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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Thanks for the help folks. Good points. I'll adjust rankings accordingly. Just have a couple responses concerning specific cards

    Yeah concerning [card]Soul of the Rapids, I leaned to Borderline with it being more of an archetype card or at least requires some consideration when cube building but I could see it at cubeable as a resilient and evasive control finisher. That or maybe some borderline creatures in that cmc slot aren't as good anymore. Could be a combination of the two also.

    Giltgrove Stalker isn't really a strictly worse Wandering Wolf because just as is, wolf can be blocked by 2/X's unlike stalker. I think wolf may be more a borderline archetype card, since it require a decent amount of equipments/auras to make use of it's full potential, or at least as good as Stalker.

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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Thoughts on this for the Rivals Update?

    Cleansing Ray (Bad):
    Put with group of bad modal cards that starts with Alabaster Potion

    Exultant Skymarcher (Cubeable):
    Functional reprint of Chapel Geist

    Luminous Bonds (Borderline):
    Put with the group of similar enchantments that have no significant upside in the average cube that starts with Bound in Silence)

    Martyr of Dusk (Bad):
    The initial body is bad and the 1/1 with lifelink you get when it dies doesn't make it interesting.

    Moment of Triumph (Borderline):
    The pump isn't best, but with the extra life attached it can be nice.

    Sanguine Glorifier (Bad):
    Tribal card

    Snubhorn Sentry (Bad):
    The body takes way too long to be relevant.

    Squire's Devotion (Borderline):
    A fine aura, but it's usually still not worth the risk of card disadvantage on non-hexproof creatures.

    Sun-Crested Pterodon (Bad):
    Tribal Card

    Sun Sentinel (Bad):
    Functional reprint of Huatli's Snubhorn
    Crashing Tide (Borderline):
    Will mostly be a Drag Under in the average cube so group this with that

    Deadeye Rig-Hauler (Bad)
    The timing restriction for the bounce takes a lot of the oomph out of Man-o'-War-style cards since you can't bounce anything pre-combat and you may not even be able to make a profitable attack, in a scenario you might have been able to if you could bounce before combat.

    Kitesail Corsair (Cubeable):
    Could just group with the similar Welkin Tern and similar. It's slightly different of course, but I don't think it's different enough that it needs its own entry. Mostly a side-grade.

    Mist-Cloaked Herald (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Triton Shorestalker

    River Darter (Bad):
    Put in the group of creatures with way-too situational abilities.

    Sea Legs (Bad):
    Tribal Card

    Secrets of the Golden City (Borderline):
    An upgraded version of divination for the cost of an extra U in the cost. Still not very exciting though.

    Soul of the Rapids (Borderline):
    The body is small to begin with, but it's a good carrier of equipment and aura. It can be nice if you support the hexproof archetype.

    Spire Winder (Bad):
    The initial body isn't exciting and it can take a while to turn on Ascend.

    Sworn Guardian (Bad):
    group with the similar vanilla 1/3s

    Waterknot (Cubeable):
    Functional Reprint of Claustrophobia
    Canal Monitor (Bad):
    Functional reprint of Mass of Ghouls

    Dark Inquiry (Bad):
    Group with similar bad 3 cmc discard spells (starts with Coercion)

    Dinosaur Hunter (Bad)
    Groupe with the other bears with fringe upsides

    Dusk Charger (Borderline)
    Getting bigger in the late game is nice, but the initial body isn't very exciting and black doesn't go very wide or use permanent based removal very often to help with Ascending.

    Dusk Legion Zealot (Borderline):
    The black Elvish Visionary. They body isn't great, but it replaces itself at least.

    Fathom Fleet Boarder (Borderline?)
    Do you folks think the 1 less life loss makes this good enough to be a ranking above Serpent Warrior?

    Grasping Scoundrel (Cubeable)
    A fine 2 power aggressive 1-drop

    Gruesome Fate (Bad)
    Group with Alms of the Vein to create a group of bad life-loss cards

    Impale (Bad)
    Group with other 4 cmc sorcery speed unconditionals

    Moment of Craving (Cubeable)
    A solid removal spell that's best against aggro but otherwise still fine and flexible. Mostly the strictly better Sorin's Thirst

    Vampire Champion (Borderline)
    A decent sized body that can trade with anything.

