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  • posted a message on [CLB] Greatsword of Tyr and Icewind Stalwart — CoolStuffInc previews
    Maybe it's just me but the sword seems a little pushed for limited at common? If I remember correctly such tab on attack triggers were on mana value 4 creatures normally. I thinking of cards like Star-Crowned Stag, Heliod's Emissary and Aetherstorm Roc. Sure you need a creature to equip this but it comes with a +1/+1 counter in addition to the tapping.
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Legion Loyalty — IGN AU preview
    Well they seem to value myriad quite high this time. Duke Ulder Ravengard is 6 mana, too and does basically the same but just for 1 creature and with haste. They are really careful with myriad, too. I think all cards with this effect in the set until now were rares or mythics. I am not sure if we will see some as uncommon like the cycle in commnader 2015 Caller of the Pack, Banshee of the Dread Choir, Herald of the Host and so on.

    I feel like this enchantment could have added something on top with that mana cost. Maybe allowing to have the same legendary as tokens or maybe somehow come around the weakness of myriad in 1 vs 1 situations.
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Horn of Valhalla — LOTUS CHANNEL preview
    wow with Valhalla being associated with Valkyries and thought we would get some Angel tokens. I guess I was wrong.
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Legion Loyalty — IGN AU preview
    I mean the card isn't bad. You can get multiple etbs, leave or die trigger with it. It has the potential to end the game when used in the right moment (basically when you have a board and can finish only one opponent a round). It will come as a surprise I guess. Sure it does nothing if your 1 vs 1 but otherwise it does a lot. Still is hard to argument why this should be more expensive than lets say True Conviction. Maybe giving Myriad just for creature with mana vlaue 3 or lower and let it be a 5 mana enchantment would have been nice for small go wide strats. Powerwise the card is fine. The costs are a little hight. I think 6 would have been nice.
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Raggadragga, Goreguts Boss — Amazonian preview
    Don't forget Werebear Grin
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  • posted a message on [CBL] Thrakkus the Butcher — NGA preview
    oof this thing can do some damage for 5CC.
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  • posted a message on The Bakery
    Are you speaking about universes beyond?
    I would like to see characters or bosses from the Dark Souls/Elder Ring Games as cards. Just like the creepiness of those. Something like Silent Hill could do it, too. I am a big fan of Pathfinder and would love to get a Secret lair product with some of the deities or heroes as cards. Even though it would be unlikely that Paizo and Wotc would cooperate (I think).

    Future Sets:
    I would like to return to Ixalan and Tarkir.
    Generally I would prefer to see some newer faces from the planeswalker roster. Like Teyo, Davriel, Angrath, Huatli, Saheeli and Samut etc...
    in paper form and in the story.

    What Kind of set would I like too see?:
    Battlebond2 and/or conspiracy like sets (multiplayer draft/sealed sets) are fun and a little change to commander.
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Build Your Legend with Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate — Weekly MTG previews
    Lulus standard artwork is adorable.
    I am not sure how good Tyrs Battle Angels will be. I mean for 4 Mana you get a 4/4 with flying and myriad. That is already solid but if I read the text correctly than the player gets nothing if 2 opponents have the same amount of hand cards, life and lands on the field or the player has the most of those. I mean you will get something for sure while playing mono white. Myriad works good with Giada, too.
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  • posted a message on [40K] [2X2] Warhammer 40k and Double Masters 2022 Prebeat — Weekly MTG previews
    Quote from Flisch »
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    You're going to be disappointed for quite a long time then. Honestly I really don't give a ***** what you think about certain aspects of the game. It really doesn't bother me one bit. In fact I don't care what anyone here thinks of certain aspects of the game. Why? It has zero effect on how I personally experience it. That's all that matters here.

    Sure, I dislike things to. But I live with it. Going into high school-like cliques bc something doesn't jive with you is rather immature. If someone playing with your example of AFR cards bothers you that much, and you want to table flip and storm off in a tantrum, then maybe you should give yourself a check. I wouldn't want to play with someone who exhibits toxic privilege like you do anyway.

