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  • posted a message on Breya, control into domination
    The forum just ate the post about my perspective about the subject I want to ask everyone in this thread about. Instead of taking another hour to rewrite that, I'm just gonna throw out my question.
    What is the competive advantage Breya has over other stax commanders, and is that advantage significant enough to edge out competitors (the main one catching my attention is Brago)? If the advantage you've thought of is good enough to edge out competitors, then how do we go about further go about further cultivating that advantage? If the answer you have isn't good enough, that does not mean we should abandon Breya as a competive stax commander. It means we need to look at her from a different angle and see if there is another way we can push her.
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  • posted a message on Breya, control into domination
    I watched a video* yesterday, and it's ideas have brought me to a very intriguing question; one that I haven't been able to stop thinking about.
    What is Breya's competitive advantage as a stax commander? What is it that she does better than any other Stax commander?
    Then those questions lead me to another question; is her niche relevant enough to warrant playing her over other stax commanders?

    The best way I can think of to illustrate my points is to compare her to the only other stax commander I have meaningful information on; Brago**.
    Brago also runs a huge artifact contingent. While it's true he doesn't have access to BR, he more than makes up for it by enabling his deck to operate in a far more hostile board state WITHOUT having to worry about manipulating his symmetrically oppressive stax pieces.
    Breya on the hand offers access to BR, her infinite combo wins straight out (as opposed to Brago + Strionic Resonator, which only gives infinite mana), and she can manipulate the board state with her own abilities. Black adds consistency and speed with stuff like Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, and Dark Confident. Red's major asset (funnily enough, this ISN'T something black is providing) is graveyard manipulation, by providing several ways to dump our expensive artifacts through filter effects, and then cheat them onto the battlefield by sacking disposable things.
    I'm not sure just how relevant the infinite combo being a direct wincon is, so I'll move onto Breya herself. She is a toolbox that allows us to make fodder, snipe creatures, reach our opponents life, and give a buffer to our own life. However, in games I've played, I have never really had enough disposable fodder to use Breya's effects consistently for control. They usually just provide a way to protect my key artifacts from exile effects, or add value to my artifacts being destroyed by using them as fodder.

    After thinking about it, the thing stands out the most to me is the explosiveness that Breya provides as wincon, thanks to the aforementioned consistency and card-cheating-in her colors provide.

    I'd like to see the perspective on this that more experienced players can provide.
    Sorry if the post is messy or rambly, I wanted to get my thoughts out ASAP, and I've got things I need to get back to doing.
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  • posted a message on Breya, control into domination
    Here is my current list.
    I would love some advice, preferably using the list of cards I currently have.
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