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  • posted a message on [Deck] UW(x) Stoneblade
    5/24/19 FNM - Legacy.
    3 rounds, 2-1 matches.

    (24) blue spells
    4 brainstorm
    4 detention sphere (extras pitch to FOW)
    4 force of will
    4 jace, TMS (extras pitch to FOW)
    4 ponder
    4 true-name nemesis

    (15) other
    4 stoneforge mystic
    4 swords to plowshares
    4 thoughtseize (vs Stoneforge: take their equipment)
    2 batterskull (1 extra, just in case)
    1 umezawa’s jitte

    (21) lands
    4 flooded strand
    4 polluted delta
    4 island
    3 tundra
    2 scrubland
    1 marsh flats
    1 plains
    1 swamp
    1 underground sea

    4 dread of night (stacks in multiples)
    4 engineered plague (stacks in multiples)
    2 burrenton forge-tender
    2 containment priest
    2 RIP
    1 manriki-gusari

    arrived early to test. test 1 vs one opponent and test 2-4 vs one other opponent.

    test 1 vs burn, 3-1.
    no SB.
    batterskull ftw.

    test 2 vs elves, 1-0.
    TNN + Jitte wiped out his team.

    test 3 vs RBspells, 1-0.
    mostly burn but i saw murder.

    test 4 vs URguttersnipe, 1-0.
    cantrips n' burn.

    round 1 vs gates, 2-1.
    no SB.
    his deck was upgraded standard (duals, bolt, swords, FOW?, etc.)
    games 1&3, early batterskulls + permission.
    game 2, he grinded me out.

    round 2 vs burn, 2-0.
    SB +2 BFT, +1 manriki-gusari (extra stoneforge value), +1 containment priest (1 more body.) -4 thoughtseize (burns myself.)
    this was my test 1 opponent.
    both games: survived, stabilized, then rode batterskull ftw.
    amusing in game 2 how i flashed a containment priest and a manriki during his end step, then swung for exacties next turn. def not an optimal SB plan tho.

    round 3 vs DNT, 1-2.
    SB +4 dread of night, +1 manriki-gusari (DNT equipment.) -4 thoughtseize (expendable), -1 batterskull.
    i never got to cast a single dread of night =(

    game 1, his steady stream of threats ran out my resources.
    game 2, opponent made a misplay this game, which led to me winning it:
    first, i d.sphered his "x mana spells can't be played guy" (on 1.) he forgot to use his active mother of runes.
    then i swords'd his phyrexian revoker calling jitte.
    TNN + Jitte wiped out his team.
    summary: i didn't deserve to win game 2. that game was a fluke.
    game 3, he had too many threats again.

    match summary: i deserved to be swept 0-2. then again, i deserved to cast dread of night at least once.
    it may be correct to SB +4 dread, +4 plague (humans.) -4 thoughtseize, -4 FOW. DNT doesn't have a specific bomb; it feels like a resource grind imo.

    top 4 got prizes, along some consolation prizes. i'm guessing i finished 5-6th place?
    my elves and DNT opponents both commented how unfair TNN + Jitte was. great feedback!

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  • posted a message on 1/26/19 Ravnica Allegiance draft
    War of the Spark, 5/1/19 casual-sealed.
    6 players/3 rounds/3-0 match record/1st place.

    (40) Izzet-no rares

    (14) creatures
    2 aven eternal
    2 ashiok's skulker (planeswalka-killa)
    2 grim initiate
    burning prophet
    chainwhip cyclops (< ashiok's skulker)
    invading manticore (never cast)
    koira's dambreaker
    sky theater strix
    spellkeeper weird (never activated)
    thunder drake
    ugin's conjurant (for standoffs)

    (7) instants/sorceries
    2 chandra's pyrohelix
    2 jaya's greeting
    blindblast (better than it looks)
    chandra's triumph
    honor the god-pharorah

    (2) planeswalkers
    kasmina, ebugmatic mentor (play before Samut to make removal harder)
    samut, tyrant smasher

    (17) land
    10 mountain
    7 island

    r1 vs Jund, 2-0.
    he was too slow.

