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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    WotC got the excellent character writer of Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice. Then made him write one more of their *****ty disaster movie plots.

    Stop writing "the world is gonna end" stories if you don't have the balls to kill characters.
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  • posted a message on CoL_Merchant Spoiler: Mini-story of 4 cards (Trusted Pegasus, Oketra, Divine Arrow, Unlikely Aid)
    "Expect no further favors" alone, would have been killer flavor text.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    The london mulligan is making me want to go back to 16 lands.
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  • posted a message on Oath of Kaya (Del Rey Books spoiler)
    They're not even using his already stablished character flaw, he's R because he's an histrionic nerd mortally afraid of growing old.
    But no, he's Ronan now, because Marvel did it and we gotta jump off a bridge if Marvel does it.
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  • posted a message on Oath of Kaya (Del Rey Books spoiler)
    Orzhov helps the community. They are the attorneys, advisors and accountants. They intercede for the guildless when they cross the other guilds. They buy and develop land after the others destroy it. And the indentured dead are indebted, not owned. The ghosts were they fulcrum of Ravnican economy not an evil plot that only benefited the Orzhov, and they don't hoard all the wealth either, the smart and disciplined become rich and powerful thanks to them. Feather is a millionaire because Pivlic the imp managed her wages.

    Stop judging them by the standards of american politics and pay attention to the actual lore. Kaya has done more damage than Bolas to Ravnican society and I already cringe at the thought of how they'll deus ex machina this economic catastrophe away.
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  • posted a message on Oath of Kaya (Del Rey Books spoiler)
    Quote from Ree Wicker »
    But then she decides to release the indebted dead from their servitude.
    Which she did for what ammounts to racism. After being told plenty that it was a terrible idea. Bolas counted on her to be a self-righteous ******** and she delivered.
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  • posted a message on Oath of Kaya (Del Rey Books spoiler)
    She desserves to be in a cage for ruining two societies, not join the heroes.

    I liked her as a concept in Conspiracy 2, a lot actually, but repeating the same "naive girl ruins everything" thing while destroying one of Ravnica's most interesting and unique features and getting a bunch of quotes that make her sound like Rocket Raccoon's less funny and more sociopathic sister has wore out her welcome.

    And to add insult to injury she keeps stealing legendary creature spots from my favorite color combination.
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  • posted a message on 5 More Basics
    Forests and Islands always look the best because they tend to have the least floating debris *****.
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  • posted a message on 5 commons from The Mana Pool
    Quote from keoten »
    Quote from Flisch »
    Minor nitpick incoming: I don't like how the eternals are handled in this set artwise. I mean, they were created from the cream of the crop of Amonkhet, from a culture entirely devoted to perfecting various martial arts and combat styles. And they get consistently owned in art by run of the mill Boros legionnaires, wurms, trolls and even vines? What the...

    Perhaps the best of the best on Amonkhet are mediocre on Ravnica? Along the lines of, "You think life's tough on Amonkhet? Let's see how you fare against Ravnica's 10 trials. We call our trials 'Guilds'."
    This. It's a bronze age civilization vs an early modern civilization.
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  • posted a message on Sorin and Nahiri cards
    I have very strong opinions on the Nahiri story line.

    First, although she was moved by vengeance I do not consider villainous to lure Emrakul to Innistrad: When Emrakul was set free she left the plane, where was she before she arrived to Innistrad? ravaging another plane. So the question is why should another plane, full of innocent people suffer first? if you know you cant't deal with an interplanar threat, at least you can save innocent planes, by sending it to wicked places. And Innistrad is a ver dark plane, so dark that even the trees murder. So dark that humans should have gone extinct were it not for Avacyn.

    Responsibilities: I blame Sorin for leaving the multiverse in danger. Bolas would not have been able to unlock them with Nahiri protecting them. By trapping her and not caring to defeat those that tried to unlock the titans, he doomed the plane and set in risk many more, a much bigger plane than Innistrad. Millions died because of his actions. But did he care? no, because he knew his plane was protected.

