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  • posted a message on Mutating Flip and Transform cards
    Also of note that I recently realized, Scorned Viller is a Human and outside of mutating the werewolf side or changing the creature type some other way cannot be mutated.

    (If you cast this spell for its mutate cost, put it over or under target non-Human creature you own. They mutate into the creature on top plus all abilities under it.)
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  • posted a message on Mutating Flip and Transform cards
    Thanks 938036! It's the answer I learned towards and hoped for my deck :p

    As for the Guardian, I think I've played too many Academy and Arena Rectors so mixed the abilities 😆
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  • posted a message on Mutating Flip and Transform cards
    As an L1 I like fun interactions but I could not resolve how a couple special situations of mutate are handled. For this example, I'm using Majestic Auricorn, but it could be a vanilla mutate creature as I'm only interested in what happens to flip and transform cards.

    Here are my 5 situations:

    1. Majestic Auracorn is over Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant, its controller has over 30 life causing Kitsune Ascendant to trigger. Does it flip, or is that part of the card hidden while under the Auracorn? Does the trigger do nothing and then immediately get put back on the stack because it triggered again essentially 'locking' the game unless someone can stop it with an instant, flash spell, or activated ability?

    2. Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant is over Majestic Auracorn, does the trigger allow the card to flip and, if so, what happens with the attached card that cannot flip. Normally a card that can't flip just does nothing, but as it is treated as a single permanent with another card that Can flip I didnt know if it is handled differently.

    3. At the beginning of the upkeep Majestic Auracorn is over Scorned Villager and no spells were cast last turn. Because the top card has no back, is the whole stack unable to transform?

    4. At the beginning of the upkeep Scorned Villager is over Majestic Auracorn and no spells were cast last turn. Because the top card is a proper transform card, does this now allow the creature to transform?

    5. Golden Guardian is mutated with Majestic Auracorn (the order isnt relevant for this one). The activated ability of Golden Guardian is activated and it dies after fighting. The trigger will exile both and attempt to bring both back transformed. I assume, because of the wording, this means the Guardian will return transformed and the Auracorn will stay in exile as it cannot return transformed.

    I love this new mechanic and its crazy implications to rules and gameplay so I'm building a deck featuring all of these shenanigans :p

    Edit: I couldn't count the number of situations correctly so I adjusted it from 4 to 5
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  • posted a message on Sun Clasp + Kitsune Mystic
    I have a question that came up in my cheapo commander deck. With a flipped Kitsune Mystic / Autumn-Tail, Kitsune Sage and a Sun Clasp under your control, If you move the Sun Clasp to your opponent's creature, activate the clasp, and respond to the ability by moving it back to your permanent what will the result be. Based on the wording and the fact there are no rulings on the Clasp I don't know if the card bounced will be the creature it was attached to when activated or the one it ended up on.

    I could not add card tags to this post because the mobile version didn't appear to recognize them when entered
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  • posted a message on The Vault v0.22 (Deck & Collection Assistant)
    I downloaded it and really like the interface. Is there any plan to integrate imports of collections from Tappedout.net? I started saving my collection in their system but hit errors when I tried to put over 5k cards with different names. After putting in all of the effort to input that many cards in the system it'd be a shame if I lost the data. At the moment the templating is as follows

    <#>x <Card Name> <Optional 3 char set name in parenthesis> <Optional mark Foil - *F*> <Optional mark Alter - *A*> <Optional mark Language - *EN*> <Optional mark cond - *NM*>

    e.g. -
    1x Shivan Dragon (M15) *F* *A* *FR* *SL*
    2x Air Elemental (10E) *F* *A*
    2x Void Winnower (BFZ)
    12x Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

    Also, understanding there may be difficulties importing cards from a file it'd be nice if it would allow you to export the error log with a list of the cards it couldn't import so anything missed can be input manually.
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  • posted a message on Phone autocomplete
    So I love my phone but it sometimes offers crazy suggestions to my text that make no sense. In honor of that I offer for your approval, autocomplete Wednesday.

    Rules are simple, in a reply type the seed word then use only punctuation or words that are suggested by your phone's autocomplete.

    Today's seed word is 'graphical'
    Graphical user interface for sending this message is not the intended recipient of the day of work. The only thing I can get a good time for a long way in which case I need to be the case of an individual.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Previews (9/4): Intro Pack Cards, Clever Impersonator, and more!
    I feel like Ankle Shanker isn't getting enough love. He drops, not to take big chunks out of your opponent's life, but to give you the boost you need to lock in the late game. Mardu is pushed as a 'fast' build. If this is true and you're able to really push out some speed on the first 4 turns, your will start losing board control presence around turn 5 or later when your opponent's fatties/wipes take over.

    Dropping this guy makes your opponents (who should already be under 10 life) not like blocking anyone. It would take 3 2-power creatures to kill the goblin while he is probably not the only threat. Yes it's 5 mana, yes it's 3 colors, but he is a tool. Don't use him where you don't need him (sucks in a fatties deck), but be ready to go wide. Would you complain your Doomblade doesn't kill Planeswalkers, Enchantments, etc?
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  • posted a message on Magic is too popular
    Take that as a note that there is a High demand for shops to play at in your area and start your own. If you can provide an environment where 50+ players can play regular FNMs and you see that kind of attendance you will have a great player base to work and grow with!
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  • posted a message on Mutavault
    Excellent, just good to know as it could be relevant with left-field Enchanted Evening/Deicide Shenanigans Wink
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  • posted a message on Mutavault
    just a minor addition:

    before the end of the turn Mutavault will be :
    Creature Land - Mountain <All Creature Types>
    t: Add R to your mana pool.