    r2 vs Azorious, 2-1.
    g1, he turn 4'd Jace, Wielder of Mysteries. took me several turns to kill it. he drew tons of cards and almost decked me. after i finally killed Jace WOM via Ashiok's Skulker, he dropped Teferi, Time Raveler. after killing Teferi TR, i walked into the Single Combat he no doubt set up. turn after, he dropped 2 fatties and i just scooped to save time.
    g2&3. i started fast while he stumbled on mana.

    r3 vs Jund, 2-0.
    like r1 Jund, too slow.

    summary: surprised Izzet worked. fliers and unblockables are a great way to kill opposing planeswalkers w/out spending resources. surprised proliferate didn't make more of an impact. maybe as time goes on...

    both my Jund opponents had mana issues. both missed early drops from Gateway Plaza. after pointing this out to my r1 Jund opponent, he took out his splash color. the loss of gates really hurts 3 color decks...
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  • posted a message on Mono U Ninjitsu
    4/20/19 Paper Pauper
    8 players, 3-0 matches, 1st place.

    (18) creatures
    4 faerie miscreant
    4 ninja of the deep hours (deck name)
    4 omenspeaker (gains value off ninjitsu, never whiffs unlike auger of bolas.)
    4 spellstutter sprite
    2 spire golem (always 4+ islands so you have 2+ mana open.)

    (24) spells
    4 counterspell
    4 gush
    4 mutagenic growth (force ninjas thru!)
    4 ponder
    4 preordain
    4 snap

    (18) islands

    4 gut shot (elves)
    4 relic of progenitus (recur)
    4 spreading seas (tron)
    1 blue elemental blast
    1 echoing truth (catch all)
    1 hydroblast

    i replaced delver of secrets w/omenspeakers. i hate delver, it's inconsistent unless paired w/a brainstorm. but for the decks that run exploring wilds/terramorphic expanse, i understand that brainstorm adds a lot of synergy.

    my game plan is "Forbidian" by forcing ninjas in. the mutagenic growths give me a 0 cost way to remove blockers.

    test vs standard mono-red, 3-2.
    no SB allowed.
    lost first 2, won the last 3. learned the match up.

    r1 vs UGtron, 2-1.
    SB +4 spreading seas. -4 omenspeaker (sea gate oracle/mnenomic wall blockers.)
    g2 his ghostly flicker removed 2 spreading seas from his 2 urza's towers. he assembed tron and won.
    g1 and g3 he didn't assemble tron and lost.

    r2 vs UBdelver, 2-1.
    SB +1 echoing truth (for flipped delvers and gurmag anglers), -1 omenspeaker.
    he splashed black and ran gush, daze and foil.

    r3 vs AcidTrip, 2-0.
    SB +1 echoing truth (fizzle reality acid), -1 omenspeaker.
    if you allow no value off reality acid, the synergy cards are weak.
    i used mutagenic growth vs his quicksand.
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  • posted a message on 1/26/19 Ravnica Allegiance draft
    4/19/19 FNM-Sealed.
    3 rounds/3-0 match record/2nd place.
    40 card Jund:

    (14) creatures
    2 carrion imp
    2 rafter demon
    feral maaka
    ghor-clan wrecker
    gravel-hide goblin
    noxious groodion
    plague wight
    rakdos roustabout
    rakdos trumpeteer
    rix maadi reveler
    rubble slinger
    spikewheel acrobat

    (7) spells
    2 skewer the critics
    get the point
    grotesque demise
    ill-gotten inheritance
    storm strike
    undercity's embrace

    (2) green splash
    domri, chaos bringer
    rhythm of the wild

    (17) land
    6 mountain
    6 swamp
    3 forest
    2 rakdos guildgate

    i had a low mana curve, good removal and quality splash cards. the only thing i was worried about were my puny creatures.

    tonight's special guest was MTGNERDGIRL, from the last Mythic Invitational:

    MTGNERDGIRL's advertisement:

    MTGNERDGIRL's coverage:

    unfortunately, i got no coverage tonight )': mebbe next time!

    r1 vs Orhzov, 2-0 games.
    after our match, i pointed out to him how splashing a third color was relatively easy w/guildgates. he rebuilt his deck immediately.

    r2 vs Selesnya, 2-0 games.
    opponent complained about mana screw and was a downer. he comes from a competitive LGS and probably feels entitled to win here.

