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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Caleb has updated his fetchless list, he qualified for the pro tour wth it online (available on his Twitter, not sure how to link)

    Here is my rough list (on mobile so cannot list properly)
    17 land (fetchless)
    4 Baral
    3 goblin
    12 ritual
    11 1 mana cantrips
    4 gifts
    2 pif
    3 Grapeshot
    1 noxious revival
    2 remand
    1 unsubstantiate

    4 pieces of the puzzle
    2 shattering spree
    2 wipe away
    2 empty
    3 bolt
    1 dismember
    1 dispel

    Got a few last tweaks I’m making from the standard fetchless list
    Unsubstantiate vs the third remand. Acts as a pseudo remand without the draw but also answers problematic creatures preboard (eidolon, most of humans, etc) without diluting or changing the combo.

    3rd electromancer vs 4th opt. I love another bear but don’t like dropping below 11 cantrips.

    Dispel vs gigadrowse. I have never played with or against gigadrowse, can someone shed some light where it is good and what I would bring it in against
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    @MarcWizard I hadn’t really added pyroclasm into the fold, but its deffinately got me thinking. Obviously with a GP meta its got to be good against everything more than bolt is to be particularly effective. Im gonna run the numbers in testing this week and feedback !

    @janusfcb the humans plan I am fully behind. Dredge I havnt tested much against but the matchup feels great, ravenous trap is dangerous from dredges board also if they time it right ! lantern feels hideous, however im lucky (or massively unlucky, depending how you look at it) to have a lantern player in our testing team. My usual line is to combine goblins and bounce to get through witchbane and bridge. EE is an issue but they have to have it without us holding counters, I agree with the pieces coming in for gifts as leyline just feels so bad when they land it I don’t want the extra rub down of shutting off a gifts. Infect used to me my baby so I hope I can make the right lines of play! Interested siding out the SoH, will deffinately start doing that as counters are so important. Any opinions on the burn plan, bearless or no bearless ?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UR Storm
    Havnt been on here for a few weeks! Awesome to see this thread being more active.few things I’d like to bring to the thread and get opinions on.

    I’m playing storm in team modern at GP Madrid in a couple of weeks. Just working on my final 75 and sideboard guide (will publish in google docs when complete)

    Starting with Caleb scherers base fetchless 75

    I am removing 1 opt and 1 remand for a bolt and an unsubstantiate to have more main board interaction without diluting our combo.
    Sideboard I am replacing the bolt (that moved to the main) to either a second wipe away or a echoing truth/repeal, not sure which one yet (opinions and reasoning welcome)

    In terms of sideboarding I’m looking for advise for the following matchups:
    It’s easy to work out what we bring in but the outs are what I’m struggling with.

    Also burn, my current plan is to bring in bolts, dismember and wipe away and remove pots and noxious. Still not seeing much success in this matchup and I am considering going bearless postboard (similar to the plan vs deaths shadow) to negate there searing effects and focus on getting goblins out turn 3/4.

    Cheers guys
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    Haha, you're worried about posting a decklist on here because of an RPTQ and some random player stumbling upon it?

    The decks tier status isn't a problem, it's the matchups I have now observed in multiple stores and mtgo itself. The deck is poorly positioned with a lot of bad matchups. Matchups really spiral out of control with very little you can do against go wide decks, affinity, etc. This is a great deck, but this is also a deck that doesn't take one's play skills into account quite as much as other mid-range decks. I can't control if I died on turn 4 because my Tron lands couldn't quite get there.

    I've literally played Ponza 4 times this month. At an IQ last week, I made a meta call to play Jund, my very first opponent was Ponza. I would have lost bad.

    An RPTQ I went to a few weeks before that, the room was filled with Eldrazi Tron, none made it to the top 8. There were a ton of go wide decks and Affinity

    The deck isn't in a good spot now. It'll come back when the meta shifts, the deck is too powerful to stay bad. But I definitely think this is a poor choice to pilot if you have other decks available to you.

    The deck are still one of the strongest decks in the format.

    You need to call the meta and make the main after that. Some people only play one deck, and dont have more than that.

    I wouldn't mind to play vs affi, poza, 5c-human, band knightfall or storm. I have tuned my deck to play against those decks.

    Interested in seeing a list
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Quote from Davidalb »
    What's your opinion on witchbane orb in a burn heavy meta, and also a consistent scapeshift and storm player?
    It seems like a great sideboard card to me. Or is it too slow?

