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  • posted a message on Decks that create the most interesting/surprising moments or change the game in unique ways?
    This is not what you asked, and for that I apologize, but what my playgroup does about 90 percent of the time is play with the complete planechase anthology of planes. It can lead to some very crazy interactions and is a forever mana sink for every player, in theory.
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  • posted a message on January CCL, Round 3/Top 8: Mirror, Mirror
    Hemlock - This is a very fun card. I think it is balanced but strong, definitely makes players play around the chance that you have it, flavorful, the whole nine yards. My only objection is that is does not necessarily feel, flavorfully, like the angel itself IS an illusion. But it’s not immersion-breaking for me. Love it.

    picnic_bomber - So, can simic get an oblivion ring on a stick for frilled mystic mana? I guess I don’t see why not, though it is a little weird. But with phyrexian ingester and other blue cards existing, I can see the blue half of it justifying it, while the green half justifies making the tokens. This is a pretty cool card overall. I have no sense of how strong it is, given that being a 2/2 that will be tapped a lot makes it fragile to almost any removal in the game. It’s a cool idea, though, no matter what, and a fun allusion to Progenitor Mimic.

    TheDrB - Boy can this take over a game if it’s allowed to stick around, especially in limited. Being able to use the fight ability multiple times a turn is a lot, but there is such a mana investment here that it might not be as powerful as it first sounded. Overall, very fun combination of effects, but also easy to break in the right formats/matchups

    RaikouRider - I know this card is very, very flexible, but it somehow still seems like it could cost 1 less. Still, a fun variety of effects including some very unique ones. I’m into it.

    Gateways - This seems way too strong, at least in certain formats. Dump some stuff in the bin and then on turn four just unleash an army of amazing tokens. It also feels a little off-flavor that it can create tokens that are noncreature permanents, even lands!

    Cardz5000 - Reproof is very expensive for what it does, but it’s on a split card, so that sort of comes with the territory. Replace is just sort of weird. Yes it plays with ETB and can be “wrath protection” but for five mana I feel like I want to increase my board state, not just swap one out for a token. Both halves of this are interesting, but feel overcosted even for a split card to me.

    Willows - I feel this should say non-Aura enchantment so as to not create rules nightmares, but this is interesting that the token isn’t even an enchantment creature. Being able to copy enchantments is something I really wish Magic had more ways to do, and this feels like a super cool way to do it.

    Lots of good entries, so this is tough, but:
    1. Hemlock
    2. RaikouRider
    3. willows
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Arbor Day 3G
    Sorcery (U)
    Search your library for a Forest card and put it onto the battlefield, then you gain 1 life for each Forest you control.

    IIW: Blue Cats
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  • posted a message on The Journey, An Adventure Game
    Hemlock - The main part of this card that is powerful is the last part, so looking at that recurring dash section, it does not seem horribly overpowered or anything. If the opponent can set up a flying blocker or exile it, it’s taken care of, so to speak. Overall these seems like an underwhelming but fine card, and does feel suited to the inscription.

    Subject16 - This having only 1 power is good because those saboteur abilities are both quite powerful. In a lot of matchups the blue one can be very annoying to the opponent in the long term. This feels like a VERY strong limited pickup, and a fun creature. I definitely enjoy it.

    Mergatroid - This is a very interesting creature, and I like that the kinds of spells it doesn’t care about are creatures and artifacts. I think each of the abilities feels pretty solid, but I don’t necessarily feel like any of them embody the “wings of fire” from the inscription in the challenge (+power and flying doesn’t quiiiite cut it).

    DarkNight - The activated ability here is just too strong, I think, at least for limited. Until this thing is removed you can tap down an entire board. I suppose it would probably show up in a context with other snow creatures, but a a commander player, I worry about what this is capable of. It is a very fun idea though.

    Amuzet - I like that this is off-color from the expectations, but I don’t know if it quite lives up to the vibe. It’s a very interesting card in the right format, but I just don’t know if it plays here.

    Atlas - Well I never said it couldn’t be a split card, so this is a pretty literal take. The wings of fire part doesn’t feel very “fiery” or, for that matter, very red. Aside from haste which is a little weird on a four mana instant, it’s got a very white effect. Then breath of ice very much DOES feel on-color and on-cost. Casting the two together can be a very very brutal swing (almost certainly game-winning if unanswered).

    kwanyeegor - Interesting to make a black card with off-color abilities for this. I think that without the abilities requiring the creature itself to tap, this might be slightly overpowered. Being able to tap down 2 creatures for 3 mana repeatedly seems very strong, and that power buff is nothing to overlook either. This wants to be like the new guildmages more than it wants to be like the old ones, I think.

    void_nothing - This is a very, very cool effect. The flavor text helps me see what you’re going for but I don’t know if it’s QUITE enough to make it feel like the mechanics evoke the challenge, but still, in a vacuum, I think this is a super interesting card with a fun, unique effect.

