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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    How do some of the more experienced Storm pilots feel about a 2-of Pyromancer Ascension mainboard or otherwise? I like the alternate route to storm off quickly with minimal resources & dodge removal; conversely I find it clunky half the time and board it out fairly often. Although my irl play time has been restricted due to higher education and university work, I have been pimping my signed Storm paper list & grinding online.

    Could use some feedback. List for reference:
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Took the deck to two modern tournaments one on Tuesday and the other today. I’m not normally a Burn fan, but while I finish up my Modern and EDH decks I like to borrow a swift Naya list from a friend.

    Modern Event Aug 29th: 4-0

    Round 1: Death’s Shadow 2-0
    Round 2: Storm 2-0
    Round 3: Scapeshift 2-1
    Round 4: Bant Spirits 2-0

    Modern FNM: 3-1, 1st due to breakers

    Round 1: Affinity 2-0
    Round 2: Soul Sisters 2-1
    Round 3: Living End 2-1
    Round 4: Bant Eldrazi 1-2

    Safe to say best in the format? Maybe, but its definitely getting there.
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