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  • posted a message on Help explain this situation with clone card please.
    So situation #1

    I have Nighthowler on the battle field he is a 14/14 at the moment. I cast clone and target nighthowler.
    . clone becomes a 14/14. Now if during my opponents turn 3 more creature cards end up in the graveyard.. Does nighthowler and clone go up to a 17/17 or just the nighthowler?

    Situation #2
    Same situation as above clone is targeting nighthowler who is a 14/14. Someone terminates my nighthowler

    What does my clone become?
    A 0/0?
    Does is stay a 14/14?
    Does it increase to a 15/15 because nighthowler hit the graveyard?

    Situation #3

    Except this time clone targets sewer nemesis.

    Is anything different with how clone interacts with sewer nemesis than how it did with nighthowler

    Thanks for the help.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    Quote from alexandre »
    Brainspoil - This is a tutor to fetch a combo piece (Peregrine Drake most of the time, sometimes a recurring Wizard - the easiest to cast given the color fix I got). I don't care about CoA because I can choose to put it in the commander zone.

    Peregrine drake - combo, redundancy with Cloud of Faeries, but the drake works with any land.

    Thanks for the quick and precise response.. You make some good points and I'll adjust my deck accordingly.

    You said you don't care about Brainspoil searching for COA in your library because you can always just put him in the commmand zone.. In my above post I mentioned the card oblation. if someone plays this card COA goes into my library correct? .. I can't decide to put COA in command zone due to shuffling it in my library? If I'm wrong on this my bad.

    Also I'm aware of the cloud of faries combo set up like this
    Cloud of Faeries + (Ghostly Flicker/Displace) + (Archeomancer/Izzet Chronarch) + 2 bounce lands (like Izzet Boilerworks) incl. at least 1 blue.

    But what is the Cloud of Faeries with Peregrine drake combo sry if I'm missing the obvious on this.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    Couple questions Alexandre.. But others can feel free to chime in.

    So I looked over the list in your sig and my deck is 97% the same as yours..

    The places we differ are here.
    Peregrine Drake
    traumatic visions
    Far wanderings
    reap and sow
    read the bones

    So going over each choice:

    Brainspoil Are you including this primarily for the transmute ability.?. As to destroy other creatures it may be a little situational. Obviously if you aren't running Shade's form it can be a way to kill COA which is nice but what are you searching for most of the time? Peregrine Drake,traumatic visions, mulldrifter, izzet chronarch, salvager of secrets, or COA (those are all the 5cmc cards in your deck. COA came across as maybe the most intriguing reason to include it as a backup plan for COA. If someone gets cheeky and plays oblation or something kind it. It's def a card that has multiple uses to it just trying to see what you come across using it for the most to see if I should fit it in.

    The next cards are your ramp cards.
    Far wanderings,traumatic visions,, reap and sow.
    why not Primal growth in place of Far wanderings. I run primal growth at the moment. Primal growth gives the added bonus of being able to Sac COA and search your library for 2 basic lands that enter untapped.. Possibly allowing you to recast COA the same turn. Far wanderings is no card to sneeze at as most of the time it will alow you to get 3 lands mid or late game. But I feel Primal growth is slightly better.

    traumatic visions is in your ramp section.. Which its not bad at and it's got a 2nd possibly to use it for countering even though the high cost makes that a less appealing option on this card. What do you like most about this card.

    reap and sow more of a utility card for land destruction than ramp IMO.. Do you have a need to destroy lands in your meta? I usually don't so I don't include this card but it is a nifty card and could earn a spot if I need to slow a fast deck down or destroy the one color that my opponent really needs. Is that was you use it for.. Or do you usually ramp?

    Next up are some draw cards.

    Foresee def a good card to set up your hand as well as get a draw boost.. Might be putting this in for some extra draw

    read the bones nice draw spell nothing wrong with that. Def a fine card.

    But I'm curious why no ponder in your deck.?. Love this card I run it in my deck. It's Cheap and effective.

    Creature card is next
    Peregrine drake Why him? Think I noticed something about never taking him out because he is signed by someone special maybe.. I mean he is nice that he basically plays for free. But provides no real value outside of that and will get blown up soon anyway.. He could be a finisher of games though if your able to blow the board up enough times. Just curious your reasoning.

    Cards I have you don't.
    Reclaim love this card.. Cheap and brings back whatever I need.
    Shade's form nice little boost and most importantly has recursion
    Reaping the graves great recursion with a possibility of bringing back more than just COA.
    Macabre waltz recursion of two bodies with the downside of discarding. But still nice.
    Tragic slip helps with getting rid of Indestructible creatures you opponent has or heck could be played on an opponents turn to blow up COA if a creature died that turn. Like this card.