    r3 vs Esper, 2-0 games.
    his build was slow tempo'd. surprised he made it this far.

    despite sweeping all 3 opponents 2-0, i got second on tiebreaks to... MTGNERDGIRL! arrgh, lol.
    i got a chance to chat w/her and asked for advice on Fate/Fate/Khans draft (LGS FNM before midnight prerelease.) she apologized and said she didn't remember the sets. confirmed w/others that Mardu is the wedge to go for and to force white first, then splash red/black. i also asked her opinion of legacy pauper (LGS 4/20/19 format) but she doesn't play.

    after FNM, i went to the bar and had a few beers. on a buzz, i saw a sign that read "island" and interpreted as "is land." kind of like that "therapist" and "the rapist" joke.
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  • posted a message on Painter's Rack
    my "Painter's Rack" list runs 2 enlightened tutor. as long as i have half a tax/rack or painter's/stone, i'll immediately tutor for the missing piece.

    i've tried trinket mage in "Painter's Rack" before:
    1. it's blue (force of will)
    2. it fetches grindstone and relic of progenitus/tormod's crypt (replaces RIP.)
    3. it ruins land tax by brining my mana curve ceiling from 2 lands to 3 lands.

    not going to lie, i'm disappointed by how durdley my lists are. if half of the combo dies, all my cantrips have to be spent finding the other piece. but i'm going to keep them as is until i'm convinced of a better plan.
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  • posted a message on Painter's Rack
    Quote from schweinefett »

    Have u tried against grixis, miracles, or other ux delvers?

    nah, i sparingly get to test legacy. my interest had only peaked recently.
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  • posted a message on Painter's Rack
    i tested the RIP Helm deck vs D&T.

    my plan for both lists is to go off reasonably fast, while still being consistent. the removal is there to buy time. you'd be surprised how difficult it can be to assemble a 2-piece combo, even w/all the cantrips in the world.

    i had the tax/rack combo since extended or 1.x was a thing. it can be hard to use vs land light builds, like elves or burn.

    ethersworn canonist would hamper my own cantrips.
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  • posted a message on Budget Merfolk
    no restricted cards:

    (24) creatures:
    4 lord of atlantis
    4 master of the pearl trident
    4 merfolk trickster
    4 mistcaller (vs Oath, Reanimator)
    4 silvergill adept
    4 true-name nemesis

    (12) instants/sorceries:
    4 force of will
    4 mental misstep (MVP)
    4 preordain (cantrip of choice)

    (5) artifacts:
    3 null rod
    2 grafdigger's cage (vs Oath, Reanimator)

    (19) land:
    14 island
    4 cavern of souls
    1 mutavault (my highest CC card has only 1 colorless in it's casting.)

    4 spreading seas (probably don't need islandwalk main.)
    4 submerge
    3 blue elemental blast
    3 hydroblast
    1 echoing truth (catch all)
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat
    FNM - 5/12/19, 1-2 matches.

    (20) lands:
    4 flooded strand
    4 scalding tarn
    3 island
    2 glacial fortress
    2 sulfur falls
    1 hallowed fountain
    1 mountain
    1 plains
    1 sacred foundry
    1 steam vents

    (12) creatures:
    4 felidar guardian
    4 wall of omens
    3 aven riftwatcher
    1 emrakul, the aeons torn (for Nahiri)

    (20) instants/sorceries:
    4 lightning bolt
    4 opt
    4 path to exile
    4 serum visions
    4 sleight of hand

    (8) planeswalkers:
    4 nahiri, the harbinger
    4 saheeli rai

    4 dispel
    2 anger of the gods
    2 alpine moon
    2 spellskite
    2 surgical extraction
    2 stony silence
    1 teferi, hero of dominaria

    r1 vs Humans, 0-2.
    SB: +2 anger of the gods, +1 teferi (odd card). -3 aven riftwatcher (sucks vs mantis rider.)
    notes: seemed like i couldn't stop his early aggression.

    r2 vs Gb Elves, 2-0.
    SB: +2 anger of the gods, +1 teferi. -3 aven riftwatcher.
    notes: his build was budget and he wasn't familar w/saheeli/guardian combo.

