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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Hey guys, update on PPTQs. Took 7th in one and 3rd in the other. Unfortunate, but still feel like the deck is fine in the meta. Of note, my losses were to Grixis DS, Abzan Mid, Lantern, and Titanshift. Lantern and Titanshift were very close games--lost to the right topdeck with lethal (Lantern)/Lili ult (Shift) on board.

    That said, I think I am going to be moving to Lantto's build. I really struggle with cutting Tarfire as I feel as though my win rate has suffered every time I go below 2, but I do like the build overall (specifically no longer needing Fulminator for big mana). Not entirely sure there's not a better answer to the grind-package than the white splash...I feel like that's the other weakness of the deck.

    Oh, and I played a couple unconventional SB cards that I've been testing for a while--Jund Charm and Blessed Alliance--both were and have been great.

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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    A few pages back there were a couple posts on Rancor vs. TBR--curious if anyone has tested this more? I'm kind of into the idea given the current meta.

    Also curious the current thoughts on Hazoret. I see a lot of posts running the card, but I feel like I'm leaning more towards a 3rd LotV or Maelstrom Pulse. What do you guys think?

    Have a PPTQ this weekend and I thought I'd be able to get more testing in, but life has kinda ruined that. I only have a few leagues of testing with these cards and not enough data to form a conclusion...

    Thanks all!
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Quote from FlyingDelver »
    Ghor-clan won me a game once as i simply hardcasted it and trampled over for the win

    I had a game like this too, but when I watched it back Brutality would've been so much better. I had it in my opening hand against Abzan and if it had been Brutality I would've discarded his Path and my Shadow never would've died. Or if they're at 2 life you just drain for 2. I don't know the specifics of your game, but you could also consider if another card would've been good too.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    I love Ghor, it took me a while to appreciate the card. It honestly wins me a lot of game 1's

    Yesterday on mtgo, game 1 I played some kind of mono white deck that played Squadron Hawks, Ranger of Eos, Martyr of Sands, etc

    He kept chump blocking and gaining mass amounts of life

    He gets me down to 2 life, I tutored for Rampager a turn before, I crack a land for 1 the next turn, swing with Shadow, play Ghor and then cast a lemur battle rage for a 16/16 trampling double striker, he went from 26 life to -8 with a blocker. He was extremely salty and left before sideboards came up

    I would say this is just me recognizing a card being good when it does work, but Ghor and Temur battle-rages have seriously stolen games I had no business winning, they've definitely earned 3x spots for me.

    I mean sure, it's won us ALL games...but are you weighing all of the data, or just focusing on the games where it was good? Because I loved the card at first and for that exact reason--"it won me that one game that one time." But after reviewing all of my games, it has lost me at least as many games as it has won me because almost every time I drew it something else would've been better (again, in my case I was comparing vs the Brutality I would like to move into the MB to free up a SB slot). So I have to weigh those 1% of games where you want to tutor for it vs. the games where you draw it and don't want it.

    I mean, even in your example, if he went to -8 you didn't even need the Ghor-clan. Dand don't mistake, I am only talking about Ghor-clan...TBR has clearly earned it's spot for me.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Jund
    Has anyone else been unimpressed with Ghor-clan?

    I have played ~70 matches on MODO and I have tutored it exactly twice and drew it about 12 times.

    In those games the 2 times I tutored for it he won me the game, but likely another DS would have won as well.

    In the times I drew it, it lost me the game (versus something else, like a MD Brutality) 3 times, and was worse than Brutality 8 times (by worse I mean Brutality would've been situationally better). It won me 1 game, but Brutality probably would have too in that situation.

    Finally the fact that I virtually never tutor for it when given probably over 150+ opportunities over those matches leads me to believe I don't need it...it just feels nice to have a tutor-able trample effect.

    Anyone else have similar or contrary results?
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