    Voracious Vampire (Bad)
    Tribal Card
    Bombard (Borderline)
    Flame Slash at instant speed can be nice but 3 mana is bit much

    Brazen Freebooter (Bad)
    The treasure can sometimes be nice to help double spell or fix mana but otherwise, it's just a Hill Giant

    Buccaneer's Bravado (Bad)
    Tribal Card

    Fanatical Firebrand (Borderline)
    Group with Mogg Fanatic

    Frilled Deathspitter (Borderline)
    A decent body with damage tacked on is nice.

    Goblien Trailblazer (Cubeable)
    A solid 2-power creature with evasion

    Mutiny (Bad)
    A neat design, but red has better options for removal.

    Orazca Raptor (Bad)
    Functional Reprint of Hyena Pack

    Stampeding Horncrest (Bad)
    Tribal Card

    Sun-Collared Raptor (Bad)
    It's bad in the early game and requires a decent amount of mana each turn to be relevant.

    Swab Goblin (Bad)
    Put with other vanilla bears

    Swaggering Corsair (Cubeable)
    A 3/3 for 3 mana is good and Raid isn't usually too hard to enable in red decks.
    Hardy Veteran (Borderline)
    A fine pseudo-evasive two drop. Could just group with Deeproot Warrior

    Giltgrove Stalker (Borderline or Cubeable?)
    Another fine evasive two-drop. May just group it with Hardy Veteran

    Jade Bearer (Bad):
    Tribal Card

    Jadecraft Artisan (Borderline)
    A Hill Giant with a decent upside. Not great, but not terrible either.

    Jungleborn Pioneer (Bad):
    Group with Scion Summoner

    Knight of the Stampede (Bad):
    Tribal Card

    Orazca Frillback (Cubeable):
    Functional reprint of Alpine Grizzly

    Overgrown Armasaur (Borderline):
    Requires some built around with other cards like pingers to worthwhile, but can potentially make a decent amount of saprolings.
    Gleaming Barrier (Bad)
    Group with other similar bad walls

    Orazca Relic (Borderline):
    A 3-mana rock that only produces colorless mana isn't exciting but being able to turn it into a card and 3 life once it's no longer needed is pretty nice.
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  • posted a message on [GoR] - Guilds of Ravnica Spoiler Discussion
    Got an decent graveyard archetype payoff card for golgari. I like it.

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  • posted a message on [GoR] - Guilds of Ravnica Spoiler Discussion
    Watcher is a nice twist on sphinx. Nice for enabling graveyard stuff, even if just a little bit.

    I wouldn't say that Piston-Fist Cyclops is simply a worse Nivix Cyclops. Yes, it lacks the combo kill potential if it's thing in your cube, but this is at least just as good in more regular tempo style decks. Though the benefits are limited to once per turn vs cyclops. It also is a lot better on defense. While it loses a single toughness it default has 4 power to help hold off possible attackers. It also flexible casting-wise and goes in a lot more decks than nivix can.

    Patrol looks decent. Best mentor card so far probably.
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  • posted a message on [GoR] - Guilds of Ravnica Spoiler Discussion
    Wow, the Mediator art looks gorgeous but probably not worth it over Centaur Healer.

    ~ has double strike if you control a gate
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  • posted a message on [GoR] - Guilds of Ravnica Spoiler Discussion
    It seems about one mana too expensive. It's sort of like a bigger version of Agony Warp that deals with bigger threats somewhat better but doesn't seem better in enough situations to make it worth two more mana. It's a nice combination of effects though.
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  • posted a message on [GoR] - Guilds of Ravnica Spoiler Discussion
    Here's a low res image of Healer's Hawk from reddit

    Also, Arboretum Elemental is an uncommon

    Overall, initial cards don't seem the most exciting. Some initial thoughts are

    • Jump-start cards we've gotten so far seem overcosted for the effect or not very impactful.
    • Mentor is seems like more of a win-more mechanic, at least on such fragile bodies. The creatures we've seen that have it so far aren't exciting.
    • Moodmark Painter seems like a decent archetype support card if you support graveyard shenanigans in your cube. Will be excited to see what other support there is,
    • Rosemane Centaur seems like an fine 5 drop. It's not the most exciting at first glance but seems like a fine sign post card if gw is swarm in your cube.

