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  • posted a message on Theory: Elspeth is a Phyrexian sleeper agent
    Well, they could have just implanted a glistening oil capsule in her. She doesn't need to be a phyrexian. Could be part of a plan for phyrexians to implant oil capsules in potential planeswalkers so that it bursts when they die and the infection starts spreading.

    As for Karn, he never had a spark. He is made of the Urza's Legacy, which contained machines that allowed him to planeswalk (or else, how would the Weatherlight end up in Rath? :wink:). The only spark he has/had was the one from Halcyon which got embedded in the powerstone that was closing the gate to Phyrexia in the Caves of Koilos and ended up being split and embedded in Urza's eyes when he activated the Golgothian Sylex, which made him a planeswalker.
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  • posted a message on Theory: Elspeth is a Phyrexian sleeper agent

    What if Elspeth is a Phyrexian sleeper agent? She reminds me a lot of Xantcha, since they both were raised by phyrexians, spent some time fighting them and have an extreme feeling of dread about them.
    Heliod's strike could have shattered her phyrexian core, which started oozing glistening oil and corrupted her. She's now under Erebos orders but she goes on spreading the plague and creating clusters of phyrexians throughout Theros.
    When they reach critical mass, their worship of Yawgmnoth ends up reviving him as a God in the Pantheon. Yawgmoth overthrows the other Gods and makes Theros his new domain.
    He then begins preparing a new invasion, Dominaria will belong to him!! But first, the phyrexians in New Phyrexia must become his minions, or wiped out from existence. New Phyrexia will be fully conquered or utterly destroyed, as a revenge for Karn having destroyed him in Dominaria.
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  • posted a message on Making Planechase more "constructable"
    Hey everyone!

    I love Planechase and I'm upset by the fact that the last Planechase product released by Wizards is almost 5 years old. I want new content. I see Commander getting new stuff every year and what Planechase gets is the same in a new package. I understand that it is not as popular but I feel we can do so much more with it. So I have some changes to propose. My friends do not like it because it's too random. And at certain point people just start rolling the dice without any purpose, just to see if they're lucky and get a cool plane, forgetting that the cards in their hands are meant to be played. So I came up with some new rules for Planechase, ones that aim at making it more "constructable" and more strategic, less random. So, on with it:
    • Players choose 3 planes and build a deck around them
    • Each player starts the game with the 3 planes face down
    • The first player reveals one of his/her planes and planeswalks to it, getting a fatigue counter
    • Every time a player planeswalks, he/she gets a fatigue counter
    • To planeswalk, a player pays X mana and rolls the dice, where X is the amount of fatigue counters the player has
    • He/she may roll the dice as many times as possible per turn (while he/she is still able to pay the cost) or until a planeswalk or chaos symbol rolls
    • A player may planeswalk to any revealed plane or he/she may reveal a plane he/she controls and planeswalk to it

    The advantages of these rules are:
    • You build your deck around a small set of planes, so you can focus it around them more easily
    • You control where you planeswalk to, so you can plan your actions and play accordingly
    • You really have to plan your game and planeswalks because the fatigue will make it harder to planeswalk along the game
    • For Wizards, they can release decks with just 5 or 6 planes each, allowing them to release Planechase products more frequently

    The disadvantages are:
    • I don't see where phenomena fits (which may not be a disadvantage at all :tongue:)
    • The planeswalking dice may need to have a different set of faces, like 2 of each (planeswalk, chaos and blank)

    Now, I haven't tried this but I'm confident it can make Planechase much more enjoyable. If these new rules sparked some curiosity in you please try them and let me know what you think of them.

    Happy Planeswalkings
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