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  • posted a message on GDS3 issues
    Mwah, love ya.
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  • posted a message on GDS3 issues
    I have not either and it's driving me up the wall. On the one hand they already had one glitch with it losing people who signed up before 12/5. On the other Mark's announcement today dropped out of sync with the normal posting schedule, so I am assuming the emails will also be a manual push.
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  • posted a message on Some Blue Cards
    These are all so... beautiful.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] New Card frame and M15 Preview
    Here is my vision with a lowered typeset and a sense of order given to the bottom:

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  • posted a message on [THS] "God" Mechanic
    From the statement given that the gods can take multiple forms, I'm inclined to believe rather than being enchantment creatures, they'll able to swap between creature or enchantment at will. It would also make them insanely durable.
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Blue Hurricanes
    Quote from Guesswork
    There aren't going to be any non-permanent cards with coalesce, at least not in this set.

    Why not? Frown

    Quote from Guesswork
    When people say, "This is too hard to understand," I just don't get that. We've had colored artifacts, spells without mana costs, and cards with characteristic-setting text for the longest time. It's a spell that's one color, but it costs another color of mana to cast. The set has a need for these. They're not really all that complex.

    I didn't say it was complex or too hard to understand, it's not I assure you! By extra work I merely mean fighting people's natural inclination to expect a card that's the same color as its mana cost. I don't see anything fundamentally weird or potentially rage-inducing about putting trailblaze on sorceries to justify an action that is.
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Blue Hurricanes
    I do not like this at all. I get that not everything on a card needs to have significant meaning or value in a vacuum, but this is a lot of work for a trailblaze enabler when I'm not sure that the mechanic even needs one. Something really cool that I didn't realize immediately upon reading about it is that a coalition player could build a deck with blue permanents, but have all of the sorceries (with trailblaze) be red.
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Dominaria
    I like what you're adding here to how planeswalking works. Very cool.

    Quote from Guesswork
    This might be giving the whole game away, but the question isn't, "What could lead Dominaria into another ice age?" but rather, "What has been preventing this ice age from happening?"

    Are you implying that Dominaria's natural state before arriving at the nexus and subsequent exposure to its mana lines was that of being frozen? If so, that's an audible "woah" from me. Nodding the Affirmative
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  • posted a message on Sinkhole Serpent, Fortress of Stone, etc
    Reveal any number of cards from your hand and the opponent loses 1 life for each? If it's reveal you could probably up it to each opponent.
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  • posted a message on [DOM] Coalesce
    This mechanic is simple and delicious and I love it. I second Void's suggestion for trailblaze, not just because it represents the benefits of branching out to new ways of thinking, but also because the members of the Coalition specifically were literally from all over the globe. While there isn't as strong of a flavor connection, it also seems fitting alongside the mental image of plowing through the snow.

    Given that this is a very "on-off"ish mechanic and that it can make shaping a smooth mana curve much more difficult, I would fix the cost reduction to just one number. 2 seems perfect and is still significant at higher costs.
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  • posted a message on We are all born... PRIMAL
    I like these ideas a lot, but agree that with so many vanillas the set would be boring. Morph would be necessary, but I don't think that's too bad since the flavor actually works quite well! Formless protocreatures fit right in with the primal aspect.

    That said, I don't like Primeval Replication and Ancient Exhumation because they don't work with morph, but Tracker's Guile becomes really cool. Thumbs Up

    Primeval Knowledge I believe could be written as "Draw cards equal to target creature's power or toughness, whichever is greater."
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  • posted a message on MORE What If? Shocklands
    For clarification, synchronizing numbers across a card does not "add flavor." Flavor is strictly the card's ability to convey a concept. Number consistency is simply very pleasing.

    When WUB Land #1 enters the battlefield, you lose 2 life.
    T: Add W, U, or B to your mana pool.

    This is an awesome idea for wedge lands; I'm definitely doing it for my set. Why? Because it mirrors the shard lands perfectly. I would argue against 2 life being too good, since while being tapped stinks in the early run, being forced to pay that life late game is equally cringe-worthy. I think the Ravnica shocks set a pretty good baseline.
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  • posted a message on Dimir Mechanic Ideas
    Scheme/Meddle looks great. I wouldn't anticipate having any problems with it, since it's only doing the top card. Even if you do it multiple times you're still only seeing their very next draw, and you only have to remember one thing per player at any given time. If you manage to meddle once during your turn every turn it's not much different from controlling a Ghoulcaller's Bell and a Lantern of Insight, neither of which is spectacularly powerful. Fateseal is problematic when it's for 2 or 3, etc.
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  • posted a message on Gruul Mechanic Speculation.
    I apologize, Blackheart, for assuming you didn't know the definition of decimate. I was simply under the impression that we were trying to guess realistically what things Wizards would do, and using words in ways which don't fit their definitions at all did not seem like one of those things.

    The worst I've seen them do is confuse omniscience with omnipotence, but then again knowledge is power so the point is moot.
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  • posted a message on Hold, Mount, and Potions
    I believe the idea Pharmalade is trying to capture is that of assembling and mixing ingredients, represented in player actions. While capturing the flavor by name, each individual jar/vial/flask does not get better or worse with the addition of more, nor does it interact with them. It's also bizarre to have a keyword be used on an enabler (talking about Vedalken Chemister here), rather than the object of interest itself.
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