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  • posted a message on Dredge
    Quote from vollick1979 »

    The real trigger you want to remember is the Prized Amalgam trigger. I announce it when a creature enters the battlefield from the graveyard but if it's a particularly busy turn and you dredged during your upkeep which created the amalgam triggers you can easily miss returning the amalgams during the end step, which is not a may ability so it definitely gets upgraded into potentially game losses.

    The part that makes Dredge difficult for me to play is that there are several times you have to think hard about the correct line of play and then after all that remember the triggers. Sometimes I use a dice that I place on my library whenever I have something I want to remember to do like place the dice on 6 when I wanted to dredge GGT or 3 for Life from the Loam, and you can do the same thing with a coloured bead that you put on your library when you have an Amalgam coming back and you just have to get into the habit of not passing the turn with a bead on your library.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the first tip is also addressed in the primer by Lantern which is convenient.
    Quote from Primer: Mis. Tips »
    Prized Amalgam is a delayed trigger. This can get you into trouble if someone rule sharks you at higher events. When something enter the battlefield, it triggers prized amalgam's effect. YOU MUST ANNOUNCE IT (keep it on the side of the grave, or put a dice on it.) as long as you announce this, should it slip your mind, the entering of amalgam is mandatory and a judge will rule in your favor and he will still enter play. His entering is still a separate trigger, so yes, amalgam has 2 triggers you need to keep track of, not one.

    So for the past year or so that I've played Dredge, I've committed it to muscle memory to ALWAYS announce when the Alamgams in the yard get triggered off a Narc/Ghast/Amalgam, and then turn them diagonally, or set them aside from the gy pile, or indicate it physically in some way. This is the most important half since it enables the inability of the second trigger to "not happen." Then, once that habit is established it becomes a bit easier to remember to bring them back at the next end step.

    And as a second tip I've found organizing your graveyard and cards in play is useful, but it mostly goes without saying for Dredge. I keep my 'yard widely splayed out in rows so all the top-left corners of cards are visible, which helps me keep any eye on any Amalgams and Bloodghasts waiting there. Additionally, intentionally dredging each individual card can help with remembering i.e, you dredge a Stinkweed Imp, and individually reveal the top 5 into your palm, taking a mental note for every Narc that is shown, then putting them in the yard. All in all just adapting best practices to what suits you best!

    Modern Dredge certainly has a lot of complex lines and play to it given how much of the deck can trigger and operate at instant speed, so just try and be mindful of it and practice, practice, practice, goldfish it if you have the time. Important things to practice are the many uses of Insolent Neonate, and remembering that you can use things like Haunted Dead and Bloodghast with a fetch in play to add removal/sweeper resilience to your board which can make it a nightmare for your opponent!

    Edit: In summary, welcome Dredge as a vehicle to establish good mtg habits, and Lantern's primer has an embarrassment of riches for playing the deck, I refer back to it periodically!
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver
    Quote from Sonnenrad »
    Quote from SenYong »

    Sound nice, mind to share us your shadow delver hybrid build?

    For sure, it's on the last page, and here's the one with my updates:

    I wasn't able to get in any games last night due to me running a Shadowrun campaign but should be able to tonight. I'm really excited to try out the Ranger and Lingering Souls and see if they are as good as I'm intuiting them to be.

    Hello friends! I'm a long-time lurker on this thread and usually more prone to posting on The Source for my Legacy brews, but I'm a long time Grixis Delver player in Modern, and the new Death's Shadow variants have re-invigorated my enthusiasm in brewing and tweaking the deck!

    I started off with the stock Ryan Overturf list, but quickly started tweaking it over last week. The deck really wants to go down to 18 lands, and I've also incorporated some Stubborn Denials. This version of the deck really does feel closer to the tempo end of the spectrum than the stock lists.

    Similarly, I've just recently started experimenting with a fourth color splash off a single shock, much like what the Jund Shadow lists have been doing for a while. I opted to start by testing green, because I felt the addition of Abrupt Decay was a valuable catch-all answer that covers many bases that Grixis can have trouble dealing with (I may just be biased towards Abrupt Decay however). Additionally, it gives access to Golgari Charm, which is a nice answer to opposing Lingering Souls, while also having a floor of blowing up problem enchantments or regenerating through a Wrath. So far I've tested against Jund, BW Tokens, UR Storm, Abzan, and stock Grixis Delver with encouraging results. I don't have enough data yet to synthesize a real conclusion on the green splash, but I'm working on it. Below is my list, I can't wait to keep tweaking and brewing this iteration of Delver in Modern, easily the most fun I've had in a long time.

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