the future as they will have to errata and reprint TWD cards with proper formatting using the Godzilla technology to retrofit it.

    Even on damage control they can't get it right.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement September 28th
    Guess I am running Scale the Heights instead of Uro.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Gee I can't wait for the next secret lair
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  • posted a message on Next Year set's to be revealed on Tuesday
    Honestly worlds like Wild West are cringe. I’m not even political on here and agree it’s in poor taste

    Speak for yourself.
    I did speak for myself. Because I literally stated my own opinion.
    The line 'speak for yourself' is an idiom that refers to how the opinion of another applies only to themselves. So you getting the response 'speak for yourself' means they disagree with your statement.
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  • posted a message on Next Year set's to be revealed on Tuesday
    Quote from m_pathogen »
    Honestly worlds like Wild West are cringe. I’m not even political on here and agree it’s in poor taste

    I tend to agree, though who knows how they would handle such a trope?
    Weird West. Its literally its own subfiction of Wild West. Weird West is where stuff like ghosts, zombies, dragons, shamans, magic, curses, angels, devils, time travel, steam punk, and many more just tend to get incorporated into it. In many ways its like saying "How would they incorporate fantastical elements into a world that is basically a giant Metropolis?" (aka Ravnica)

    And the main things on peoples noggins as possible hurdles are:
    A) Guns.
    B) Native Americans.

    Which the first can be solved with pseudo-looking guns, not unlike the Pirates and their handheld harpoon guns with a few holstered flintlocks scattered about.

    While the second can be handled by just treating them proper respect of their influence not unlike how they handled the Sun Empire and River Empire with their Azetc and Mayan references. Yet also remixing it with new elements (Aztecs with Humans who worship and raise dinosaurs, Mayans with merfolk who wield the primal elements).
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Nahiri, heir of the Ancients - Becca Scott twitter
    Boros Cheerios with Puresteel Paladin, Sram, Senior Edificer, this Nahiri, and something like Brash Taunter.
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