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  • posted a message on A whole bunch of commander products coming.
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    Are you telling me a land of giant monsters will not have a single familiar face, like the Leviathan that fought Nicol Bolas, Marit Lage, or evening a Lhurgoyf? I mean...there are many legends that have shown up twice in commander products (yes, excluding anthologies) so I think we still have a good chance of at least a familiar reprint.

    Hate to burst your bubble but that “Leviathan” was Ugin.

    Also they said these decks would be loosely tied to Ikoria on a high conceptual level. That doesn’t stop them from doing old characters (considering how popular those have been) and it doesn’t mean the entire deck will only feature Ikoria themed cards. And, hell, even if it does there are 70 legends in Legends. It won’t hurt for them to spend a few cards fleshing out Ikoria.

    The Leviathan was not Ugin. Ugin "died" on Tarkir.
    The corpse of The Demonic Leviathan, which was slain by Bolas, was located on Dominaria (also known as The Talon Gates).
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Apart from what has already been said, the demonic leviathan planeswalker that got killed by Bolas would be neat.

    I also hope for Tevesh Szat and a new Mishra card

    Maybe the Sisters of Flesh and Spirit & Hidetsugu after he fused with the all Consuming Oni of Chaos (or just the oni as its own card)
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons (Updated)
    If i had to take a guess, the image on the left side of the stream could be the phyrexianised mishra after he fused with some of the machines around him
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