    Edit: Formatting
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  • posted a message on M19 Commons Spoilers
    Full Spoiler is up. Got a few more cards.

    Nothing too exciting. Vampire Neonate could be a somewhat decent black card to help support Epicure of Blood I guess.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Thanks for the input, valid points. I'll fix the ratings when I put them in. A few thoughts/things on individual cards though

    Didn't get around to actually doing anything with the white 3/1 vanilla's yet. Will address that with next update.

    Yeah, concerning Thief, Idk maybe it's overrated a little bit in peasent and/or it's just because peasant has more overall powerful non-creature spells. Pauper still has some solid removal and non-cratures though. Haven't had much experience with it myself so borderline for now.

    My reasoning for putting Earth Elemental as borderline was because the somewhat similar (at least in sum of p/t) 5/4s for 5 vanillas at borderline, which may or may not be the correct rating for them Idk. I guess you'll usually want the extra power over the toughness but Idk if that means E Elemental should go down a rating, to where there are also vanilla 4/4s. I agree it's a not a great or exciting card overall but that was my thought process at least.

    Cubeable seems like a fine spot for Forked Bolt then. I think it's on par with the 1 damage spells that can be cast at least twice.

    I'll go ahead and move Burn the Impure down a rating to be with Draconic Roar at bad then.

    Slime Molding has few advantages of it's own, when compared to Ivy Elemental, though probably fewer overall. It works with Archaeomancer-like cards a few other way more fringe things. Ivy Elemental may have the edge overall, but I they're still underwhelming enough in the earliar parts of the game that borderline is fine for both of them.

    Borderline still seems fine for Star Compass. Yes it comes into play tapped, but that doesn't always make a big difference and helping fix for single-color double mana-symbol costs can be useful if your low on one type of land. It's still a 2-mana rock and it's at least on the same level as the group of generic 2 cmc colorless mana rocks with fringe upsides at borderline.

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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Thoughts on these ratings/placements for Iconic Masters?

    Angel of Mercy (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Aven of Enduring Hope.

    Emerge Unscathed (Cubeable):
    Put with the group of similar white 1 cmc protection spells at cubeable

    Seeker of the Way (Cubeable?):
    A great card for agressive/tempo decks. Just from the threat that prowess presents, this creature can be pseudo unblockable some times and with just one trigger, it becomes a big 3/3 lifelinker.

    Survival Cache (Bad):
    It's an unique take on a white Divination, but it's very situational and high varience. At it's ceiling it's a fine card, but it can quickly become just a Healing Hands or even a Sacred nectar which are terrible cards. Against aggro it's Sacred Nectar and against control it's Divination with a life boost. Also, it's pretty unreliable against midrange.

    Sustainer of the Realm (Bordline):
    A 2 power flyer that can block really well is ok but not exciting.
    A 3 mana counter with possible card selection in the form of scry is an okay card.

    Jace's Phantasm (Bad):
    In most cubes it it will take way too long to be any more than Flying Men. It would be a good payoff for a cube with a mill-theme.

    Jhessian Thief (cubeable):
    The threat alone that prowess presents can be nice evasion at times and this is card is a fine threat in tempo or spells-matter decks,

    Riverwheel Aerialists (cubeable):
    It has a solid and evasive body to be a good finisher option.
    Foul-Tongue Invocation (bad):
    Tribal Card

    Thrill-Kill Assassin (Staple??):
    The flexibility to either be a 2/3 deathtouch attaker in the early game or a deathtouch 1/2 bocker if needed makes this card great.

