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  • posted a message on Steward of Solidarity
    Blinking that card gives half of a token. I think Charming Prince and definitely Stoneforge Mystic as well as the Wall of Omens you mentioned are more powerful blink targets.

    As for token makers, Clarion Spirit probably makes more tokens on average, and it makes fliers.

    Maybe it's good if Intruder Alarm is a big thing in your cube, I don't know what other cards work with that.
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  • posted a message on [MID][Cube] Smoldering Egg

    A red Thing in the Ice. Clearly this is not a good card for an aggressive deck, but I think it could be very good in UR spells matter.

    Since the flip condition is "Spells with total mana cost 7 or more", X-spells like Light up the Night or Tempt with Vengeance, expensive spells like Fact or Fiction and Memory Deluge, or alternative casting costs like a kicked Burst Lightning, flashbacked Firebolt or overloaded Mizzium Mortars let you flip this with relatively few spells cast (you still always need to spend the same amount of mana).

    After flipping Thing in the Ice, Awoken Horror immediately cleans the board and presents a huge threat. Smoldering Egg's flipside is a 4/4 flier that shocks on every spell cast. This is stronger against midrange decks with lots of creatures that create value on ETB -- you'd much rather shock a Mulldrifter than bounce it. The body is also nearly impossible to chump, thanks to flying and the shocks, while Thing in the Ice has nothing to prevent chumping (by creatures entering after it flips). The flipside of the Egg is probably worse than Thing's, but both are very good, and the 0/4 frontside, which is much more relevant in the matchup, is the same.

    I think this can be a good card, but it does have hard and deep competition in Young Pyromancer, Bloodthirsty Adversary, Magmatic Channeler and Abbot of Keral Keep, which are all go in more decks. I guess it's not worth it, but I'm posting a thread on it as I'm interested to see what others think.
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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Meathook Massacre

    Fumigate / Zulaport Cutthroat or something in between in black.

    In a control deck, much stronger than Fumigate against aggro as it can be played for less than 5 and gives you life for their creatures that die even after wrathing.

    A sacrifice deck can surely find some value in the -X/-X effect of the card as well.
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  • posted a message on [MID][CUBE] Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia
    Comparable to Bloodghast? You cannot discard this and get it back, but if you're casting either, you get a recurring 2-power attacker that can be sacrificed over and over. Though this also dies to all removal, while Bloodghast dodges all but exile-based removal. I guess on an empty board this attacks for 3. Seems worse, but Bloodghast is really good, so I think I'll test it.
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  • posted a message on [AFC][CUBE] Phantom Steed

    This card looks fun. In a blink deck, you probably have a creature with an ETB effect lying around by turn 4, and can flash this in at the end of turn 4 and exile it. The horse has no evasion, so the opponent can just trade with it in combat, but then you triggered the ETB of whatever you exiled twice and traded for a creature, which is a 3-for-1. If you exile a Man-O-War effect like Barrin, Tolarian Archmage or a creature with ETB removal like Skyclave Apparition, it's likely your opponent won't even be able to trade, and you set them very far behind on tempo.

    Also, as a creature with flash, the horse can be used to save your creatures from instant speed removal or to save evoke creatures like Solitude, Grief, Fury or to a lesser extent Shriekmaw, Mulldrifter or Foundation Breaker.

    Most of the time, the floor is a 4/3 flash for 4, though it can be even worse if you only have creatures you don't want to exile, like mana dorks.

    However, the card is blue, which means it is not for powered cubes. Larger unpowered cubes with a strong blink theme might be interested. I purposefully overvalue cards with flash because combat tricks make games more interesting, so I am excited for this one Smile
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] Hand of Vecna
    If you curve out 1-drop 2-drop this, it gives +3/3 on the play and +4/4 on the draw the turn you play it. The next turn, you can attack before playing anything, so +4/+4 on the play and +5/+5 on the draw. You probably play two or three cards that turn, so +2/+2 to +4/+4 the turn after that. If you missed your 1-drop, increment these numbers by one.

    As Patrun already mentioned, the most natural card to compare this to is probably Grafted Wargear as both are 3-mana equipment that give a flat boost and equip for 0 mana. In the early game, the buff is easy to keep above what grafted wargear would give, and in the late game, as long as you can find 2 lands to hold and play cards postcombat, it stays above the rate of Wargear.

    So, if you started the game with infinite life, I think this card would be even better than Grafted Wargear. Unfortunately the card does nothing for you when blocking, and trying to race with it is very rough, as you either have to bolt+ yourself or actually pay mana to equip. Because of this, you probably need to side the card out against faster decks on both draw and play, and equally fast decks on the draw. But the card also gets worse in very low-to-the-ground decks, as your cards in hand go down much faster, so even in the ideal deck you probably don't want the card all the time.

    Overall I think it's actually really good, potentially even better than Grafted Wargear in the right deck? Testing it for sure.
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] Lair of the Hydra
    For a green utility land, coming into play untapped on turn 1 is huge, as it lets you cast an elf. The effect is nice as well, green decks can easily get more mana than they ever will need, and this is also a fantastic card to grab with Primeval Titan. I like it.
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] Monk of the Open Hand

    You only need to activate this once for it to have the ideal stats for a 1-drop, and with a hand with three 1-drops, you can do that before attacking once. You can probably trigger it a second time by around turn 4, so in the ideal case this becomes a 3/3 with potential to grow more.