    On the personal feud: Nahiri never hated him, she went searching for him because she felt maybe he was in danger. When he told her he never bothered to care, it was not only a petty thing, but a betrayal to their friendship. He also said he could have murdered her right away when they met the first time, but he spared her, as if she owed her life to him, would any sane person say that to a friend? to any person? he is so selfish and narcissistic.

    Finally on the player base reception: I see a lot of misogynyst subtext here, if you check out most of the social media reactions to her story, you find over and over the same kind of sexist narrative ''she is a bitch'', ''she is just a pissed ex girl friend'', '' she is the epitome of crazy bitch'' etc. I am just quoting the stuff I have read in reddit, mythic spoiler,etc. The thing is that they are more willing to forgive him just because he has this cool '' I do what I please'' vibe, if roles were reversed they would still support him, because a male vampire is more relatable than an angry woman. Even if morally she has better arguments and justifications.

    Anyways I hope the character evolves in a sensible way, I expect her to be reasonable once she finds out Bolas released the titans, that Ugin was killed, and that the gatewatch saved the plane.
    If their sex were reversed but their actions remained the same, Nahiri would be in sensitivity training with Garruk instead of being so behemently protected from all criticism.
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  • posted a message on Sorin and Nahiri cards
    Quote from 5colors »
    Emrakul was planned to invade Innistrad since the first Innistrad block ended. It was a draft they had for the return even before BtZo rt he gatewatch to play on theme since Lovecraft was a gothic horror writer before he shifted it into comic horror. Hence why Bloodborne also mixed the too.
    And that was also a mistake because cosmic horror and serialized storytelling don't mix as evidenced by how much of a joke Galactus is nowadays.
    If your Cthulhu can't win because you have to keeep squeezing each cent off that IP, then it's not scary, cool, or truly Lovecraftian.

    A cephalid invasion, War of the Worlds style, would've been much more fitting. And they could've kept the mind control, creepy cult and mutants because cephalids are powerful psionics with high magitech.
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  • posted a message on Sorin and Nahiri cards
    Manslaughter and murder are not the same. Sorin made many mistakes. Nahiri purposedly and directly caused the extinction of two hosts of angels, got the entire population of Hanweir turned into a monster blob, genocided the Markov clan and generally got innocent people killed. And she has no plan to stop, after leaving Innistrad to die she went looking for Ugin to continue destroying planets with her hysterics.

    It's ok liking Nahiri as a villain, it's not the same to claim she wasn't wrong, evil or way past any relatable measure of retaliation.
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  • posted a message on Sorin and Nahiri cards
    Yeah the destruction of Zendikar is Ugin, Sorin, Nahiri, Bolas, Chandra, Jace, Sarkhan, Nissa and Ob's fault.
    The destruction of Innistrad was all Nahiri's.

    And Nahiri was given the chance to fight for Zendikar when Thalia destroyed the Hellvault. But she chose not to, she chose to hurt Sorin instead.

    Sorin is an anti-hero and an ********. But Nahiri is a villain.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 04/03/19
    Quote from MarkXero »
    FFS. Did we really have to bring them to Ravnica just to start all the 'he said, she said' stuff again? It was bad enough having to deal with this crap last time around.
    I really hate seeing Sorin - that cool as ice, 6000 year old, long-term thinking planeswalker - being reduced to a bickery schoolground kid. Frown

    I largely agree, but rather am tired of Nahiri. I love Sorin and his story and want to see more of him being a stoic badass and am upset when Nahiri (who I think is in the wrong) shows up and ruins stuff.
    Agreed, she was 100% better when she didn't have any personality at all and was just "The Lithomancer".
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  • posted a message on Sorin and Nahiri cards
    Wow, didn't even give Sorin a new spell and keep playing it like she wasn't a genocidal maniac all along.
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