    Virulent Swipe (Borderline):
    Surprise deathtouch can be a nice combat trick, but it will still essentially be 2 for 1 trade against you, unless the creature happens to have a high enough touhness to already survive on its own. While not exciting, it can be used just as a buff for getting damage through if needed. The turn it comes off rebound isn't great since your opponent will see it coming, but it can get a little more damage through on a creature that wouldn't already have been blocked and traded for 1 for 1, since there's no toughness buff. While nice options to have, the deathtouch and power buff don't really have any synergy with each other with no toughness buff.

    Wight of Precinct Six (Cubeable):
    It not actually a turn 2 play, but a solid late game creature that can grow to be huge as the game goes on.
    Draconic Roar (Borderline):
    Combine with Burn the Impure to be a group of 3 damage removal spells with fringe upsides, which are outclassed by many better versions

    Dragonlord's Servant (Bad):
    Tribal card

    Earth Elemental (Borderline):
    It's a ok sized body for the cost, but it's a strictly worse Wayward Giant.

    Furnace Whelp (Cubeable):
    It's somewhat fragile, but it can be a solid evasive finisher for red.

    Mark of Mutiny (Borderline):
    Can probably be put with the Act of Treason group
    Crowned Ceratok (Borderline):
    An alrighty build-around for decks and there are a decent amount of incidental +1/+1 counters in cubes lying around already.

    Duskdale Wurm (Borderline):
    A huge body with trample is solid, but by the time you get up to 7 mana you'll often prefer something a little extra like Oakgnarl Warrior's vigilance over the 2 extra power.

    Ivy Elemental (Borderline):
    Can be grouped with the mostly functional reprint of Slime Molding

    Jaddi Offshoot (Bad):
    It can be fine when gotten out early agaisnt aggro, but other than that it's too bad to be worth it.

    Lead the Stampede (Cubeable):
    A great form of card advantage for most green decks. Limited decks play plenty of creatures already and green is typically the most creature-dense color.

    Prey's Vengeance (Cubeable)
    It's a fine combat trick that can do it's job and then come back the following turn with Rebound. During the rebound turn, it's likely to either force through a lot of damgage or make your opponent make an somewhat ideal or less ideal chump to stop a big chunk of damage.
    Darksteel Axe (Borderline):
    Indestructible on Bonesplitter isn't worth the doubled equip cost and the indestructibility will be an irrelvant line of text most of the time.

    Scion of Ugin (Cubeable):
    The flying 4/4 flying body is an fine rate for colorless.

    Guardian Idol (Cubeable):
    Could be combined with mind stone to form the group of 2 cmc colorless mana rocks with useful second options when mana is no longer needed.

    Star compass (Borderline): This could probably be grouped with the group of 2-cmc rocks (that starts with Fractured Powerstone) with minamal upsides but still "okay". I think Fellwar Stone could also be bumped up a rating to be with this group.
    Forked Bolt (simple staple right?... or just cubeable?)
    The flexibility of Twin Bolt for just 1 mana is amazing.

    Seems it must have been overlooked since it was just randomly downshifted in a duel deck.
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  • posted a message on M19 Commons Spoilers
    Yeah, that's fair point. I guess I was too high on it.
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  • posted a message on M19 Commons Spoilers
    Got some new spoilers

    Gearsmith guardian is just wow. It's a unexpected pretty big body for blue, for only needing a blue creature, for only 5 mana. Even if you don't have one it's still somewhat serviceable without the 2 mana even if it's not exciting.

    Drillmaster has a neat etb effect. Not sure how good it but could be decent. In the late-game it can make a big creature a huge first striker that needs to be chumped or it will deal a lot of damage which could be nice.

    Viashino Pyromancer is mostly a better Nest Robber
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Just glad to be of help and thanks for the input guys, your points make sense.

    Quote from Al_Z_Heimer »

    -Raptor CompanionI like the 3/1s for 1C. I think Cubeable is fine, but with the current redundancy I could see an argument for Borderline. Definitely not bad.

    Oh, I actually meant to say borderline for that creature, didn't mean to put it at bad. As for the borderline vs cubeable, it feels like they're right near line. Might just be worth leaving them where they for the time being, I'm not sure.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    What are everyone's thoughts on these ratings/placements for Ixalan cards?