    My problem with orb is that everyone brings in artifact hate against us already so it never sticks.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Went 3-0 at fnm with tron.
    Beat the mirror round 1 against a good friend. My main is pretty solid in the mirror with 4 GQ and the sanctum/mog/wurmcoil package.
    Game 2 I beat boros creatures both games had natural tron in my opener, game 1 with all is dust and a sanctum to grab ulamog, game 2 with a karn while he was stuck on land.
    The interesting round was the third. Got paired against a good friend from our testing group on ad nauseum.
    Game 1 I mull to 4 on the draw after seeing 0 lands in the first 3 openers.
    I keep double GQ, map & TKS which is great. I manage to take the angels grace out of his hand and draw running threats (smasher, reshaper, reshaper) for the win.
    Game 2 I keep natural tron in hand and manage to land a chalice on 3 to which he has no answer.

    Deck still feels great against anything that isn’t elves, affinity or titanshift. I’m fortunate enough to play against a lot of ad nauseum so although we are underdogs I feel like I know the matchup inside out and can use that to my advantage.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Yeah it’s a scg premium article but he drops the chalices, no ulamog or wurmcoil, 2 collar, 3 warping wail, 2 mind stone.

    Chalice to me is one of the big draws of playing this deck. It is so busted. Blind game 1, I keep any opener that has 2 land and a chalice.
    I’m not sure I like cutting it without adding more fattys.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Todd Stevens posted his updated decklist for Etron and he has moved all chalices to the board. Opinions ?
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Very quick tournament report from today 21 man modern event. Took 6 players from our modern testing group to the tournament and all 5 of my rounds were ageainst people from said group !!

    Round 1
    Game 1 I mull to 6 and my opp lands a timely cranial for the win.
    Game 2 I go to 5 and just straight up lose to a fast hand

    Round 2
    Esper control
    Game 1 Mull to 6. land a chalice on 1 but my opp manages to draw every 2 cost spell in his deck and gets there
    Game 2 I get another chalice on 1 on the play after a mull to 6 and ride a couple of smasher to victory
    Game 3 somehow I manage another chalice on 1 after a mull to 5 I see my opponent has only 1 drops in hand with TKS then the next 2 turns I play an all is dust that he drew the counter for and then play a karn which he also drew a counter for and lose to spirit tokens

    Round 3
    Really good game mulled to 6 on all 3. on game 3 my opp gets stuck on 2 land while I hit tron and take over

    Round 4
    Ad nauseum
    Game 1 I make a chalice on 1 and then hit tron with karn on turn 3 to start picking off lands
    Game 2 he plays 2 lotus blooms on turn 1 so I land chalice on 0 turn 1 only for him to slam a lab maniac and combo off with spoils naming primeval Titan with an angels grace to back it up
    Game 3 I have the stone cold bits with natural tron, karn, chalice and 2 x TKS

    Round 5
    Bant knightfall humans
    Probably the best 2 opening hands I had ever.
    Games 1 I have natural tron plus karn and all is dust
    Game 2 I have a sketchy hand with 2 tron peices but 2 ballistas and a karn and a rip a map of the top to curve put

    All in all a decent result but possibly the wrong deck choice considering I knew the field was a little hostile for etron, just so hard not to play this deck when it has such explosive draws, couldn’t of done much more today and was at the mercy of my pairings and opponents good drawing for my loses.
    Even agathe may bad matchups this deck is a force
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Advice needed!!!
    I have a local modern event this weekend expected at least 25 runners, cut to top8 etc.

    I played Etron to a top4 finish last time but I’m a little torn this time.

    The field is a little harsh for me, my question is: is it too harsh for me to play tron and should I switch to one of my other decks (abzan or infect)

    I know of at least 5 affinity decks (I dodged it last time somehow)
    2 taxes decks
    2 elves
    1 ad naus
    1/2 titanshift
    1/2 normal tron

    The rest of the field is a couple of deaths shadow, few burn, couple of rock decks, dredge, nightfall, spirits, vizier combo,

    To me it feels like a good amount of unfavourable with a lot of marginal favourables thrown in.

    What would you do ?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Abzan Midrange / Junk / BGw Souls/ BG Rock
    Quote from MCR »
    I've been running the list (trend started by Fallleaf with his 8-0 a few weeks back). Seems strong, I like how threat-dense it is. Tracker has been on and off for me, but mostly on. 2 might be too many for the maindeck, but they shine in the grind matches. Everything else is pretty stock. I don't really want to play Bob right now cause of Burn and Valakut, and Flayer has proven his value over time.

    Garruk is an interesting add. His tickup allows you to play him and then protect him with a flashbacked Lingering Souls, leading into a 16 damage aerial swing the following turn, barring disruption. Cranking out tokens has always been decent, but not entirely sure about his overall value within this shell.