    See, this is exactly the kind of attitude I have a problem with as far as this thread is concerned. People come into this thread saying "I don't like this." and suddenly they are being accused to being childish, of being gatekeepers and throwing tantrums. As I said before, people are allowed to like things. People are allowed to dislike things. This goes for both sides. But what is not okay is to then attack the people behind those opinions and try to misrepresent their posts and actions just so you can come across as superior.

    Cliques? Table flips? Tantrums? I never did any of these. And nothing I said imply I would do these things.

    I normally don't participate in such discussions because I don't see any value. Just wanted to notice that the message earlier in this thread was not: "I don't like this." it was "I hate that others will buy this garbage." and that is the difference. Because what I buy should not be your or anybody else concern. You don't like the UB stuff? Okay I guess. The funny part is that everybody is complaining about the shear amount of products wotc is releasing. So just pass the products that aren't for you. If you dislike that others are playing those cards or that you have to play with/against somebody using those cards than you are in the wrong in my opinion.

    MaRo explicitly stated in his blog that they're doing Commander decks and not an entire set of Warhammer exactly because Warhammer lore is not made with color pie in mind, so it's much easier to do a series of color imbalanced commander decks than an entire set to draft.

    I didn't know that. Thanks for the information. I thought that there were like 8 other factions and that they could choose another one more fitting for a Green/White deck instead of having 3 of 4 decks having black or blue.

    The jumpstart product will have unique cards? Oh well. I hope that jumpstart will be popular so the singles aren't that expensive.
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  • posted a message on [40K] [2X2] Warhammer 40k and Double Masters 2022 Prebeat — Weekly MTG previews
    I don't know anything about warhammer 40k. Just want to mention, that the color distribution is all over the place. 3 of the Decks have black or blue, red has 2, white and green just 1. And both are in 3 colored deck... They mentioned that the decks will have a lot of reprints. I am not sure if at least the new cards will have some kind of colored balance what seems to be impossible with a mono black one (unless the 3 colored deck with black has non new black cards).

    Seeing Aminatou surprised me a little. She is not specially expensive. If I am right all cards from double master should be reprints. Well there were some cheaper reprints in such products. So I guess it is okay.

    Dominaria... Looks good. I am glad to see Ajani again. Dominaria will be important storywise this time. So more Phyrexians I guess.
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Maro’s Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Teaser
    Quote from mikol »
    i am shocked they excluded aasimar from the first set and hope we get aasimar as a race and them not be just angels

    Aren't Aasimars Humans with Celestial influence in some way? Seeing how they handled the Hollyphant I would say they would just give them the creature types Human Angel. Like they handled Half elves, too. Maybe they are just Humans without any additional typing/own typing and the art is reflecting that it's an Aasimar. I am not sure if there is a known Aasimar in BG to be honest.

    At least in Pathfinder 2e Aasimar isn't a separate race. It is just a heritage option. *shrug*. I am not sure how they are handled in DnD.
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  • posted a message on art for coming livestream
    I don't know just my thoughts but Jodah was around for ages. If he would have a a spark it should have been ignited long ago. Shanna is white/green aligned I think. I don't see her being planeswalker material but who knows, maybe.
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  • posted a message on [CLB] Maro’s Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Teaser
    I am glad that at least that card got leaked early... So I already know it and don't need to wait till it get revealed (and have some expectations). It is a DnD creature, tho and in fact an celestial elephant.

    Here from the forgotten Realms wiki: https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Hollyphant
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Benefitting The Trevor Project
    There are multiple queer characters on cards. The thing is you need to be invested and read the story. Not every queer person can be identified by just a picture (or looks). Unfortunately the rule text on cards is getting bigger, too. Making it difficult to add long stories to cards. I think that the direction where wotc is heading is a good start.

    The Planeswalker:
    We have Chandra as pan. Niko as nonbinary. Ral as gay. Karn is most likely asexual being a sentient robot, Will could be bi (he seems to have feelings for Titus) but it was never confirmed, Ashiok is nonbinary for sure and maybe asexual, too? Nissa could be bi or gay.

    other Characters:
    Hallar, Alesha, Tomik, Kynaios and Tiro, Haktos, Halana and Alena, most of the Aetherborns including Yahenni and Gonti, Xantcha
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Benefitting The Trevor Project
    I love this. Smile I rarely interested in Secret Lair products but I really like the donation part and the artwork of the cards.
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