    Bishop's Soldier (Cubeable):
    A lifelink 2/2 body is alright and can make for a nice roadblock for against agressive decks.

    Encampment Keeper (Borderline):
    The early game body isn't great, but the ability to be relevant lategame can be nice.

    Huatli's Snubhorn (Bad):
    Can be combined with the group of similar vigilance creatures, that starts with Alaborn Grenadier

    Kinjalli's Caller (Borderline):
    I'd say this is pretty bad but should probably be grouped with the similar tribal creatures, that are good with enough support, which should maybe be bumped down to bad, where tribal cards are at in nearly every other section of project ratings.

    Legion Conquistador (Bad):
    This can be combined with the group of cards that don't work in most cubes, that starts with Pious Kitsune

    Legion's Judgment (Bad):
    As a removal spell, it's pretty narrow and outclassed by Radiant's Judgment

    Looming Altisaur (Borderline):
    Can be a big roadblock for control decks, but it doesn't have a lot of power.

    Paladin of the Bloodstained (Borderline):
    The combination of bodies and stats aren't great but not bad either.

    Pious Interdiction (Cubeable):
    It's a strictly worse Faith's Fetters, but it still good for eliminating a threat and helping stabilize against aggressive decks.

    Pterodon Knight (Bad):
    tribal card

    Queen's Commission (Bad):
    Even with lifelink, two 1/1 tokens aren't worth 3 mana

    Raptor Companion (Bad):
    Functional reprint of Blade of the Sixth Pride. Also, this is up for debate, but I think the group of vanilla 3/1s for 2 mana (starts with Blade) could be bumped down a rating to borderline. I don't think there necessarily cubeable worthy, especially with the now 3 versions with varying quality levels of upside we've now have.

    Ritual of Rejuvenation (Bad):
    put in the group with Healing Hands

    Shining Aerosaur (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Skyswirl Harrier

    Skyblade of the Legion (Bad):
    Functional reprint of Concordia Pegasus

    Slash of Talons (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Righteous Blow.

    Sunrise Seeker (borderline):
    Neither outcome is that great or exciting

    Territorial Hammerskull (Staple):
    Could probably be combined with Master of Diversion. I know Hammerskull has one more toughness but not sure if it needs its own separate entry currently

    Vampire's Zeal (Bad):
    This, along with Strength of Arms, could be grouped with Lithomancer's Focus
    Castaway's Despair (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Sleep Paralysis.

    Depths of Desire (Bad):
    This could be combined with the group of cards with better alternatives that start with Aether Tradewinds.

    Dive Down (borderline):
    This can be combined with the group of similar spells that starts with Intervene

    Headwater Sentries (Borderline):
    With its high toughness and decent power, it can be a nice roadblock for stopping attackers

    One with the wind (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Spectral Flight.

    Pirate's Prize (Bad):
    The treasure doesn't make up for it being an overcosted divination

    Prosperous Pirates (Bad):
    The body isn't great for 5 mana and by the time you can cast it you won't usually need much more mana.

    Run Aground (Borderline):
    I know it's slightly better but it could probably just be combined with the group that starts with Griptide

    Sailor of Means (Borderline):
    An okay roadblock early game that can help double spell later or accelerate to a expensive spell.

    Shaper Apprentice (Bad):
    tribal card

    Shipwreck Looter (Borderline):
    The body isn't the greatest but the filtering is a nice addition to a somewhat relevant body.

    Shore keeper (Borderline):
    It's an ok roadblock early that will eventually turn into card advantage

    Siren Lookout (Borderline/Bad?):
    Is alright but neither outcome is very enticing

    Siren's Ruse (Borderline):
    Slightly overcosted for the effect, as the upside will rarely come up, but blue has it's fair share of enter the battlefield effects.

    Storm Sculptor (Borderline):
    A 3 power unblockable can be okay, but the bounce restriction can be a pain at times if you don't have anything that good to bounce.

