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  • posted a message on no ban list, special rules
    My LGS is running a huge free for all plane chase style(Except the owner made his own deck from Magic cards). Basic rules are as follows:

    - no ban list
    - up to 20 cards not in the commander color identity are allowed
    - no lands that don't produce mana in the color identity (Example: If I run Yahenni for mono black, but I can play any of the other 4 color cards, but no lands that inherently produce mana of any color other than black), but Gemstone Mines, etc.. will be legal.
    - Instead of planechase, the LGS owner made a deck of 60 cards that start flipping after the first round of turns. The card impacts only the player whose turn it is. (Example: Manabarbs deals damage to each player whenever they tap a land for mana, but only if it their turn. Or, a basic land shows up, the player whose turn it is gets to act as those that land is one of their lands, and can tap it for mana) Earthquake will roll a 20 sided die to determine what X is equal to, and all X costs are determined by a 20 sided die.
    - It's one huge free for all, regardless of the number of people that show up. (Assuming around 12-15 people). So a round of turns will take awhile.
    - Enchantments in the community deck only apply to the player whose turn it is.

    I have no clue what to expect. The typical Commander night is very competitive. Multiple infitite combos is the norm, and everyone plays to win, not necessarily to have fun.

    I have no clue what to play for this type of format. It will be pretty crazy, and I'm assuming will be over very quick. However if 10+ people have access to every color with no restrictions, I think everyone runs answers for everything. Maybe I'm wrong.

    I don't have many cards that are currently banned. Channel, that's about it really.

    So, wondering what to play, and what to expect. Currently, its not uncommon for games to be over in 4-5 turns.

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  • posted a message on Competition
    West Central Illinois.

    Small town USA.

    It's 45 minutes to the nearest Wal-Mart

    Luckily we have a good play group here in town and other nearby towns

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  • posted a message on Competition
    I have to travel an hour to reach my nearest LGS. (Is it still local at that point?)

    Makes FNM tough to attend.

    There are 3 total in 3 seperate towns. But they are in different directions from me, so they don't really compete because of how far they are apart.
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  • posted a message on When to upgrade the precons?
    Hey, question for everyone. My wife got me all five 2016 Commander Decks, plus Wade Into Battle for Christmas.

    With my Magic time being limited to sometimes only 2-3 hours a week of playing, I have only played each deck only once or twice. I Want to play them enough to really get the feel for each deck before making changes.

    How long does it take before you start upgrading and taking apart the precons?

    3 or 4 times playing the deck?

    I'm leaning towards not changing at all for awhile since I always bring the decks with me and if I don't change them, they stay fairly equal in power if I need to lend a few people a deck, which usually happens.

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