    r3 vs Jund, 1-2.
    g1: he inquisition'd a saheeli, bolted another on off guardian trigger, but the 3rd one combo'd off.
    SB: +2 surgical extraction (to fizzle his), +1 teferi. -3 aven riftwather.
    g2: drew both extractions and didn't see any from him.
    SB: +2 anger of the gods, -2 surgical extraction.
    g3: mulled down to 4. kept a 2 land hand. stalled at 3 land. he hit bloodbraids. gg.

    r3 coverage @01:51:51 (hours/minutes/seconds.)

    summary: after winning Jan/Feb/March FNM - moderns at my LGS, i lost pretty badly tonight. i plan to retire my list, hope someone else can carry the torch!
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat
    Quote from antlorgut »
    Great! I see you are also playing copycat! Why you didn't post here? Maybe there are more people interested (like me) that don´t know about the other "Reality Acid Deck" threat. I didn't see your videos yet but I will do it soon.


    i explained in post #25 that the original Copycat thread was gone before i started posting Copycat discussion in Reality Acid. up until now, this new Copycat thread had basically no support, so i decided to just keep posting in Reality Acid (for fear that this thread would disappear too.) but if i continue to get good results (i have 2 modern tourneys this weekend!) i'll be sure to continue here.

    all my old twitch vids get deleted after 2 weeks. on youtube, i'm "Byron."
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Copycat
    Quote from antlorgut »
    Neoform may be a finder in another shell (4cc Saheeli). I see that, when previous Jeskay Copycat thread was deleted, this is pretty dead. Nobody is playing this deck now?. Really??


    read post #25 onward...
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  • posted a message on 1/26/19 Ravnica Allegiance draft
    4/5/19 FNM-draft.
    1-1 matches. 3-2 games.
    6pm-9pm, 2 rounds, 4th place.

    coverage begins at 2 min, 24 sec below:
    covers my draft and both matches.


    (14) creatures:
    3 rakdos trumpeter (found myself w/very few 2 drops.)
    2 burning-tree vandal (stop at 5 lands.)
    2 rubblebelt recluse
    carrion imp
    clamor shaman
    ghor-clan wrecker
    goblin gathering (synergy w/judith & calamity.)
    judith, the scourge diva
    plague wight
    rakdos firewheeler

    (8) spells:
    2 skewer the critics
    cavalcade of calamity (combo w/3 rakdos trumpeter & goblin gathering. as bad as it looks!)
    clear the stage
    get the point
    ill-gotten inheritance
    storm strike

    (18) lands - need to hit 5 mana, loot away the rest:
    9 swamp (4 2-drop creatures)
    8 mountain
    1 rakdos guildgate

    kaya's wrath )'=

    r1 vs temur. 1-0 matches, 2-0 games.
    opponent noted i mulled to 6 both games. i replied, "it's not that big of a deal. i'm going 2nd to make up for the card loss. also, my 'looters' like me going 2nd."

    r2 vs esper. 1-1 matches, 3-2 games.
    games 1 & 3, i mulled and got pwned. his Sphinx of New Prahv was pretty clutch those games. game 2, i didn't mull & picked him apart.

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  • posted a message on Painter's Rack
    “RIP Helm"

    (28) blue spells:
    4 brainstorm
    4 daze (tap out for Helm)
    4 force of will
    4 jace beleren (draw engine)
    4 ponder
    4 preordain
    2 detention sphere
    2 supreme verdict

    (8) combo:
    4 helm of obedience
    4 rest in peace

    (4) other:
    4 swords to plowshares (Path to Exile non-bos w/Daze and Wasteland)

    (20) lands:
    4 flooded strand
    4 polluted delta
    4 tundra
    4 wasteland
    3 island
    1 plains

    4 submerge
    4 warmth
    2 blue elemental blast
    2 detention sphere
    2 hydroblast
    1 supreme verdict

    5/12/19, test vs D&T, 2-5.
    we both boarded after g1.
    notes: i lost g3 after he flickerwisp'd my lone RIP in response to helm activation. what made me sad was i had another RIP in hand )'=
    notes2: losing repeatedly was painful. however, i was gratified in my prediction that D&T would be bad for me.