    WINNER: Subject16

    You make it past the second gate, which takes you into the mountain itself. You cannot see in the darkness, but as you progress torches along the sides of the underground passage seem to light on their own, as if welcoming you to the cavern. But despite this, the sense is still one of foreboding. The light is still dim, the silence unsettling. After what feels like almost half an hour of walking, the walls of the passageway grow farther apart as you come to… a spring. This must be the place you’ve been seeking. As you approach you can see for sure: this spring flows with pure gold, somehow. But before you can reach it, you hear a voice booming from the distant darkness: “Who dares disturb this place?” A head comes forth. It belongs to:

    Algthus, Gold Hoarder 5RR
    Legendary Creature - Dragon
    Whenever you sacrifice a Treasure, ~ deals 2 damage to target creature or planeswalker.
    At the beginning of your end step, create a colorless Treasure artifact token with "T, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color."

    “Leave now, and I will spare your life!” he warns.

    CHALLENGE: Do… something! You’ve already found the location, so the quest is technically complete and you could just leave and go report back. But that gold… surely you could take some if you were sneaky, or if this dragon were dead, or maybe there’s another way. Make a card that represents the action you want to take here. (Feel free to explain what you're doing in the post as well.)
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  • posted a message on The One Word Card Game
    Morning Bringer WW
    Legendary Creature - Bird Monk
    Whenever a player gains
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Cavern Expeditions 2R
    Enchantment (U)
    Whenever a creature you control attacks, you may tap an untapped Mountain you control. If you do, investigate.
    R, Sacrifice two Clues: Target creature can't block this turn.

    IIW: Blue Cats
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  • posted a message on The Journey, An Adventure Game
    Subject16 - This feels solid and balanced. The +1/+1 counters are nice for the future and the life gain makes sure you’ll be alive to see that future. I like that the tapped creatures don’t have to be tapped by the spell, it can be from combat or other things. Very solid card overall.

    Schutzwald - This card feels very powerful. Yes 5 life can be a lot but in a life-and-tokens deck that would be playing this card, it’s just gonna do so much work. Exiling five permanents is such a swing for losing none of your own (unless you need to target one of your own to get up to five targets). It’s possible I’m overvaluing this given the restrictions of activating it, but it just seems dangerous to me.

    Void_nothing - This is a very swingy card. I fear that it might feel bad more often than it feels good. If you have no board state, this really does nothing except make you discard your hand, and if you’re winning, then it’s win-more (if even that, because you lose your hand). What it seems best for doing is breaking a grind-y stalemate, and in those cases, I think you have better options at 5 mana.

    SarcasticYandere - I do like the sharing-abilities ability and smacking that onto an anthem on a five mana enchantment feels just about right to me. It’s very powerful, but a five-mana enchantment ought to be given the investment. I feel like there might be some rules questions about having it be a static ability (what if the one card with flying printed on it leaves, but the others still see each other as having had flying because of it…)

    DarkNightCavalier - This card is missing some words, but I think I get the idea. The first ability is very weak, since for five mana you can definitely get a regular anthem. The second ability CAN be very strong, if you have a legend and an army, but that’s a lot to ask. Overall I think this card is a little too conditional, and could do to be pushed a little more, perhaps.

    WINNER: Subject16, with SarcasticYandere in a close second.

    The gate recognizes your endeavor and opens, revealing more road which leads up to another gate featuring another inscription: ‘Wings of Fire, Breath of Ice.’

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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    Uruk of Imbalance RWU
    Legendary Creature - Orc Soldier Wizard (R)
    Creatures you control get +1/+1 as long as an opponent controls more creatures than you.
    Untap all artifacts you control during each other player's untap step if an opponent controls more artifacts than you.
    Enchantments you control have hexproof as long as an opponent controls more enchantments than you.

    Next: a legendary gambler
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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    Pinti, the Vulnerable 1
    Legendary Artifact Creature - Gnome
    At the beginning of your upkeep, put a survival counter on ~. Then, if there are fifteen or more survival counters on ~, you win the game.
    WUBRG: Draw a card.

    Next: Exchanging control of permanents.
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  • posted a message on January CCL, Round 3/Top 8: Mirror, Mirror
    Swelling Splendor (G/W)(G/W)(G/W)
    Enchantment - Aura (R)
    Enchant player or permanent
    At the beginning of your end step, for each other Aura attached to enchanted player or permanent, create a token that's a copy of that Aura attached to enchanted player or permanent.
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Magewright Engine 4
    Artifact (R)
    When ~ enters the battlefield, draw a card.
    Untap each creature you control that has an activated ability with T in its cost during each other player's untap step.