    Unfortunately, if this is the only one-drop you draw, it is really bad. You can hold it for turn 3 and play it with a 2-drop, but you don't want to be holding your 1-drops. Also, this is a bad topdeck if you draw it with exactly zero spells in hand (and even then only not terrible when compared against other 1-drops).

    With how competitive white 1-drops have gotten, I don't think I'll personally have space for this, but larger cubes will probably be interested.
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] Paladin Class

    You pay 1 extra mana for your Glorious Anthem to get some protection against counterspells and instant speed removal, and the opportunity to pay 5 mana to get another strong effect for ending the game. Another benefit is that you can divide the white mana requirement over two turns, and that you can play it in Lurrus decks. Of course, it sucks if your opponent kills it after you level it to max level, before you get to attack, but they do have to pay 1 more mana to do it.

    In aggressive decks, this is really good against control, because it makes counterspells much much worse, and lets you spend more mana without overextending to a wrath. Like other anthems it is good in aggro mirrors, as it makes your creatures larger than theirs, while midrange decks will struggle to deal with massive double striking creatures in the late game. With this on max level, attacking with, say, a Flickerwisp and two random tokens deals 12 damage in the air!

    It is also good in dedicated token decks, as they like anthems in general and are more likely to be able to pay the initial 1-mana cost without disturbing their curve. They also regularly hit 5 lands, and the 5-cost effect is very scary in a token deck!

    Overall I like this more than Glorious Anthem, but it's been a long time since I cut that card. I do run Force of Virtue and Dictate of Heliod, and I think I'll test this over Dictate.
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] Ranger Class
    I feel like Luminarch Aspirant is the wrong card to compare this to. This feels more like Duskwatch Recruiter, as both are 2/2 creatures for 2 that generate more value later on. With an investment of 6 mana on top of the body, you get 2 creatures with Duskwatch versus a mini Curse of Predation and a Future Sight for creatures with this card. I think that's a favourable comparison.

    One way to analyse this card would be as three separate cards: a 2/2 for 2 that draws a card (comparable to Llanowar Visionary), a mini curse of predation that draws a card, and a future sight for creatures only that you are guaranteed to not draw early. All of those are good, and I'd run them separately (except maybe the curse of predation effect). This comparison is not very exact, as you could for example draw the curse of predation effect without any creatures, but this card always comes with a 2/2, and if this gets removed in response to leveling it to level 3, you lose the curse of predation effect as well.

    In a green section of only super ramp decks, it seems weak, but midrange and aggressive decks will like this. Overall I really like it, but it's hard to see how exactly it will play out. Certainly needs testing.
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] Goblin Javelineer
    At best this is comparable to Goblin Fireslinger and that card is not even close to being good enough.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] [CUBE]: Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar
    Also, it is easy to get two-for-oned with this card, if they kill it instant speed after you declare attackers.

    I still feel it would be strong in the right deck, one with lots of evasive 1-2 drop creatures. Even getting one card from this is ok. But such a deck doesn't really exist in most cubes.
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] - Yuan-Ti Malison

    Let's compare this to Looter Il-Kor. Assuming you are only attacking with one creature, this hits twice as hard but has a weaker effects on the first hits and stronger effects after a while. I predict that the left side of Lost Mine is the standard path to take, though notably Yuan-Ti Malison can still function as a discard outlet through Veils of Fear (but you have to wait for the second attack to get it), and can ramp you to a 5-drop on turn 4 with Mine Tunnels. Yuan-Ti Malison can also block effectively. Overall, I think Yuan-Ti Malison is stronger as long as you are attacking with only it every turn. If you are in a game state where you want to attack with everything else, it is worse, but you can still hold it back and hope to block something with it.

    Looter Il-Kor is a good card and still in many cubes, so I think this card is worth testing.
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  • posted a message on [AFR][CUBE] Hall of Storm Giants
    In addition to killing an opponent in three attacks, this looks nice as a blocker. Once you hit 7 lands, you can keep mana open, and if your opponent has no evasion or instant-speed removal, they cannot really attack. This dies in combat to very few cards in my cube, and 7 power is enough to kill nearly everything. Then your opponent has to remove it post-combat or the same will happen in the future, and they have to pay 3 more to do it. I think this scenario is very realistic against midrange decks.

    While it has no evasion, you can also just not attack if your opponent leaves creatures back. Then, the land is Maze of Ithing that creature while also producing mana. Not a bad scenario.

    I think blue handles the "tapped unless you have 2 or less lands" clause pretty well too. Early untapped lands are good so you can cast cantrips or counter a spell turn 2. For turns 3 to 5, you hopefully have enough lands in hand to play to play an untapped land if necessary, and in the late game the manland is strong enough that you don't even care if it enters tapped.

    I like this way more than Memorial to Genius, which I believe this card will be replacing in my cube.
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