    So at the moment I seem to be a little more heavy on recursion than you are.. Im not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.. But in my meta I seem to have to blow the board up 3+ times usually to get to a situation that I can win. So getting him back quickly and effectively is important to me.

    But I'm always tinkering with this deck and since we are so close to the same build im just curious why you have the cards you have over the few i have.. Thanks for any advice or help.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] A guide to all things Sliver Overlord
    Long time viewer.. First time poster.. Been checking this thread off an on for a year or two.. It has been super helpful.. Thanks to the person who put this primer together and has kept it updated.

    I'll be posting my deck in the next few days with a couple questions I hope some of you can answer for me.. It's not a typical sliver build but it's main point is still all about the slivers.. It's def a mid budget deck and a 6-7/10 on the competetive scale. I've had to make some changes to even allow my group to let me use the deck or atleast come in under the radar a tiny bit more. I hope it's still ok to post decks that aren't tournament tuned and win on turn 4 because that's not my deck.. It's a casual but deadly build in my small town meta and just overall fun to play.. So if that's cool I'll post my deck in the next few days for some advice
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  • posted a message on Phelddagrif: Show Weakness to Hide Your Strength
    Excited to see your build
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  • posted a message on Phenax, Mill Foreman
    Quote from lyonhaert »
    I used to run a Phenax deck and have followed the thread for a while, so I'll attempt to answer some of your questions, mate, at least from my perspective.

    These are somewhat unique, but try to think in terms of what they do when looking for replacements: instant-speed counterspell on a body that can be tapped to mill, clone, recursion and light stax, card draw, board wipe, theft.

    It does help to have a plan B, and the control elements to slow other players down (or at least slow down their efforts to kill you).

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put together a detailed reply..a lot of what you said made a lot of sense.. I appreciate the other card suggestions as well... I will prob just save up and pick up some of the key cards im missing and fill in the other gaps..

    Again I appreciate the time you took to respond and help out
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  • posted a message on Phenax, Mill Foreman
    Any advice you could give on my questions?? Sounds like you might not be playing this deck much anymore
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Kresh the Bloodbraided
    Has this deck been updated since 2017?? Is it still doing well as a casual EDH deck?
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Mayael the Anima - KTK Update 9-28-14
    Is the budget deck in the primer updated at all..

    Is this deck outdated.. Just curious as no one has posted in here since 2016?
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  • posted a message on Phenax, Mill Foreman
    So thanks for the suggestion but our group doesn't allow unhinged cards. So no animate library for me

    So I'm alittle bit on a budget(try not to buy cards $8 or more in bunches)so the below cards are just a little bit out of my price range or haven't saved up to pick them up.. Do you have any suggestions for some budget plays for these cards.

    Glen Elendra Archmage
    Phyrexian metamorph
    Sheoldred, Whispering One
    Phyrexian Arena
    Toxic deluge

    These cards I didn't have either but I had some cards in my previous mill deck that I thought were pretty close to the same idea or filled the spot atlest .. Your cards def do the job better but I thought these might be decent substitutes. Thoughts on this?

    Morphling -- Pemmin's Aura
    Geth, lord of the Vault ----Sepulchral Primordial
    Necromancy--- animate dead
    No mercy--- silent arbiter (prob the worst one of the bunch)
    Rustic study ---visions of Beyond
    Reanimate --dimir doppelganger
    Damnation--- decree of pain

    I remember reading in the primer somewhere that you didn't want to include silent arbiter because it didn't add to Phenax devotion.. Why do you want it to be a creature?? Just for blocking purposes.. I find in my meta I want to keep it a enchantment as much as I can as it is way harder to remove than a creature is.

    So I don't like any infinite combos in my deck..(only reason I mention this is I will always remove cards from a build if they are infinite combos or automatic wincons as I don't enjoy those cards and our group doesn't allow them)

    I know eater of the dead and Phenax is close to infinite if there are enough creature cards but I don't see that as a true infinite combo and am ok with things like that in my deck….
    I do like this nifty little combo I have in my deck at the moment. spell crumple / junk troller / vessel of endless rest. Use 1 of those 3 to put a card on bottom of owners library.. Then I play tunnel vision... And mill them out for next turn.. I've only hit it twice the 10 times I played my deck but it's super fun.. But I should prob remove it as it's not consistent and only takes care of one opponent and I am usually playing against 2 or 3 other plp