    IIW: blue cats
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  • posted a message on The Journey, An Adventure Game
    Sorry for the delay - prereleasing and life

    Sarcastic - I think there’s already a card with this name, and it’s pretty similar to this. This is another fun variant on the concept, though.

    Mergatroid - Funny, simple design. Seems fine? Maybe the equip should also cost 1? I’m not sure, but it made me smile.

    Sephon19 - The card’s name and effect are a little mismatched since it really sounds like it’s gonna turn lands into creatures. Balance-wise I also wonder if this is, in fact, very strong. With duals and such the odds of hitting one of each in the top six aren’t THAT low.

    Hemlock - This is a fun creature and a fun image. It seems pretty balanced to me, in that the creature is underwhelming but then its tap ability is very strong.

    kwanyeegor - This is a fun one for sure. Nice to have a sort of “seal of blink” with a cost and added upside. Part of me thinks this is too much to be colorless, but with equipment like whispersilk cloak in existence, maybe not.

    void_nothing - I like this card a lot, but I think that activated ability could be potentially VERY very strong, and it doesn’t quite feel bridge-y. But I really like the way to play with targeting yourself vs. not.

    Schutzwald - This might be overcosted but not by much. Could probably cost 1 generic mana less for the casting cost, and keep the rest exactly as-is. This is a fun common aura to play with in limited, I’d suspect.

    subject16 - This is a fun combat trick, decent stats for a “flash creature” at that cost, and it cantrips. Nothing super exciting but also a very fine card.

    WINNER: Hemlock

    One by one the adventurers step on the surprisingly sturdy back of the giant jellyfish that has appeared before them. Once they have all made it across, the continue along the route. As they do, a true road forms from what was originally gravel and rocks. Ruins of ancient toppled columns adorn its sides. You wonder: how is it no one speaks of this? How has this place remained hidden for what seems like so long. You come to a gate which leads into the mountain itself. On it is an inscription: ‘Only together, only as one’.

    Create a spell that, through flavor or mechanics, has something to do with teamwork. It must have a CMC of exactly 5.
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  • posted a message on The Journey, An Adventure Game
    lookashiny - I think the flavor of this card but it’s just very weak as a magic card. We get spells for this cost that tap a creature and draw a card and have flexibility, and other effects that are just stronger than stopping one creature from attacking. If this draw a card and gained some life it might get there, but as-is it’s just too weak even at common to be printable, I’m afraid.

    Tears of Tomorrow - My biggest question here is: is this card balanced at X = 0? At any other value it seems fine, although the card still feels much more red than simic. Using Heat Shimmer as my main point of reference, it does feel a bit pushed for this to cost two mana, even if it IS color-intensive. It’s a fun card though, and I do enjoy its flavor.

    Mergatroid - Making control magic balanced for the modern era is trick (in particular because these days it feels like they could just reprint control magic and it would be fine). This is a fun take on mixing some D&D elements with magic and as far as balance they would print nowadays, it seems fine, if maybe a little weak. Might be nice if the ability could only be activated at sorcery speed for each player.

    kwanyeegor - This is cute flavor for this game but it’s just very hard to assess a card that gets into tribes like this. It is probably too weird to print, but it certainly doesn’t seem broken or anything since it can always be played around. It might just be TOO specific here.

    CalvinSchwa - This is very interesting as far as delaying a creature’s re-appearance to the battlefield. It’s complex, but not in a bad way. I do wonder if it’s a little underpowered given that it doesn’t have to be blocked by more than one creature or anything. Throw a creature with 2 power and an ETB ability against this thing and you might even benefit from it. It’s cute, but might still give the opponent too much choice a lot of the time. Though I suppose it is also very good on defense, potentially. It’s a very cool card, and hard to assess for those reasons.

    Subject16 - Very interesting. A Rhystic effect on attack creates a fun tension for the opponent. This card does seem quite strong, potentially being the unsummon variant of Elvish Visionary, with additional upside. Having multiples of this on the battlefield and able to attack can really force your opponent to keep their mana open. Overall, I like the card a lot and think it would take play testing to figure out if its fun or broken.

    Amuzet - This might be too many good things. Just have green be able to hit a player with damage equal to power for 3 mana seems very very pushed to me. If this cost more and were non-hybrid I think it would be in better shape, but as is, it’s a little too pushed and sort of violating the color pie for green hitting players in the face.

    void_nothing - So: can white get an arguably better unsummon, at uncommon, that can also cycle very cheaply? … Maybe. I’m not sure what to make of this, honestly. My first guess is that it is too strong, but just not by a ton. Having this cost one more mana would probably balance it out for me, as might removing the cycling ability. But for now, this card just seems so strong in creature-v-creature matchups and too easy to cycle in matchups where it’s a dead card. Very interesting design space, though.