    Could you link the list please? Interested to see it
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Quote from JulsSkogs »
    Hello Eldrazi friends. I just popped in to ask advice on how to try to improve this matchup. I'm going to SCG Louisville this weekend and want to be adequately prepared. I'll be playing basically Jon Rosum's Jeskai Queller mainboard (for those unfamiliar) with some sideboard changes as needed. I feel like the plan of Rejection + Verdict + Disdainful Stroke has failed me enough in the past that I'd like to try something different.

    How do you guys, as Eldrazi Tron players, feel about the matchup? Is it bad enough for me that you think it's worth me even trying to board differently for it? I've made considerations for even playing Blood Moon or Magus of the Moat to try to handle the matchup (the later of which is definitely bad, but it was just a thought).

    I think rosums list was tuned specifically to have a better time against us, the matchup is very close possibly swinging 52/48 in your favour. It of course will depend what list the eldrazi tron player but I don't think you will go far wrong with the list you have
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Abzan Midrange / Junk / BGw Souls/ BG Rock
    I deffinately like siding out some amount in grindy games for sure.
    It very much depends what your sideboard looks like
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    So I wanted to take a few days reflection before writing up my tournament report for the GP in birmingham.
    Spoiler alert – I went 5-4, played almost perfectly and made a single mistake all day while very behind against GDS.
    Its hard to come away feeling great not making day 2 but I literally couldn’t of done any more!
    Gonna run down the whole weekend and make notes on interesting thoughts.

    My List changed before the main event but I had been on the warping wail train for over a month and then low and behold todd stevens posts his SCG premium article telling everyone how to beat us and telling everyone WW are correct in the main currently, which completely ruined the surprise element of them game 1!!

    12 x Urza
    4 x Temple
    3 x GQ
    1 x Cavern
    1 x SGW
    1 x Sanctum
    2 x Wastes

    4 x Ballista
    4 x Reshaper
    4 x Smasher
    4 x TKS
    2 x Endbringer

    2 x Karn
    4 x Chalice
    4 x Map
    2 x AiD
    2 x Dismember
    1 x Relic
    1 x Basilisk Collar
    2 x Warping Wail

    2 x Grafdiggers cage
    2 x Relic
    2 x Hangerback
    2 x Spacial contortion
    2 x Pithing Needle
    1 x Ratchet
    1 x O Stone
    1 x Ulamog
    1 x Ugin
    1 x Wurmcoil

    Friday - Modern Trials
    Round 1 – Infect – 2-0
    Chalice on 1 is a beating, WW in the main helps aswell!
    Round 2 – Titanshift – 0-2
    Always felt a long way behind
    Trial 2
    Round 1 – Titanshift – 0-2
    See above

    After the trials and the amount of titanshift I saw on the tables I decided to go back and add the 2 x Surgicals back in my sideboard in place of Ugin & a Spacial