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  • posted a message on Mono-Red Aggro
    Quote from truth_bomb »
    3/30/19 Standard Showdown - “Gruul Aggro”

    (20) creatures:
    4 fanatical firebrand
    4 ghitu lavarunner
    4 goblin chainwhirler
    4 runaway steam-kin
    4 viashino pyromancer

    (16) instants/sorceries:
    4 light up the stage
    4 lightning strike
    4 shock
    4 wizard’s lightning

    (3) enchantments
    3 experimental frenzy

    (21) lands:
    12 mountain
    4 rootbound crag
    4 stomping ground
    1 forest

    4 cindervines
    4 collision//colossus
    4 lava coil
    2 treasure map
    1 experimental frenzy

    3/30/19 tourney report:
    14 players, 3 rounds, *1st place*

    test 1 vs Simic (no Nexxus.) 2-0.
    no SB.

    test 2 vs Simic w/SB. 0-1.
    SB +4 cindervines, +2 treasure map, +1 collision/colossus, +1 experimental frenzy. -4 lightning strike, -4 wizard's lightning.
    (kept shocks to feed LUTS.)

    test 3 vs IzzetDrakes. 1-0.
    no SB. theoretically tho: +4 cindervines, +4 collision/colossus, +2 treasure map, +1 experimental frenzy, +1 lava coil. -4 chainwhirler, -4 lightning strike, -4 wizard's lightning.
    (Chainwhirler doesn't kill any of his creatures.)

    r1 vs EsperMidrange. 2-0 games, 1-0 matches.
    SB: +1 experimental frenzy. -1 chainwhirler. (he had Hero of Precinct One and Seraph of the Scales but i still felt frenzy #4 was more important than chainwhirler #4.)
    notes: game 2, he Kaya's Wrathed away my board and even dropped a Lyra Dawnbringer. but my active Experimental Frenzy was too much for him.

    r2 vs RBgoblins, 4-0 games, 2-0 matches.
    SB: none. i felt my maindeck was optimal vs him.
    notes: budget deck, played by a kid...

    test 4 vs IzzetDrakes (again), 0-1.
    SB: not yet.
    notes: my lack of 4-dmg removal hurt here.

    test 5 vs IzzetDrakes w/SB, 1-0.
    SB: see test 3.
    notes: close but my 'board removal was too good vs him.

    r3 vs monoUmill, 6-0 games, 3-0 matches.
    SB: +4 cindervines, +2 treasure map, +1 collision/colossus, +1 experimental frenzy. -4 lightning strike, -4 wizard's lightining.
    notes: he barely had any creatures (except Wall of Lost Thoughts) but had whole bunch of non-creature spells for my Cindervines. wasn't close.

    summary: "Gruul Aggro" was well-positioned tonight. guy who normally runs WW didn't show up for whatever reason.
    @hellohero: if you want to add a Rekindling Phoenix, my only dead card tonight were extra SB Lava Coils. good luck!
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  • posted a message on Mono-Red Aggro
    Quote from hellohero »
    Quote from truth_bomb »
    3/30/19 Standard Showdown - “Gruul Aggro”

    (20) creatures:
    4 fanatical firebrand
    4 ghitu lavarunner
    4 goblin chainwhirler
    4 runaway steam-kin
    4 viashino pyromancer

    (16) instants/sorceries:
    4 light up the stage
    4 lightning strike
    4 shock
    4 wizard’s lightning

    (3) enchantments
    3 experimental frenzy

    (21) lands:
    12 mountain
    4 rootbound crag
    4 stomping ground
    1 forest

    4 cindervines
    4 collision//colossus
    4 lava coil
    2 treasure map
    1 experimental frenzy

    it's a solid list. Have you considered bringing rekindle back into the main board?
    something like -1 Firebrand, +1 Rekindle

    I'm Interested to know how it goes. Keep us posted!

    i don't want to cut Firebrand. if you read post #25, i discussed the scenario of having a 1 mountain/1 light up the stage opening hand. if i can go turn 1, Firebrand, it saves that opening hand and i'll probably even draw a land off LUTS to not miss a beat.

    idk how good Rekindle is compared to Experimental Frenzy. i'd just assume i want the full playset of Frenzies before i consider another 4 drop. i only have space for three 4 drops in the main, plus having treasure maps in my 'board makes me want a full playset for Frenzies even more!
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