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  • posted a message on Urlich MTG spoiler - Winds of Abandon
    This card is good. It isn't cyclonic rift good but good enough to being played. Exiled is better than destroying stuff at least in my meta with 2 graveyard heavy decks. The mana ramp doesn't really bother me if they don't have a graveyard or they sitting on mana without any cards. The important thing is, that the lands enter the battlefield tapped. In addition white has some cards that synergizes well with this card. Leonin Arbiter, Aven Mindcensor, any land destruction spells, Land Tax kind of effects for keeping drawing. The option to use this as single target removal or one sided board wipe makes it handy.
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  • posted a message on Ranger-Captain of Eos - TCGPlayer Spoiler
    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    There goes the chance of getting a mythic angel.
    Nice card, tho.

    There could still be a multicolored angel or?
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  • posted a message on Force of Virtue - Hobbyconsolas.com spoiler
    Ah yeah. I hoped it would not be life gain... An anthem for 4 Mana with flash. I am surprised because of the enchantment type but other than that... Specially if I compare this card with the green, black or blue card it feels way too bad. You need a wide board for this while the other force cards are always useful. A big let down. I guess we won't get Lema from the silver sword as a creature?
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  • posted a message on Cassius Marsh 5/20/19 Previews Fists of Flame and Abominable Treefolk
    Fists of Flame for Feather and another snow card.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 5/20: Flusterstorm (BaB promo) and Morophon the Boundless
    Quote from joeyb11223 »
    Fun card albeit 7cmc is quite high, you wouldn't exactly want to build your manabase on the assumption its hanging around, and if not I wonder if there aren't better options bar obscure tribes. I'd consider it for insects I guess, though I don't mind using a non-insect at the helm and so there are better options.

    It is 7 colorless, though.
    At least for EDH he gives you access to green ramp or blue artifact tutoring.
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  • posted a message on CoolStuff Inc Preview - Force of Vigor
    Okay if green got the destroy artifact/enchantment effect what will white get? Please don't be life gain.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 5/20: Flusterstorm (BaB promo) and Morophon the Boundless
    This is maybe the best Angel Tribal commander now?
    I mean:
    Maelstrom Angel, Atraxa, Jenara for 0
    Lightning Angel, Stoic Angel, Feather for 1 CC
    Seraph of the Scale, Aurelia for 2 CC
    Sigarda both for 3 CC
    Tariel for 4

    Dragons could be the tribe that get the most of the mana reduction.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 5/20: Flusterstorm (BaB promo) and Morophon the Boundless
    Quote from BestOfThree »
    Question - if you pick a creature type, like Vampire, can you play a Vampire that costs 2WB for just 2? Or does the cost of the spell have to have one of each color in order to have it's CMC reduced?

    Si. You can play a Vampire that cost 2WB for 2.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2019 Theme Speculation
    Quote from Shadow345 »
    Maybe an Utter End style card. Destroy Target Permanent. But mono black instead of Orzhov.

    Hm unlikely. Black doesn't handle artifacts that good. Apart from this only white can destroy/exile all permanent cards and that comes with high cost -> bad card draw, small/no flexibility on those effects.

    Maybe black only cares for high or low CC enchantments. Or it comes with some kind of additional cost like life or other resources.
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  • posted a message on Who will replace Gideon?
    The next Coreset needs a mono white Planeswalker. I think Ajani is the most likely for this spot. Just like he was the White Planeswalker for the last Core set. After that? Well Teyo is a possibility. Elspeth needs more story to actually return and The Wanderer needs more story to back her up as a character.
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  • posted a message on Who’s coming for a card that doesn’t have one yet
    We already got 4 Characters from that list. Historically the Commander products where the place for old/known characters. But Modern Horizon seems to change this for this year. Sadly because we won't get any Planeswalker as Commander from that set.

    Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar (from Dominaria, author of the Underworld Cookbook)
    "Curse Guy" (from Commander (2017 Edition))
    Gix (from original Phyrexia)
    Hal and Alena (from Innistrad)
    Khallist Rhoka (from Ravnica)
    Pashalik Mons (from Dominaria)
    Shadowblayde (from Kaladesh)
    Unnamed white-black Angel sister (from Innistrad)
    Yawgmoth (from original Phyrexia)

    From the list above Hal and Alena, Gix, Vatti (Shadowblayde), Pashalik Mons and Innistrad Black/White Angel have the best chances.
    Khallist Rhoka is a Planeswalker and dead. So he could only show up in Modern Horizon. In Commander would be strange because they did this theme last year.
    "Curse Guy" just seems unlikely. He is a planeswalker, isn't he?
    Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar will be difficult to get a card with that name.
    Yawgmoth... uff I mean it depends. If they take an early version of him okay. Not the God, poison-cloud version.