    Main Event
    Round 1 – Merfolk – 2-0 win
    Very good game of magic against a member of Wales world magic cup team,
    Walking Ballista is the perfect answer to Kira and removing spreading seas with GQ to stop islandwalk is so valuable.
    This is a matchup where WW in the main shined bright
    Round 2 – Boggles – 2-1 win
    Game 1 I got turn 3’d, game 2 I aggroed out. Game 3 my opener was all 3 tron pieces, ratchet bomb, 2 x Karn & TKS, needless to say this got there!
    This is a bit of a strange matchup you don’t see a lot of but I just advise to remember how totem works and play accordingly with sweepers.
    Round 3 – Affinity – 2-1 win
    Game 1 I got beat down pretty fast. Game 2 my opp mulled to 5 and I managed to land a decent sized ballista to stop him from doing anything.
    game 3 I draw a hand full of sideboard cards, including Ratchet which I decide I want to keep in hand as long as possible. He makes a raveger while I have a large hangerback on the field.
    To try and get through me without making lots of flying blockers he sacks 3 cards to his raveger and then his ravage to his blinkmoth leaving behind a large blink moth, mox opal, ornithopter & spire of industry to my delight, I then play out my ratchet bomb and hide behind it for a few turns while drawing gas and making tron. Eventually get the job down.
    Round 4 – 5C Kiki Chord – 1-2 Loss
    Very strange deck, had no idea what I was playing until game 3.
    Game 1 he plays a voice then a harmonic sliver to blow up my map. Then adds kitchen finks and e wit to beat me down while im stuck on land. Game 2 I WW his noble, then dismember his birds and he doesn’t draw any more lands while I put the pressure on.
    Game 3 was unbelievable, I had a great hand but still have no idea what he is on,
    My board is 5 land, Basilisk Collar, Ratchet Bomb on 1 (wants to get to 3) and Hangerback on 1. My hand is all is dust, karn & Wurmcoil.
    He plays a harmonic Sliver to blow up my Hangerback. I then rip a land and play wurmcoil.
    He then plays a second harmonic sliver and blows up my ratchet bomb & Wurmcoil, leaving behind 2 tokens.
    I don’t draw my 7 th land and play out the TKS, in response he play resto, blinking a sliver and killing my 2 tokens.
    He then draws, roasts my TKS and swings with team taking me from 18 to 9
    No 7th land again, I pass and he swings for lethal.
    I felt like I was so far ahead and the whole game but just needed land 7.
    I never saw a kiki or a chord and he just had the perfect combination of cards to fight what I had on the table. Harmonic sliver was excellent and makes me wonder why more people don’t play it over pridemage or rec sage.
    Round 5 – Affinity – 2-0 win
    I was gutted to draw affinity twice and absolutely gobsmasked I beat it again,
    This time I mulled to 6 on the draw and still got there with a combo of natural turn 3 tron and ballistas.
    Couldn’t of had a better opener against affinity.
    Game 2 my opponent plays land into springleaf and passes, this rings alarm bells as I can only assume he has kept a blood moon hand. He then plays creature, land and plays blood moon.
    I kept an opener with o stone and I decide to just hope that the rest of his hand was trash (which it was) I play 2 maps, turn 3 Ostone, turn 4 pop maps for tron pieces under the moon, turn 5 I blow the stone and then next turn I make a karn to take the plating he just played and go to town with ballistas.
    Round 6 – Mirror – 2-0 loss.
    Nothing more to say than got beat by both our draws, he drew great, I drew terrible
    Round 7 – GDS – 2-0 loss
    Game 1 I kept a real nice hand and at the time thought if this is GDS this hand is the nuts.
    I go turn 1 Relic and hope he doesn’t thoughtseize my chalice. He play a serum visions and I slam chalice on turn 2. He then draws the thoughtseize and take my TKS, the then draws his kologhans command and continues to curve out 3 deaths shadow for a simple win.
    Game 2 is my punt of the weekend. I keep the aggro hand with TKS/RS/RS/EB along with a cou[ple of temples. I go map on 1 and TKS on 2 seeing rejection and snap. I take snap. Next turn I crack map and instead of going to get cavern I just pick up my deck, see third temple ion the bottom and put it on the table. Complete error, I knew I wanted cavern but it had been a long day and a had a mind blank.
    Needless to say his next 2 draws were another rejection and a snap for him to bury me.
    My opp felt really bad as I must of looked devastated as soon as I revealed the temple and knew what I had done!!!
    Round 8 – titanshift – 2-1 loss
    Does what it does and got there. Played around WW and just beat up with primetime
    Round 9 – Titanshift – 2-0 win
    My opponent was drawing extremely dead and I managed to get there with natural tron followed by multiple ballistas.
    Game 2 I got the surgical on the valakut and got an endbringer out before he played primtime so it couldnt attack. I needed tron turn 3 on both of these game to even have a chance !

    Overall im happy, considering the matchups I had, I saw 6 Titanshift + affinity out of 12 rounds which is rough. Never saw any great matchups.

    My concern comes from not knowing how to beat Titanshift.
    Affinity I know we are slim but there is a plan, if you get natural tron or draw our sideboard cards we can certainly win. However titanshift felt bad even once ‘stabalizing’

    With both decks running wild at the minute is it time to put Tron down for a couple of months ?
    I have access to most decks through my testing group and im thinking about titanshift to be honest.
    But I love Etron and my heart tells me that decks like storm and burn may rise in popularity to combat titanshift & affinity.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Tron
    Hi guys, havnt posted in a few weeks due to not being able to decide on a list for GP Birmingham.

    My thoughts are that sanctum is great but it feels win more against decks we are good against, if we are casting 7 mana fattys we are almost always ahead and we excel in grindy games.

    I have settled on ugin > ulamog in the board
    Warping wails main instead of mind stones as they mimic mind stone while giving us better game 1 against a lot of decks including affinity, counters coco and valakut.
    This has been working well and although WW isn't great against grixis shadow it still has its uses. This opens up space for spacial contortion in the board to better our aggro matchups.

    I have dropped surgical completely and I'm playing a crucible in the board as a nod to land destruction.

    Currently play only 1 cavern and 4 GQ aswell because of the crucible as land beats are real in grindy games.

    Hopefully have a new complete sideboard guide I'll publish tomorrow.

    Anyone got any ideas on sodeboarding for the new RG vengevine decks ??
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