    Watertrap Weaver (Cubeable):
    Functional reprint of Frost Lynx

    Wind Strider (Cubeable):
    Functional reprint of Spire Monitor and similar
    Anointed Deacon (Bad):
    tribal card

    Blight Keeper (Borderline):
    A Flying Men with some nice late game ability option

    Contract Killing (Bad):
    An overcosted unconditional sorcery speed removal spell. The treasures aren't that good by this late in the game and they don't make up for the fact that you still can't cast this until turn 5 even though you'll only be down at most 3 net mana.

    Costly Plunder (Bad):
    Can probably just be put with the group with Altar's Reap

    Deadeye Tormentor (Borderline):
    If you support aggro well in black, then he can be an acceptable 3-drop. It's a more splashable, but otherwise generally worse, Liliana's Specter which can still be fine.

    Desperate Castaways (Bad):
    put with the group of artifact-based cube cards w/ Dhund Operative

    Dire Fleet Hoarder (Borderline/Bad)?:
    Black's version of Viridian Emissary. The body isn't great but the extra Lotus Petal can come sometimes be nice.

    Dire Fleet Interloper (Borderline):
    The 2 possible outcome are okay but not exciting and the inability to choose between the two can be annoying.

    Fathom Fleet Cutthroat (Bad):
    Can be grouped with the similar creature Final-Sting Faerie

    March of the Drowned (Bad):
    Can be put in the group of Disentomb-effects that contains the similar Ghoulcaller's Chant

    Queen's Agent (Bad):
    This card is overcosted in either mode. Could maybe be combined with Minotaur abomination to become a group of cards overcosted by cc1

    Queen's Bay Soldier (Bad):
    Functional reprint of Walking Corpse

    Skittering Heartstopper (Borderline):
    The 1 mana to grant deathtouch isn't great, but the extra toughness over Typhoid Rats can be relevant at times and often the threat of activation is enough.

    Skulduggery (Borderline):
    An alright cheap combat trick that remove 1 toughness creatures if you have a creature with the possibility of becoming a 2 for 1 if things line up.

    Skymarch Bloodletter (Cubeable):
    A black wind drake with an ok upside is good

    Spreading Rot (Bad):
    Put with group of similarly bad land destruction spells, which starts with Desecrated Earth

    Vanquish the Weak (Bad):
    Can probably be grouped with Complete Disregard
    Brazen Buccaneers (Borderline):
    The Talruum Minotaur mode with scry 1 attached is mainly the most interesting mode for red decks but the inability to choose between the modes makes it not very exciting.

    Fathom Fleet Firebrand (Borderline):
    The 2/2 body isn't very exciting on its own, but the late-game mana-sink option is nice. She can trade or get in for some damage early and if drawn in the late game, she can be used as deterrence with a lot of mana open or just be pumped for some serious damage.

    Fire Shrine Keeper (Borderline):
    A 1/1 evasive body with late game relevance can be nice, but the front end isn't that exciting and the ability is somewhat expensive.

    Firecannon Blast (Borderline):
    This has the possibility to be a pseudo hard removal spell, but raid can be a high restriction and there better less restrictive burn spells for red

    Frenzied Raptor (Borderline):
    A vanilla 4/2 three drop doesn't make you feel like a clever girl when you draft it, but in red it could easily find a home.

    Headstrong Brute (Bad):
    can be grouped with the somewhat similar Howlpack Wolf

    Nest Robber (Cubeable):
    A fine haste threat for aggressive decks.

    Rile (Bad):
    Put in the group of cards that are terrible without the right synergies, which starts with Burning Inquiry

    Storm Fleet Pyromancer (Borderline):
    The body isn't great and the ability is ok but not really worth the restriction of raid.

    Sun-Crowned Hunters (Borderline):
    The stats are a bit underwhelming for 6 mana but the ability is nice for getting damage in when blocked or blocking. This would be more interesting with ways to abuse the enrage trigger.