    Didn't Maro mentioned that Modern Horizon will contain some revamp of old legendaries like Gerrard?
    I can see Hal and Alena in Commander with the partner mechanic.
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  • posted a message on Hiw does kor chant work?
    Quote from void_nothing »
    So Kor Chant has two targets, a creature you control and any creature, player, or planeswalker. When it resolves, for the rest of the turn, damage that would be dealt to the first target is basically just "moved" to the second target - the damage has the same source and therefore the same properties. Assume, for example, you block a Scourge Servant with a Grizzly Bears and target the Bears and an opponent with Kor Chant; in the combat damage step, the Servant deals its combat damage to your opponent rather than the Bears, and since it has infect, the damage is dealt in the form of poison counters.

    Has the card received an errata? Because it says:
    All damage that would be dealt this turn to target creature you control by a source of your choice is dealt to another target creature instead.

    I would think that you can't redirect the damage to a players or planeswalkers. It redirects all damage the first target you control would received to the second target creature.

    Example 1: Your 1/1 Soldier token blocks a Flameborn Hellion. You cast Kor Chant. First target your Soldier token second target Flameborn Hellion. Your 1/1 Soldier would received 5 Damage from the Flameborn Hellion but that damage is dealt to Flameborn Hellion instead. So your token doesn't get any damage and 6 damage is dealt to Flameborn Hellion.

    Example 2 (@peteroupc example): Your 1/1 Soldier token blocks a Charging Monstrosaur. You cast Kor Chant. First target your Soldier token second target Charging Monstrosaur. Your 1/1 Soldier would received 1 Damage (because of how trample works) from Charging Monstrosaur but that damage is dealt to Charging Monstrosaur instead. So your token doesn't get any damage and 2 damage is dealt to Charging Monstrosaur while you lose 4 life.

    Example 3 (@void_nothings example): Your 1/1 Soldier token blocks a Necroskitter. You cast Kor Chant. First target your Soldier token second target Necroskitter. Your 1/1 Soldier token would received 1 Damage from Necroskitter but that damage is dealt to Necroskitter instead. So your token doesn't get any damage and Necroskitter receives 1 damage from the token and a -1/-1 counter from himself because of Wither.

    1. You can redirect the damage to a creature you control but you don't have to. Boros Reckoner could be the reason why you want to redirect the damage to your own creature.
    2. Creatures applies the whole power as damage even if the receiving creature have lower toughness. Trample is the exception because your opponent can assign the damage.
    3. You don't redirect damage if no damage is dealt to the first target. Maybe because of first strike or other shenanigans.

    This si how I understand the card at least.
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  • posted a message on God-Eternal Oketra wienie tokens
    Hi nice list.
    Some little ideas. You have some recursion in form of sorceries. I would exchange them for more creatures that have a similar effect. Like Karmic Guide, Emeria Shepherd or/and Reveillark. They work better with Oketra and the taxing cards in your deck.
    I recommend to run one wall of omens, Kor Cartographer and Solemn Simulacrum. They aren't depending on your opponent board state and work most of the time.

    Edit: Hushwing Gryff is kind of a nobo with the etb creatures.
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  • posted a message on Oathbreaker (60 card, Planeswalkers as Commanders)
    Quote from Joda »
    Quote from Faruel »
    Well is a multiplayer format. Everyone can see what your commander and signature spell is. You need your commander/oathbreaker on the field to cast the signature spell. Your commander won't be on the field long enough if your combo is too broken because everyone will attack your oathbreaker. In addition the format has his own banlist. https://weirdcards.org/oathbreaker-ban-list
    Saheeli, the Gifted is banned for example.

    I like that it is 20 life and 60 cards only. This should provide much faster games than the usual 2 hour games in commander.
    Edit: In edition you can build something without planing to break the format.

    Doomsday is banned as well, which was literally my first thought.

    The multiplayer thing reeks of "Grislebrand isn't too bad of a commander, everyone can see it and I am playing a fair deck, it won't ruin games" levels of naïveté. Yeah, there are social constraints, but a game where I spent 5 seconds of thought before breaking it (literally just searched the list of blue walkers and assumed something was there, it was) is flawed. Very few people are going to play the way the makers envisioned, Sheldon has this probken all the time in EDH. The health of a format can't be based in banning everything you don't like or trusting in people to build fair decks - presumably 2/3s of palyers are spikes or johnnys and Johnny wants to show off the interaction he thought of and spike wants to prove he can maximize the value of the system. R&D makes decisions on the worst possible outcome, not the best.

    It is casual format. If you want to build a deck to show everybody that the format is broken go for it. Make your one game and proof everyone you are right. The other will likely never play against your deck again if it is that broken and you can move on while the other can have fun.

    Here is a little game play video. It looks okay.
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