    I am unsure on one thing myself, though. Will Blood Moon change the name of the card as well? (was a Mutavault, now a Mountain)
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Power level is right but it seems too complex for a common. I'd simplify the ability (typechanging is complicated) or bump it to uncommon and drop the cost of the activated ability by 1.

    Leyline of Resilience 2GG
    Enchantment (R)
    You may cast creatures you control from the battlefield as if they were in your hand.
    If you surrender your life to the forest it will bring you rebirth

    basically it allows you to abuse EtB and trigger-on-cast abilities
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  • posted a message on Your First created card
    In the time so many of us have spent making cards we sometimes feel nostalgia for some of our earlier work or see how much we've grown in how much we've changed since then. What was your first 'custom card', how did you come up with it, and how has your perspective changed?

    My first card was:
    Flowstone Canyon
    ~ enters the battlefield tapped.
    T: Add U to your mana pool. Put a Flowstone counter on Flowstone Canyon.
    T, Remove X Flowstone counter from Flowstone Canyon: Add X red mana to your mana pool where X is the number of Flowstone counters removed.

    I designed this card way back in Tempest block and even went so far as to draw up a version on notebook paper and play it in casual games with my brother. I seldom played U/R, being more of a green beats player, but was intrigued by the concept of the Mana Batteries and Storage lands but wanted some more flavor. The feel was supposed to illustrate a canyon of soft flowstone that is being cut but a river. Each time you draw mana it makes the canyon deeper. When you finally draw the red mana, it is the walls collapsing down until the river cuts through again. I still really like the design and like that it seems balanced (if not a little overpowered) even with the perspective granted to me by many more years of experience.

    I understand that it didn't match the function of Flowstone on creatures but did seem to, at least partially, relate to the function of Flowstone in the storyline (it was used to increase the size of the Plane of Rath until it merged with Dominaria <Mario Bros movie style [there's an obscure reference {how many levels deep of parenthesis am I going to go!?}]>)

    What's in your past?
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] WotC Mothership Spoils (April 8)
    Quote from NicolBolasTM
    Quote from turlockmike
    Someone mentioned this on reddit.

    Turn 5 flash in red enchantment. Next turn cast fated conflaguration on your own boros reckoner -> 5 dmg becomes 10 to reckoner. Reckoner trigger target player, 10 dmg becomes 20.

    The makings of a red miracles deck.

    Ouch, didn't even think about Reckoner doubling it twice. Even Mizzium Mortars becomes 16 to the dome, even a ping to your own Reckoner becomes 4 damage. Flash lets you drop this after they have already made their blocks.

    While it probably won't matter, this does work well with Iroas, you attack and your creatures do double but blockers do nothing back.(again, win-more and unlikely to be good in same deck.

    Mizzium Mortars cannot target your Boros Reckoner. If you target your opponent's reckoner they'll be the one that can deal the damage to you.

    Either way the Dictate will top out a R/w agro build nicely. Legion Loyalist>Ash Zealot>Boros Reckoner>Iroas, God of Victory(Active!)>Dictate of the Twin Gods. Even your most basic burn spells become great when you can Lightning Strike Boros Reckoner for 12 to your opponent, Boros Charm 8 to your opponent directly, or even go infinite with Boros Charm to make Boros Reckoner indestructible then have him target himself repeatedly doubling damage and hitting your opponent for 2xy (x is the damage dealt and y is the number of times it gets dealt)!

    Edit: Oh, and if anyone's curious, the effect DOES stack. If there are two of the Dictate on the Battlefield (ie. you cast one at the end of your opponent's turn and one during your combat step) and a source tries to deal 2 damage to a Boros Reckoner it will be doubled to 4 and then 8, THEN the reckoner will try and deal it to another target doubling it to 16 and then 32! Even without the reckoner, two Dictates will cause Boros Charm to be worth 16 damage!
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  • posted a message on Necropotence and Faithless Looting
    Yes, Necropotence creates a replacement effect that changes the zone the card you discard would go to.
    err, nevermind, I need to rtfc. The cards get discarded to the graveyard but the Necro has a trigger that sends them to exile so the cards do EVENTUALLY go to Exile zone but you can 'interact' with them until then (ie. Madness costs, Flashback instants).
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  • posted a message on MTG Mythos Study - Dragon Wars
    Thanks Barinellos, I'll be sure to read up on those as well before I post my first episode. With so many resources to check into it looks like I won't be able to get a functional script and recorded episode until around M15. I know it's gonna get easier though because most of the other stories will be presented in a dedicated medium will less scattered information (especially the longer I go as there will be fewer resources that could cover newer topics).

    @Maraxus of Keld - the best place to get some of the older comics is either online at comic book retailers or at local comic book shops. I was lucky and found a couple local shops that have been open since the beginnings of Magic and don't host magic tournaments so they never had a large demand for what was in stock.

    Once I get a script figured out I'll post it here for 'peer review' as I can't think of a better place to find experts on the topics. Smile
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