    Swashbuckling (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Goblin War Paint

    Thrash of Raptors (Bad):
    Tribal card

    Tilonalli's Knight (Bad):
    tribal card

    Unfriendly Fire (Borderline):
    can probably group with Arrow Storm
    Ancient Brontodon (Bad):
    Can probably be grouped with the group of similarly big and unexciting vanilla creatures that starts with Axebane Stag

    Blinding Fog (Bad):
    Not exactly a normal fog, but it can probably be grouped with Vine Snare

    Blossom Dryad (Bad):
    Put in the group of overcosted creatures that starts with goliath beetle

    Colossal Dreadmaw (Cubeable):
    Functional Reprint of Brambleweft Behemoth

    Commune with Dinosaurs (Bad):
    Tribal card

    Crash the Ramparts (bad):
    Functional Reprint of Awaken the Bear

    Crushing Canopy (Borderline):
    Can be combined with the very similar crushing vines, which I think should be rated at borderline as well since it's decent but still pretty situational.

    Deeproot Warrior (Borderline):
    An acceptable 2-power pseudo-evasive two drop but green has plenty of serviceable two-drops already.

    Grazing Whiptail (Borderline):
    Functional reprint of Cloudcrown Oak

    Ixalli's Diviner (Cubeable):
    A fine early blocker for midrange and control decks. Both modes are fine for those decks.

    Ixalli's Keeper (Borderline):
    Could probably just be grouped with Oran-Rief Invoker

    Jade Guardian (Cubeable):
    A functional reprint of Primal Huntbeast

    Jungle Delver (Bad):
    The ability can be relevant in the late game but it's overcosted and the body takes a little while to be relevant.

    New Horizons (Borderline):
    Mostly a functional reprint of Map the Wastes.

    Pounce (Cubeable):
    An instant speed Prey Upon is solid.

    Ravenous Daggertooth (Borderline):
    The body isn't overly exciting but it can be a nice roadblock against aggressive decks.

    River Heralds' Boon (Bad):
    Tribal Card

    Spike-tailed Ceratops (Bad):
    The body is terrible and the ability won't be useful often enough

    Tishana's Wayfinder (Cubeable):
    Even though explore can sometimes be annoying in that you can't control the outcome, both modes are solid creatures that you would be happy to have in most decks, which makes this creature solid. You either get a civic wayfinder that grabs a random land you would have drawn or a centaur courser with scry 1 attached.
    Gilded Sentinel (Bad):
    Outclassed by several better options

    Hierophant's chalice (bad):
    The minor upside doesn't make up for the fact that it's a worse Manalith

    Pirate's Cutlass (Bad):
    Can be grouped with the group of tribal cards that starts with the somewhat similar Heavy Mattock

    Prying Blade (Bad):
    It could be alright on an early evasive creature, but otherwise it just terrible with granting only 1 power.
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    Quote from Brainz »
    Thoughts on Aven Wind Mage
    It's a side-graded Jeskai Windscout that's a lot better against pingers so maybe, but not sure where how it stands among other cards in the spells archetype myself.

    Quote from Brainz »
    Catalyst Elemental is interesting, but nobody is running Bloodpet variants except for maybe Generator Servant.
    Yeah, I think Generator Servant is probably still the only decent creature Blood Pet-esque creature. I don't think the extra toughness is really worth an extra mana and losing the capability to grant haste.

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    Not sure how to classify Sparktongue Dragon I think it fits in GR ramp or just mono red control drafting decks 8 mana is a lot though, is a 3/3 flyer for 5 worth it?
    It might be a smidge overcosted but I think it might be fine if you support those archetypes.

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    I will be testing out Elvish Rejuvenator having it able to hit all lands, not just basics seems interesting.
    Hitting non-basics can be nice, but I don't think that's a big enough upside to be worth it over Farhaven Elf, especially since you're not guaranteed to hit the color you want among the top 5 cards. In two-color decks it not really any better at fixing and in 3+ color decks its only really better if you manage to hit a nonbasic land, which you may not even have very many of to begin with.

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    I like the flavor of Ursine Champion, but not enough too slot it into my cube
    Yeah, it does has nice flavor. It's not too terrible I guess I wish they would have pushed it a little more. As is, it's a functional copy of Kraul Warrior and a worse Quilled Wolf.
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