    This was a tough one, but ultimately I think the card that just interested me the most belonged to Subject16.

    A mage opens up a portal, sending the cat off to some other place to terrorize some other group of adventurers. The threat having been dealt with, you progress up the mountain and around its side, coming quickly to an impasse — a sheer cliff with a gap too wide to leap, but your necessary route continues on the distant other side.

    Pick one: Design a multicolored card to create a bridge, or design a colorless card to get over the gap without one.
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Gitaxian Monitor 1UBB
    Creature - Eye (U)
    Flying, infect
    Each player's maximum hand size is reduced by one for each poison counter that player has.

    IIW: Change one letter from an existing card name
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  • posted a message on The Journey, An Adventure Game
    Amuzet - Interesting card in that it's symmetrical, but in games where both players have forests this will create a long, possibly un-fun grind, and in cases where only you have forests, it might just be too good if you get a turn or two with it, though I'm honestly not sure. It certainly seems strong, and it does feel on-flavor for this challenge.

    void_nothing - The first ability feels tacked on, but not in a bad way, it's just less consequential. The activated ability is interesting. I think balance-wise it seems quite solid and sensible, the one caveat being that it can create, in paper magic, an unfun amount of shuffling within a single turn if you're using it multiple times when you redraw lands. As for story flavor, this is a solid example of foraging.

    kwanyeegor - You've put a lot of downsides on a card that could probably function with fewer of them. The number for power could be 2 or 3 for sure (if it even needs to exist) and the other cards could go to a more re-usable zone than exile. It's a fun general concept for flushing out game, I just think you may have made it unnecessarily restrictive for being a three-color enchantment with no immediate impact on hitting the board.

    Subject16 - This feels a little weak even at common, but just barely, and it might just live in that "card they'd print that wouldn't see play" space outside of sideboards against vast armies of 1/1 flying tokens. Flavorwise, the flavor text and concept make sense for food, but I wish the name of the card evoked more of an effort on the adventurers' part, whereas now it feels like more of a coincidence that the birds are falling out of the sky.

    SarcasticYandere - "Can't be countered" is a nice, simple variant on the 3-damage-for-2 set of red spells. The card feels balanced and with the flavor text successfully evokes a good hunt. There isn't much else to say here! Good card, good flavor, not the most exciting but it gets the job done.

    Hemlock - Nets to catch food is a fun flavor move, and I'm struggling to figure out the balance here. My gut tells me that, because it's so easy for opponents to play around, in theory, it might be overcosted, at least for it's toughness. But it's not drastically underpowered as-is or anything, just slightly. And I do very much like the flavor going on with it, as it pertains to the challenge.

    Tears of Tomorrow - Is the world ready for plummet with upside? Wizards seems to think not quite yet, given Aerial Predation. It's a fun simple card for this challenge, but I think it suffers from just feeling slightly unbalanced compared to a couple key existing cards. But very excited to have you in the game!

    CalvinSchwa - I like this card a lot, but I wish that the abilities were reversed so that the tokens you make could receive the counters. I'm not sure that the elemental tokens quite feel like they're on flavor with preparing a feast, aside from both sharing some overlap with fire, but the counters and the tapping and the rest of the flavor all feel very good.

    DarkNight - This is a fun card! My one worry is that with changelings and the like, you can play it totally off color, which I feel like Wizards tries to avoid on that kind of effect. But I like the flavor a lot, both internally with merfolk synergies and in terms of the adventurers finding food.

    Mergatroid - Cute animal, simple creature, this makes sense all around and feels like the kind of card that will get printed at common one day or another. There isn't much else to say about it, it just makes sense, but isn't super exciting (except for the link, of course).

    Winner: CalvinSchwa (but a very close competition with several simple, elegant entries as well)

    With each adventurer making an effort to forage and prepare a fire, you manage to cook enough food that should keep long enough to last the rest of your journey, or at least most of it. Your satchels and bellies full, you progress across the river. The terrain shifts quickly from the lush river banks to dusty barrens only an hour later. Turning back, you can still make out the vegetation you're leaving behind, but ahead is only the rocky crags that form the ascent of Mt. Ethreyn. As you begin to plot your route to the spot Allus told you about, you notice an imposing creature prowling just up ahead.

    Prowling Crag-Cat 4RR
    Creature - Elemental Cat
    First strike
    Whenever ~ blocks, it deals 1 damage to each attacking creature.

    It has not seen you yet, so you can design a card to either take it down in combat, distract it, sneak past it, etc. Whatever you like.
    NOTE: If you choose to take it on head-on in combat, treat yourself as an attacking 1/1 creature.
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