    Here are some cards im curious why you don't run.. I think some have been discussed as good but hard to find something in the deck to remove for them.

    mortivore and Wright of precinct six seem to fit right at home here

    guiltfeeder also prob doesn't last till next turn but it makes them use removal on him instead of something else and if not its instant kill with him most of the time. So he seems like a nice wincon to include

    slagwurm armor seems like a nice pump to help some creature mill for more

    dramatic reversal and freed from the real seem great in this deck with all the inspired and obviously with Phenax ability to tap and mill…

    hover barrier see any play.. Or is wall of frost much better?

    fleet swallower prob is another creature who doesn't see a next turn.. But would be game changing if he does.. But prob only good for one time as someone prob blocks and kills him.. So prob less effective then guiltfeeder

    fraying sanity is awesome.. But only targeting one person stinks.. But might not be awful to hold on hand till only 1 opponent is left and then play it?

    mind grind not worth it in most your testing? I liked that it targets everyone at the table and usually mills a decent amount even just paying 6 mana(4 colorless) for it. But maybe it's just not strong enough

    mnemonic betrayal any good in this deck you think? Or prob not enough value for us?

    bonehoard I thought was a decent card as it makes a 0/0 creature if we don't have any on the battlefield and gives a nice fat butt for us to mill with its +x/+x

    fabricate could find a spot to get us altar of dementia or thousand-year elixir. V could also get us some mana ramp if we needed it in a pinch. any reason to fit it in?

    infinite reflections could be a fun card if you could copy sewer nemesis or something fatty.. But might be too situational for this deck.

    Forced Fruition is this a card you have ever considered.. It's expensive alittle bit but man it could really get some players to draw a ton

    So overall I love most of your deck.. It isn't as mill forward as I was trying to build but that's prob why it's better as it can do more than just mill.. It disrupts/controls other plp as well as use all those cards going in the graveyard to my advantage. So A few cards are out of budget for me at the moment.. But I'm trying to make do with what I have. So any advice on the above cards would be great.. Or if you have other cards I could fit into the spots I'm missing let me know.. But for now I will try and run about 95% your build and see how a game or two goes…

    Thanks for any reply you can give.. Don't feel you need to take the time and address every card or anything but any help would be appreciated.

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  • posted a message on Darksteel mutation help
    Ok help me understand this.

    Let's says Player A Has sigarda host of herons in play and it is enchanted by mythic proportions and boar umbra

    Can player B cast Darksteel mutation on sigarda host of herons or not? She has hexproof but it doesn't say TARGET like Cast out does?.

    Also if this is legal what would sigarda host of herons be after darksteel mutation is applied to it.. Would the other enchanments still buff it and she just lose flying and hexproof.?

    Thanks for the help
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    Quote from alexandre »
    Yeah, take a look on my sig. It has a link to my build. It's a bit outdated, I will fix this in a few days.

    Awesome.. Yeah I took a look.. Your build is very close to mine.. Only like 5 cards off.

    Let me know if you ever update it..
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  • posted a message on Rest in peace help?
    Quote from willdice »
    1. Neither ability is a trigger, so there's nothing triggering here.

    An ability written as "If (A), (B) instead" is a static ability with a replacement effect.

    Both Rest in Peace and Progenitus have this kind of ability, and both try to apply when Progenitus is sacrificed.

    When two or more replacements want to change the same event, the affected player (here, Progenitus's controller) chooses which one applies first. So you get to choose where Progenitus goes, exile or shuffled into the library.

    If you choose to exile Progenitus, your library is not shuffled.

    2. Now, Ulamog's ability is triggered, as it begins with "When".

    The ability triggers only when Ulamog is actually put into the graveyard. Rest in Peace replaces going to the graveyard with being exiled, so Ulamog doesn't enter the graveyard and his ability never triggers.

    Thanks for this detailed explination.. It all makes sence
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  • posted a message on Rest in peace help?
    Ok so I understand what rest in peace does.. But how does it interact in these scenarios.

    1. Player A has rest in peace on the battle field. Player B has Progenitus on the battlefield. Player C Plays Barter in Blood. So when Player B Goes to sacrifice Progenitus and put him in his graveyard. The card let's him shuffle in its owners libray but Player A enchantment says to exile it.. So which triggers first in this case?

    2.also if Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre is sacrificed or heads to the graveyard.. Which triggers first? rest in peace or elamog.. Thanks for your help

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  • posted a message on Understanding the card "Reverence"
    Thanks for this detailed response.
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